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WWII fighting in Breznany, September 19,1939

rfrack8610 2 | 3
30 Sep 2015 #1
Does anyone have any information on a battle/skirmish in Brezany on September 19, 1939. Red Cross papers show my Polish father captured there and supposedly captured by Soviets. I once saw reference to a minor fighting there on the internet but lost it, I would love more information.

TheOther 5 | 3,711
30 Sep 2015 #2
Does this help?

Berezhany (Brzeziny, Brzezany, Brezany, Byeryezhany):
Chemikiem 7 | 2,568
30 Sep 2015 #3
I couldn't find anything specifically relating to any fighting or a battle, but this article gives a little background information, and it mentions that the Soviet army entered Berezhany on September 21st 1939.,local-history/?action=view&page=1

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