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Not proud of my Polish heritage

JohnnyIrish - | 4
19 Sep 2018 #61
maybe take a trip to the suburbs or to a small village, 'Polish Pride' does not extend to picking up dog-****, cigarette packets or beer bottles/cans. My local church has an enormous amount of fag ends and beer cans littering the grounds. I live not very far from a major city that receives thousands of pilgrims during August, the suburbs of there are full of rubbish, the lack of pride in the environment is shocking.
Lyzko 29 | 7,245
19 Sep 2018 #62
Ahemm, German cities, even the capital as late as the early 2000's, were often littered with dog poop, particularly in the public parks.
Poland surely has no monopoly on that score.
mafketis 24 | 9,144
19 Sep 2018 #63
Case in point:
Ironside 50 | 10,910
19 Sep 2018 #64
maybe take a trip to the suburbs or to a small village

Right. roll eyes

My local church has an enormous amount of fag ends and beer cans littering the grounds.

You're trolling.
Crow 146 | 9,117
19 Sep 2018 #65
Well, only one that isn`t aware of proportions of its Polish heritage may not be proud of Polish heritage. Somebody failed to explain to you.
Atch 16 | 3,255
19 Sep 2018 #66
they will be taken out of state education.

What are your other options where you live?

the lack of pride in the environment is shocking

To be honest Johnny I'm surprised that you're shocked, seeing as you've been coming to Poland for 20 years. There isn't much civic spirit in Poland for various reasons. Maybe a Tidy Towns competition with ten thousand euros cash prize would do the trick!

You're trolling.

He could well be. His Irish is a bit peculiar for somebody whose family comes from the Gaeltacht :)
JohnnyIrish - | 4
19 Sep 2018 #67
Ní dhéanfaidh aon ní cearr le mo Ghaeilge, an bhfuil tú líofa sa Ghaeilge? ye cheeky ballax!

Home schooling is the only option, but there is a Montessori too.

TBH, doubt we'll stay here too long, 2 months has been a long time, and trying to re-register a RHD car, christ on a bike! this country is not in the EU, it is still stuck somewhere in the past, it only appears to be in the EU for the cash.

@Ironside ...Hole and ten foot pole mean anything?

please stick to the topic
Atch 16 | 3,255
20 Sep 2018 #68
A true Gaeltacht man would say his family were from Tír Chonaill ;) I wouldn't say I was fluent but I'll tabhair cabhair duit if you have any more problems :D Your family is 'as' not 'ón'. We come 'out' of a place in Irish, not 'from'. If you haven't guessed by now, I'm a teacher :)

Home schooling is the only option, but there is a Montessori too.

Forget the home schooling. It might be ok for a short time but it's not sustainable in the long run in a foreign country. It takes a lot of time and energy and research to do it properly and if you're not a trained teacher, you need some kind of support group or network of other home schoolers who are experienced. The few people who homeschool in Ireland generally don't do it in complete isolation.

It won't do the kids any harm to attend a Polish state school for a year or so but it's a bit late in the day to be thinking about whether you want to raise them in Poland. You'll have to accept that if you settle in provincial Poland there's a high possiblity that they will grow up more Polish than Irish in outlook in many ways. If you don't want that, then give them a year here for the experience but don't settle here permanently.

Btw I'm a Montessori teacher myself, but I trained to teach 3-12 year olds so after my training I pretty much always taught in mainstream Irish primary schools. Montessori, if it's done properly and authentically is second to none as a system of education but it's a relatively new thing in Poland and the standards are very variable. Also if your kids are attending Polish primary school, they are at least six years old and that complicates matters because the authentic Montessori curriculum for that age (if you can find a school that runs it and isn't just nursery level) works on the basis that your child has already completed the three year programme preceding it. So without the foundation at 3-6 years it can be difficult to adapt. Very often what you'll find in so-called Montessori primary schools is a half-baked mish-mash that's neither mainstream nor Montessori. Finally you need to consider your childrens' literacy in English. Will that be catered for in a Polish Montessori school to the level it needs to be for their age group considering English is their native language. So there's a lot for you to chew over.

I presume your wife is from the area of Poland where you've settled? Would you be willing to share what motivated you to bring your family here and how old are the children?
mafketis 24 | 9,144
20 Sep 2018 #69
A true Gaeltacht man would say his family were from Tír Chonaill ;)

A true Gaeltacht man would say his family were from Tír Chonaill ;)

Google translate fails again?

As for the rest of your post (takes off hat, bows low)
Atch 16 | 3,255
20 Sep 2018 #70
Actually his Irish isn't too bad, not Google Translate level but not colloquial. Sounds like rusty 'school' Irish with a few typical errors/confusion and a bit of dodgy spelling. Maybe his parents were from Tír Chonaill.

As for the rest of your post

My sister says that talking to me is like listening to a senior barrister summing up the case for the prosecution :D She also says that when people come to my house for Christmas I should just hand them a script as they come in the door! This was on an occasion when I felt that people weren't being 'Christmassy' enough in their general demeanour. I'm kind of over that at this stage :)

The OP sounds very young and a bit scatter brained for a middle aged man with children in primary school. Hard to believe he's old enough to have been coming to Poland for twenty years. I've only been coming to Poland for 12 years and I can see how many superficial changes there have been for the better, even the customer service and bureaucracy nightmare are much improved but the underlying thinking hasn't changed much and I don't know what would posess a sensible Irish person to relocate here with a young family, at this time in Poland's political life when the country is slipping into a right wing, authoritarian, quasi-religous regime. Wow, that was a mouthful. I need my oxygen mask.
Ziemowit 13 | 4,239
21 Sep 2018 #71
I'm one of the Polish people you are just an a..hole and a Soviet.

No, you are very very far from being Polish. You are a genuine Soviet man (homo sovieticus) who can't stand any criticism of his views just the way the Soviets did. When you hear that your angry manifesto is compared to a manifesto of the Bolsheviks, you resort to personal abuse. That is why you are an i..hole.

I will entertain myself observing the Polish psyche.

And we will surely entertain ourselves observing yours.
Ironside 50 | 10,910
21 Sep 2018 #72
No, you are very very far from being Polish.

You're an ass. I apologised for lashing out at you. What more do you want? should I send you flowers? pm your address than.

angry manifesto is compared to a manifesto of the Bolsheviks,

No, the pure laziness and stupidity of such a response has made me to leash out at you. (for which I have apologized)

I see you don't understand. Let me make it simple for you. I'm not responsible for the way you think. your mind. your associations or obsessions.

IF you think that by putting out there that nonsense you made same kind of an argument. You're wrong, you haven't.
If you have an issue with what say, just say it, or refute it. Rather that writing stupid crap like - oh in my little sissy mind I found it what you say similar to what Bolsheviks were saying or a Nazi or whatever damn nonsense you pulled form your ....!

Really is that all you got? Is that what passes for an intellectual conversation amongst Polish 'elite' nowadays. You sure are dumber that I have though watching political discourse in Poland. That takes some doing.

After all most of you 'wanna be elite' are depended on a state for living. living off the taxpayers as a self-glorified pen pushers. A small wonder that you are good for nothing yappers.
Sylvio 18 | 138
22 Sep 2018 #73
Here is my response to the leading points. Why is Ireland not England? Portugal not Holland, or Philippines not Japan? Cant you see that it all boils down to "that" Religion? Our Polish religion makes us an instant target for worlds best schemers, and a vast political handicap. Don't forget its was the catholic nations of Portugal, and Spain who first conquered the planet all the way round, before the clever people you praise cottoned onto it, and took over by force.You say you have a large family, right? Well, think why your family are close and big! And where would you run if your life up-ended one way or another? That has some value, correct? Well, its our Polish culture that gave you it. And your folks bravery to traverse the world to put you in a better place. Now, couple that with our country being stuck geographically where we are, with one heathen and one 'religiously doctored' nations on either side, and you get what we have: the age old battle to free ourselves from influence from one or the other. Given all that, the fact that we exist and are doing well today, IS something to be proud of. If it were not for our catholic faith we could be another Ukraine, Chechnya, or Afghanistan. And be a mere plaything to fill in news bulletins, in the hands of big money. Poland's centuries long struggle to defend itself from foreign influence has brought with it the social and psychological traits you have marked out, with it. It has been the cost we had to pay. And, I do understand why 2nd generation Poles in the West, have your kind of reaction to their homeland, cause their leaders made sure your were educated to follow only their prescribed thought paths. So, while there are rational arguments to support your vision, and your writing makes for a good read, the bigger picture says that the world is not yet over. So, relax and watch this space.

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