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Why Poles love Russia

southern 75 | 7,096
8 Jun 2010 #31
So why then Poles love Russia?Because Russian sounds better?Who knows?
Mr Grunwald 33 | 2,019
8 Jun 2010 #32
It has the same sense of "Why Greeks love Turks?"
Is it because of their superior looks? :)
shush 1 | 212
8 Jun 2010 #33
Kebab is the reason
southern 75 | 7,096
8 Jun 2010 #34
If you ever travel to these two countries you will understand why a sentence like "the Greeks love the Turks" can never be true.
Mr Grunwald 33 | 2,019
8 Jun 2010 #35
I have been to both and I would understand Turkish reception that is for sure.
Unless their traditionalists and need them to talk to each other and ignore their customers. But of course they will think their just anti-Greek that way maybe? IF that happened of course :)
southern 75 | 7,096
8 Jun 2010 #36
Very different mentality and looks.We just can't get along.Pity we don't have borders to Serbs or Russians.
Mr Grunwald 33 | 2,019
8 Jun 2010 #37
We can think historically and add Macedonia to Greece, then you will have your dream come true ;p
Sasha 2 | 1,083
9 Jun 2010 #38
Pity we don't have borders to Serbs or Russians.

We get along well with Serbs merely because we don't border. :) If we had it with Greece you would now most likely rest with polonius-like brain-dead reasoning about semi-Slavic mongrels from Kalmyk steppes. Think twice buddy... :) At least now Russians can with a safe conscience leave their money on Greek resorts fraternizing with locals on the ground of common Orthodox values.

Territory issues make troubles... :(
Mr Grunwald 33 | 2,019
9 Jun 2010 #39
Territory issues make troubles... :(

Not unless your Norwegian ;)

I can't even recall hardcore Norwegian nationalists wanting Iceland, several Islands and Jamtland back to Norway...
Sasha 2 | 1,083
9 Jun 2010 #40
Jaså... jag har alltid trott att de nordiska folken förerdrar vara neutrala. :)
skysoulmate 14 | 1,295
9 Jun 2010 #41
Sasha said: Really... I always thought the Notdic folks prefered neutrality.


Jämtland ÄR Sverige!!!

Exactly! Jämtland (region of Sweden) IS Sweden! :)
POLENGGGs 2 | 150
9 Jun 2010 #42
Why we love Russia? because they are just cloudy0headed fools who can be played like a sh!tty violin.
The question should rather be why do Russians Love Germans(and the other way round-not by all germans as much as the Russians) , they just stupid, they like Kongolese pygmeymen turned into something that resembles a european.

They always hating on us Polish for siding with the 'West' (EU/NATO/USA) well, their hero Germans seem to be doing the same even worse, to the extent that some even dont want the former GDR to be part of Germany.

as for the Germans who get all fiddly and foaming from the mouth because they can not pronounce such fine polish town names such as Wrocław, Szczecin, Zabrze, Chorzów, Kołobrzeg, Słupsk .... hahaha, you kno u goin down the drain.

it really is interesting how the same Germans who want these 'besetze "Deutsche" Gebiete' back never mention much about Koenigsburg - I mean that place had some nice buildings and one hell of a University.

just look at this crap to see how the Russians be scheming with the German folk : - Hahaha, pathetic crap, even more for the germans that actually side with the russians, because the real Hardcore Germans that have my respect don't want nothin to do with Russia(ns) of any sort of extraction.

PS: Polish Christianity was founded by the Knights of the highest order bla bla , you know they werent all gospel type missionaires so that is why a Polish Catholic is a Polish Catholic

oh and remember, we are feared by both them sides. Don't have no doubts about it, even going by their experts , the polish psyche is evolved to be the most devious, brutal and hard-slappin just like the Balkanizers (I like calling them that, no discrespect to them - they proud, standin ontheir feet dont need no sh!t folk tellin them what 2 do, except another bother is too many is being fooled by these both 'mighty and superior racially' nations - the G's and the R's.

Deutsche Kanacken ueber Alles! :-)
Chicago Pollock 7 | 504
9 Jun 2010 #43

Sasha said: Really... I always thought the Notdic folks prefered neutrality.

Question: is Norweigan sentence structure the same as English??
skysoulmate 14 | 1,295
9 Jun 2010 #44
Very similar except the numbers. I speak Swedish fluently (raised in Sweden) but my sister lives in Norway. Some Norwegians use the German way of counting money (22 -> two and twenty and others will say twenty two), Swedes only use the standard way of counting numbers. Often I'll speak Swedish and they'll speak Norwegian and usually there's no problem in understanding. Similar to British and American English in a way. Some Norwegians want you to believe the difference is far greater but I don't think so.

All Scandinavian languages: Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, and Islandic are Germanic languages or Northern Germanic to be precise just like English is except English (and German) are called Western Germanic so the sentence structures are fairly similar.
POLENGGGs 2 | 150
9 Jun 2010 #45
AS we are in the topic of OT ; how is our niqqas tolerated in Swedenland ?
would you say , like a Finnish in a nice Stockholm suburb during the interwar period.

Or more like the Malmoe Jewish citizens being treated by the Moslem phreaks and that towns unpoliticallyy correct Mayor?
skysoulmate 14 | 1,295
9 Jun 2010 #46
Hmm, not sure why you're using racial slurs here?? Yes, the mayor of Malmö, frankly the entire leftist political elite of Malmö are racist jerks, no doubt about it. The massive immigration of Arabs, Iranians and Palestinians to Sweden and Malmö in particular has made Jew hating very popular in that city, I guess that's what you're refering to? Still unsure about why you had to use the racial slur in your post?

As far as the Finnish comment I have no idea what you're refering to. I lived with a girl from Finland, half her family lived in Sweden and many had done so for generations. We talked about politics all the time and not once did I hear about some kind of pre-war racism. If anything they always talked about the Russian threat. Swedes died fighting on the Finnish side defending Finland from the Russian invasion. Does racism exist in both countries? Sure, it does so in every country but after having been around so many Finnish families for so many years I doubt you'll find many other countries this friendly toward each other.

Frankly I have no idea why you attacked me here? Swedenland? Niggas? What the heck, are you nazi or something? Strange... You turned a joke and a question about linguistical differences into racism.
POLENGGGs 2 | 150
9 Jun 2010 #47
then why is the Malmoe mayor a racist; he only discriminating between semitic language groups

Man are you thick, I call myself a niqqa on this board and not nigga - and this is just my myspace influenced language because I am both a fan of hip hop and correspond with many black hip hoppers around the world, as a matter of fact with any color/race hip hoppers because hip hop does not have a colour like Some would like to think

especially on this board where SOME people turn a topic about a hamburger into religious/ethnic/cultural ways of meat preparation/consumptiuon.

By the way; the original topic was why we love Russia; well I guess we hate Russia, we might love Some Russians.
Wiedzmin_fan - | 79
9 Jun 2010 #48
I think it's a love-hate relationship (with more of the latter). There are too many similarities between the two, which only makes the differences (and the betrayals, and the violence) all the more traumatic. It's like having a sibling you don't get along with - on one hand, you two are family, on the other hand, they are hurting you more than any stranger could.
skysoulmate 14 | 1,295
9 Jun 2010 #49
Good post

Good for what, sky? :) To keep the fire burning?

No, not at all. I just think it was a good summary of why the distrust exists. It's not about keeping the fire burning but about remembering what went wrong. I think for a friendly relationship between two nations there must be a mutual trust. ...and that takes years to develop and it cannot be tied to specific leaders, it must be genuine. Look at the Sweden-Finland, Sweden-Norway, Norway-Denmark, etc. relations. They have their disagreements but their friendships are much more powerful than their disagreements. You study the Scandinavian cultures so you understand what I'm talking about.

Do you feel that Kremlin's initial response to the credit card theft espoused trust? Don't you think that they turned an allegedly criminal matter into a political matter for no reason whatsoever? What if this was the Russian president's plane? ...and no, I do not wish that upon him or anyone else. However for the sake of our discussion, wouldn't you say the initial response would've been something like "we hope the reports are untrue but please let us investigate this further..." rather than "...the accusations are blasphemous!..."

What's feeding the "fire" is not rememberance of past wrongs but rather the illogical, sometimes self-defeating behavior of the Kremlin administration. The day Poles feel that the Kremlin treats Poles just like their own people, like true friends, the fire will extinguish. Russia is much stronger and Russia has been the bully for generations. Therefore Russia must lead the reapproachement and must understand that trust will not be won overnight.

At least that's my take on it.
MediaWatch 10 | 945
9 Jun 2010 #50
I think that's a decent analysis. No question Russia being the bigger and dominating country should have more of the burden of evening out its relationship with Poland. But what did Churchil say about Russia being a riddle in a puzzle or something like that? In other words its not easy evaluating Russia's intentions towards others.

The recent Polish crash tragedy and questions about the Russian government handling of it perhaps doesn't put Russia in the best light. On the other hand Russia, as far as its PEOPLE, deserve credit in my opinion, for showing sincere sympathy for the Polish people during the Polish Crash tragedy. Even if one were to believe the worst case scenario that the Russian government (or part of it) was behind the Polish crash, I think its fair to say that the Russian PEOPLE were not happy to see the Polish Plane crash and genuinely sympathized with the Poles during this tragedy. In my opinion, I think that should count for something.
skysoulmate 14 | 1,295
9 Jun 2010 #51
...On the other hand Russia, as far as its PEOPLE, deserve credit in my opinion, for showing sincere sympathy for the Polish people during the Polish Crash tragedy.

Which is pretty much the sentiment of my earlier post (have no idea where it went). Some Russians here, Constantine comes to mind have been much less than sympathetic even after the accident BUT I view them as a tiny minority and chose to believe most Russians think like Sasha instead.
MediaWatch 10 | 945
9 Jun 2010 #52
I think it's a love-hate relationship (with more of the latter).

That's interesting.

I think you're right. I think there is a Love-Hate relationship between Poles and Russians. Well I can't speak for the Russians or for people of Polish ancestry outside of the US, but here in the US I think Polish Americans genuinely respect Russians since they are Slavic like the Polish. Many Polish Americans are proud of being Slavic. But on the other hand, naturally Polish Americans didn't like past Soviet/Russian domination of Poland. But I generally don't know any Polish Americans that go out of there way to criticize the Russians. I think in general Slavic Americans get along better with each other in the US, then perhaps Slavic diaspora in other countries.
1jola 14 | 1,879
9 Jun 2010 #53
Therefore Russia must lead the reapproachement and must understand that trust will not be won overnight.

According to Russian courts our officers murdered in Katyń were common criminals. No amount of Putin's 'good will gestures' will change that. We are waiting.
POLENGGGs 2 | 150
9 Jun 2010 #54
[quote=MediaWatch]What about the Pol-Am's love for the Slavic peoples from countries of former Yugoslavia ?

nahhhh, Slavic is just language, most the culture and food is copied from either side of the fence.

I do not get this 'Slavic' worship thing, we look different to each other, cant understand each others languages even in 50% ratio, different architecture (Poland's architecture owing to German's and Dutch .... because the only thing Polish about architecture is the farmbuildings layout- as in not a strait line like germans or not a L shaped building, Polish liked their buildings scattered around the yard)

there is hardly anything on Slavic mythology, the worship places and 'god's' were most times made out of wood so they rotted away ages ago or went 2 good use heating Prussian houses.......

so - this is why Poland and Polish don't care much for 'Slavic'
9 Jun 2010 #55
Why Poles love Russians?
Today some very kind unknown to me Russian woman propose to lift me up because of heavy rain... just that! Few years ago when I was a teenager and was lacking of money to buy a home return ticket, some very kind Russian man give 20 zł... just that. Whenever I hear about someone met Russian ppl always they seemed to be very kind, nice, helpful etc. Isnt that enough?
POLENGGGs 2 | 150
9 Jun 2010 #56
That is Russian agents on a mission to brainwash our minds.

Don't like them people
9 Jun 2010 #57
That is Russian agents on a mission to brainwash our minds.

our? Since when you are polish?? ;P
POLENGGGs 2 | 150
9 Jun 2010 #58
Don;t be doubtin me

oh btw, I came across one of them aswell, I was at a tramstop and this guy started tellin me & my friend he got 3 well grown daughters in his country over the border,

byut then again I think he was drunk and thought me n my homie were faggys because we were leanin against each other out of boredom waitin for the tram
9 Jun 2010 #59
How old are you? No more than 16. Am I right? Seriously why are constantly sitting here and trolling? You dont have a life, do you?

Poland's architecture owing to German's and Dutch

Hilary Majewski projects:

Pałac Izraela Poznańskiego:

Poland place

The Izrael Poznański's manufacture complex (next to palace, pic after the revitalisation)
Wiedzmin_fan - | 79
9 Jun 2010 #60
Poland and Polish don't care much for 'Slavic'

Well, that's too bad. Slavic culture is pretty neat. I thought some of the pagan traditions are still preserved even to this day. Don't people celebrate Ivana Kupala and Maslennica in Poland? Don't they still refer to Svarog/Dazhd'bog/Veles/Perun, or to Baba Yaga? Aren't the musical instruments the same (gusli/svirel'/volynka/rozhok/zhalejka)?

I agree there's not much of similarity in the architecture. But the food is pretty much the same!

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