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Time for Slavic Commonwealth around Poland as center

Miloslaw 12 | 3,297
20 Nov 2021 #151
No, we Slavs likes normalcy and tradition

But Poles do not count themselves as "We Slavs",
They count themselves as Poles first, Europeans second and Slavs a very poor third.
This is is why you have been wasting years on this forum.... because you don't understand Poles.
OP Crow 151 | 9,728
20 Nov 2021 #152
Give EU few more years. There would be awakening shock to those among Poles who failed.
Miloslaw 12 | 3,297
20 Nov 2021 #153

I am anti EU, but Poland has done very well within it.
Polexit will not happen any time soon.
Strzelec35 34 | 1,253
20 Nov 2021 #154
Poland will probably have a brexit within the next five years.
OP Crow 151 | 9,728
20 Nov 2021 #155
I am closer to scenario of EU collapsing around Poland and parts of Germany and Baltic states merge with Poland. Serbian world (70% of former Yugoslavia) then joins to Visegrad and we have embryo of New Commonwealth that will continue to grow.
Strzelec35 34 | 1,253
20 Nov 2021 #156
Look what is happening in Belarus border. Polish govt didnt even ask for help form eu or want help. they are against eu.
OP Crow 151 | 9,728
20 Nov 2021 #157
EU is practically in Geo-strategic war against Poland. Its not publicly told yet but its in the gloves.

At critical moment on border Duda decided to visit Slavic Adriatic where Vatican helping Germany finish destruction of Serbs and therefore eternally exclude Poland from warm seas of Europe. That is why Serbia arming fast from Russia via Poland`s and Hungarian air space.

When war become open, Poland and Visegrad would openly side with Serbia.
Alien 4 | 435
21 Nov 2021 #158
Crow brother, when you wake up and you open your eyes. Your world is not real.
OP Crow 151 | 9,728
21 Nov 2021 #159
Me or you? Who knows

Well, I know few things. Without Poland Serbia wouldn`t be able to import most heavy armament from Russia because Romania and Bulgaria blocking us. Only Poland and rest of Visegrad allow us to use their air space.

That for one. Then, without money of Polonia (via private company of Corey Lewandowski), Serb Republic within Bosnia-Herzegovina may fell to the pressure of Muslims that are supported by western Europe and local Serbs would now live under the sharia law, same as Catholics of Bosnia that were and are used, manipulated and mericlessly betrayed by Vatican.

Now, you explain to me whats going on, dobri brate.
Alien 4 | 435
24 Nov 2021 #160
@Crow ; Now you explain...
Poles and Serbs are friends brother, but no more then just friends.
I am afraid you live in the world full of conspiracy theories.

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