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Time for Slavic Commonwealth around Poland as center

nothanks - | 640
17 Sep 2015 #61
Your views are extreme in this part of the World. I wouldn't recommend voicing your extreme views in public places.
OP Crow 151 | 9,722
17 Sep 2015 #62
Representatives of armed force of Miedzymorze marching in China on a grand military parade, that marked the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese People's War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression and the World Anti-Fascist War.

Spot how marching Serbian army`s unit Blue Guard of Slavia. Back in Jagiellonian Poland Serbians played role of military elite of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. What is also interesting, Serbian army thanks to the influence of Lusatian Serbs (who served in Serbian royal army) using old Prussian marching step.

CNTV news comment

So Crow ... it is a romantic idea ... but it seems that this idea may make things worse in the long run between people who still have some place of each others hearts still.

you mistaking here. We must do it. In 100 years, if we fails to do it, both- Poles and Serbs and rest of us, would be just another spice in Germanic soup that is EU. Without Miedzymorze we would be absolutely assimilated. With Miedzymorze, we have our local differences and we have something in common.

So, we shall manage to do it.

Initially at least, Miedzymorze would be Confederate state. Exactly because of local differences.

This is the Western plan, to keep the East/Russia fractured.

say it openly, Poland fragmented, too.

See Crow .. "nothanks" is exactly the element I'd punch a hole through without hesitation if he were present in the Slavic Union. So how do you suppose we can have peace in it?

i would suggests defense of every right on specific difference within Miedzymorze.

The revival of Intermarium?

23.08.2015 | By Mariola Śmietana

One of the visions of the Polish foreign policy assumes consolidation of the Central and Eastern European countries alliance.

This idea, defined as Jagiellonian Politics (Polityka Jagiellońska), had been realized by Lech Kaczyński, the president of Poland in years 2005-2010.

My suggestion is that military parade unit of Miedzymorze bears the name - Guard of Sarmatia.

This is what needs to stay in pretext of constitutional act > Miedzymorze as the political, ethnic and cultural formation stays in direct continuity with its predecessors (chronologically): Sarmatia Europae, Great Moravia, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Little Entente and Visegrad Group.

Sarmatia Europae

Great Moravia


Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth





Little Entente


Visegrad Group

It would be possible to go deeper in the past but, that`s enough for now.

For this morning, Warsaw Voice. Seams that Poland trust to Duda

President Duda Poland's most trusted politician

Poland's recently elected president Andrzej Duda remains country's most trusted politician with net trust index at positive 40 pts, a poll by CBOS pollster showed.

and what about Miedzymorze as parliamentary monarchy?

If comes to it, in my opinion, here is one candidate with great chance to come to throne

Petar II Karadjordjevic, Prince of Yugoslavia and Serbia, oldest son of Aleksandar II Karadjordjevic and Princess Maria Da Gloria of Orlean and Breganca

His Royal Highness, Alexandar II Karadjordjevic, Crown prince of Yugoslavia and Serbia

Her Royal Highness, Princess Maria Da Gloria of Orlean and Breganca

photo from the marriage, 1972

Poland and Visegrad Group are behind recent positive boost in Hungarian-Serbian relations, i don`t have any doubts about it. Relations between these two countries were in best possible level at moment when refugee crisis occurred. Then, problems started and then were resolved after Duda announced initiative for Intermarium. Since then, relations continue to develop in positive direction

Serbian PM, Hungarian FM open plant in northern Serbia

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic and Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto on Wednesday opened a production plant of Tisza Automotive.

Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
23 Sep 2015 #63
Very impressive compilation of Serbia's real or imagined potential. I'd be all for it if it ever truly came to pass. At least your zeal, passion and determination cannot be questioned!
OP Crow 151 | 9,722
23 Sep 2015 #64
One more positive signal

Serbian media are full of rapports about Pope`s visit to USA and how Pope Francis, right after his airplane landed, went out of plane and set in a Fiat 500L, a car that was produced in Serbia, in Zastava`s Kragujevac motor-plant.

Papa Franja stigao je u prvu posetu SAD, a za mnoge je predstavljalo iznenađenje to što je po izlasku iz aviona seo u, za amerièke uslove skromni, FIAT 500L koji se proizvodi u Kragujevcu.

What we know is that right now Serbia mediate between Fiat Company and Russian chamber of commerce, for the Russian import of 10.000 Fiat cars produced in Serbia, in Fiat`s plant in Kragujevac. Its about great profit for Italy and for Serbia.

It is also worth to know that official Vatican and Pope himself support Serbian sovereignty by the Serbian constitution, on entire Serbian territory, including Serbian province of Kosovo. Vatican don`t recognize separation of Kosovo from Serbia. Speaking of dispute between Croatian state and Catholic clergy, with Serbian state and Serbian Orthodox Church, Vatican accepted Serbian demand for investigation about Croatian beatification of Cardinal Stepinac that during WWII was involved with German Nazis and Croatian pro-German Nazi ustashe, at a time when genocide was committed on local Serbians. Pope intervened to stop process of promotion of Stepinac into saint, while combined Vatican`s and Serbian Orthodox Church commission have to analyze Stepinac`s past.

In order to secure belonging of the warm waters of Adriatic sea and Dalmatian coast, to the emerging Miedzymorze, Serbia already started to reinstate her influence and power in the region, among countries of former Yugoslavia. Local mafia centers and dictatorial regimes are to be put down. Islamic and Germanic influences are maximally reduced, while is established balance between USA, Russian, Vatican`s, Jewish and Chinese interests in the region. Britain and France are prevented to meddling. EU and NATO anti-Serbian propaganda are almost entirely defeated. Conditions for penetration of Poland`s influence are in process of consolidation.

a good article. Ave Poland! Ave Dragon!

Time for Intermarium (the Isthmus)

If we do not want to give up at the start and assume the position of a suppliant, we have to believe that the vision of Central European Union is achievable. Because there is no good alternative.

Ironside 51 | 11,510
25 Sep 2015 #65
and what about Miedzymorze as parliamentary monarchy?

Don't think so, it would be rather like confederacy of states, some like EU, some like NATO, some like consensus what would be the best and what is needed.

Vatican don`t recognize separation of Kosovo from Serbia.

Definitely without common currency.
That would have to be solved before by Serbia, miedzymorze will not be a platform for Serbia to take back their stolen province, no.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
25 Sep 2015 #66

This is off topic but why was the Zastava car make scrapped? The cars built in former Yugolsvia are now called Fiat.

Slavic linguistic and cultural heritage.

Will there be room in your Slavic commonwealth for non-Slavic Hungarians and Lithuanians? If so, it would have to be re-named.
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161
25 Sep 2015 #67
Hungarians and Lithuanians

They are Slavs undercover...
OP Crow 151 | 9,722
25 Sep 2015 #68
Slavic commonwealth

we speak of Miedzymorze, in Eng. Intermarium. That would be official. If that is sometimes mentioned as the Slavic Commonwealth, at least among Slavs (while we drink, for example) why would that be a problem? Why would that insult anybody, as long as their right are respected and we Slavs would be guarantor of it. When i think of USA, Canada, Australia or Britain, those are all Anglo conglomerated in my perception. But its not problem to me. Those were Anglos who initiated that and made it in accordance with their cultural heritage (alright, maybe Jews helped a little). It was then enriched with other peoples heritage, too. Then, it was even polluted with cheep things. That is exactly the reason why Slavs sense that its not model suitable to them. With all due respect on model, of course.

They are Slavs undercover...

yes, that, too.

why was the Zastava car make scrapped?

after NATO (ie Anglo, Germanic and Islamic league) bombardment of Serbia and Montenegro in 1999, country suffered damage worth more then 100 mlrd USA dollars. We needed to gave it, in order to restart it.

The cars built in former Yugolsvia are now called Fiat.

Point is. If Italians wants to sell it in Russia, China or former Soviet Union market, they needs to produce it in Serbia. That makes many people happy. Even Pope, as you can see.

Don't think so, it would be rather like confederacy of states, some like EU, some like NATO, some like consensus what would be the best and what is needed.

yes, i agree to it. But its just so romantic to think of parliamentary monarchy.

Amazing Central & Eastern Europe - Praise to Intermarium

Nickidewbear 23 | 584
27 Sep 2015 #69
Time is for Slavic Commonwealth around Poland as center. i am sure. i am absolutely positive about it This would not be good for Poles, Slovakians, or Jews among the Poles and Slovakians. A coalition with, e.g., Putin is as bad as one with Stalin and with ******.
OP Crow 151 | 9,722
27 Sep 2015 #70
it won`t be coalition with Russia. Russia would have Eurasian Union, Poland would have Intermarium and, all would be happy. Plus, there would be plenty of other civilizations. Jews would have their own.
Nickidewbear 23 | 584
27 Sep 2015 #71
Still, there would be Pro-Russian Slavs and Slavic Russians whom'd quickly want to hurt Poles, Slovakians, Jews, etc.. Besides, Jews have Israel already-now we just need the ko'akh to make aliyah and overrun Agudat Yisra'el.
OP Crow 151 | 9,722
27 Sep 2015 #72
Intermarium is needed. That fact is recognized even by the God Himself.
28 Sep 2015 #73
Russia wouldn't hurt a unified Intermarium. They would not dare unless they will bring Germany into it, which probably won't happen. Intermarium's natural support would be America and China as well.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
28 Sep 2015 #74

The problem is that all these countries are guided mainly if not exclusively by their own national self-interest and do not think in terms of Slavic solidarity, We can see that everyday. Czechs are soft on Russia becuase they see some economic advanatges for themselves in that approach. Serbs and Croats are essentially the same nation and yet are at each other's throats. The current Polish-Russian dispute over who started WW2 is another example. One would have to turn the mentality of the indiivudal nations around 180° to achieve the kind of acceptance for a commonwealth project like what you have in mind. And that isn't going to happen anytime soon.
Ironside 51 | 11,510
28 Sep 2015 #75
The problem is that all these countries are guided mainly if not exclusively by their own national self-interest

That the idea, that project is based on national self-inters of particular countries, the best platform for them to realize it would be in the framework of intermarum.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,455
28 Sep 2015 #76
The problem is that all these countries are guided mainly if not exclusively by their own national self-interest and do not think in terms of Slavic solidarity,

You might find some common ground between Poles, Slovaks, Croatians and Macedonians, but I can't see anyone else taking part. Lithuania is too scared of Poland, the Czechs are far more Germanic culturally, the Russians and Serbs have their own friendship, Bulgarians are far too distant, Slovenians are too culturally Austrian, etc etc.

I could see Poland and Slovakia merging one day though...the language isn't a million miles apart, there's a common religion and way of life, there's no real historical animosity (most Poles aren't aware that Slovakia invaded Poland in 1939) and so on.
Ironside 51 | 11,510
28 Sep 2015 #77
Lithuania doesn't have to be part of it, cannot really until would grand an autonomy to Poles in Wilenszczyzna.
Czech doesn't have to participate in it either, but I think they will.
Russian is not a part of that project. Serbia as Crow says is all for it.
Bulgarians is a possibility not must either and they are not too distant. Slovenia are a big qestion mark but they are not nescesse4rily needed.
OP Crow 151 | 9,722
28 Sep 2015 #78
Duda wouldn`t speak of Intermarium if he don`t consider that option as realistic, if he didn`t recognized signals. After all, its not his idea originally but, of numerous political analysts of past and our time.

Also, fact is that Intermarium don`t have alternative. If fails to form Intermarium, Poland and other countries from Baltic to Balkan would face inevitable assimilation into the more and more clearly Germanic EU, in not so distant future. So, `cube is thrown` and Poland now publicly announced that don`t have intention to die in silence. i would even say that Duda`s announcement for Inmtermarium represent kind of `Salto Mortale`. Meaning, Poland count on all Her friends and needs them now or never.

In my opinion, in next 10 years (but i give maximally 15 years! it is even possible that things accelerate to less then 5 years), maybe little more or little less, Poland would be out of EU and NATO. Visegrad Group would start to play role of military alliance (what is now NATO for Poland), while would Intermarium become more viable option. Then, constitution of Intermarium would happen, i believe, first around common economic goals and policy, kind of Economic Union. Country would get chance to become member of Intermarium, without joining to Visegrad Group. At one moment, Intermarium would turn into Confederation.

As for Serbians, i am absolutely sure that would they support Poland. They must. Its in their genetic and mental code. Not to mention that eventual Serbian contra to Poland may severely weaken Poland`s arguments and action, split centrifugal forces of Intermarium`s unifying force and deal catastrophic blow onto the very idea of Intermarium, which would on the long run bring disaster of both- Slavic west and Slavic south. No, my people isn`t that dirty and even less that stupid. Serbians would support Poland by all means, as always in history, serving themselves as example to others and when necessary help that others align with Poland, even if it means necessity to bring them democracy and show them way.

Poles, my sisters and brothers, we may have doubts, we may still have many questions but, we have hearts of our ancestors and we won`t die in silence, we shall refuse life in fear, we shall grab the historic chance to regain our golden freedom. So that nobody rule us, neither the east, neither the west and that we are sole masters of our realm, we people from the Baltic and Balkan, from Central to the South-Eastern and Eastern Europe.

Sarmacja - Psalm Rodowodowy

Gniew Husarii

Jacek Kaczmarski i Jacek Kowalski-"Pieśń konfederatów"

Think of this in the context of initiative for Intermarium and in environment of refugee crisis >>>

Hungary Backs Acceleration Of Turkey's Accession To The European Union

Hungary backs speeding up talks on Turkey's European Union accession and lifting its European visa requirements, the country's Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó has said.

jon357 69 | 18,345
26 Oct 2015 #79
Szef PiS dostał depeszę. "Wierzymy w nowe odrodzenie Międzymorza"

Since none of their other projects have ever worked, we have no reason to expect that this nonsensical comment will bear fruit.
OP Crow 151 | 9,722
31 Oct 2015 #80
Intermarium in song, thought, and action: Belarus, Ukraine, and Hungary

Hungary Backs Acceleration Of Turkey's Accession To The European Union

i sometimes have problems to understand Hungarian policy.

Why encourage Turkish accession to EU? What with Turkey when EU inevitable collapse? Is Hungary`s intention to suggest Turkish accession to Intermarium? Imagine all Turks freely settle wherever they want within Intermarium? Then, add to it upload of all non-Whites from western Europe if just some right-wing Nazi regime come to power on western Europe (that what remain of EU)? Even if Turkey stay out of Intermarium we shall have great influx of refugees of any kind.

Or maybe Hungary rely on Turkey just on the short run and not on the long turn? well, i don`t understand.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
31 Oct 2015 #81
i don`t understand

Not everyone shares your hang-ups abotu Turks, The Ottoman empire has come and gone and today Turkey is a civilised country despite its Moslem majority. In the past, Poland had had its run-ins with Turkey but later they became fast friends. Turks are not amongst the streams of refugees flooding Europe. Let bygones be bygones and move forward. Russia has shown it continues to be a thrteat by its anti-Urkainian aggression and installing Iskander missiles jsut across the Polish border in Kaliningrad. Turkey by contrast is a faithful NATO ally. Some day hopefully Serbs may see the light, apologise for their atrocities and join NATO themselves. If NATO will have them?!
31 Oct 2015 #82
There are already millions of Turks in Germany and Europe and that is millions too much.
Its very telling that a Christian "Catholic" sides with a bunch of Muslims and Bandera lunatics over Christian Russia.
Maybe if the Polish politicians had any brains they wouldnt be provoking a neighbour who has thousands of nuclear missiles. But sadly Poland continues to ass kiss the American empire.

NATO nations have murdered tens of millions of innocent civilians and have caused far more trouble in this world than Serbia could ever imagine.
When will these NATO nations apologize to the families it has butchered?
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
1 Nov 2015 #83
NATO nations have murdered tens of millions

A wild and irresponsible accusation. (Sounds like Crow under a differenet nick?!) Any proof of those off-the-wall figures? NATO had to move in and stop the blood-thirsty Serbs from butchering any more innocent poeple. Turkey is a loyal NATO ally serving as a bulwark agaisnt ISIS and a beacon of stability in that turbulent part of the word. Only some of the deranged Balkan statelets keep expounding their anti-Turkish obsessions.
1 Nov 2015 #84
No. I am Polish and I like Slavic people. If you have a problem with this just say so.

Here is the numbers by America alone.
Add some of the other hawkish nato members like UK and France and the number goes higher.

the US has NO right to call anyone else evil or murderers when it has caused suffering around the world for decades.
With its coups and campaigns in Latin America, with its wars in Vietnam and Korea, bombing North Africa, invading and raping the Middle East.
Let me guess you think it was all about "democracy" and "freedom"?
OP Crow 151 | 9,722
1 Nov 2015 #85
Some day hopefully Serbs may see the light, apologise for their atrocities and join NATO themselves. If NATO will have them?!

Serbians stood to overwhelming foe and defended themselves and Slavic South from the attack of NATO-Islamic league-EU coalition. My people endured openly militarily attack and attack in mass media.

NATO`s and EU`s governments started to settle (transported them with NATO transport airplanes) mujaheedines in the very hearth of Europe, in Bosnia, back then in chaos of Civil War in former Yugoslavia. This with Arab refugees is just continuation of that old plan. Only Serbians were obstacle to that. i can`t hardly found words to describe proportions of western European and USA failure and idiotism. And it is quite abominable that still there are Slavic countries within NATO and EU. Blessed Polish Duda represent example of awakening
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
2 Nov 2015 #86
militarily attack and attack in mass media

No matter what devious justification you try to use, the world was appalled by Serbian atrocities such as Srebrenice and the mediaeval brutality of decapitation and impaling enemy heads on poles. This is Europe?! There are also those who try to deny or justify Katyń or the Holocaust! Some of those Serbian monsters have been put on trial for it at the Hague. Why don't the Serbian people make a clean breast of things and turn over those cowardly killers still in hiding!?
OP Crow 151 | 9,722
4 Nov 2015 #87
Good news from realm of Intermarium. No matter all pressure, all lies, Slavs in the region continuing to gather around Serbia, while Serbia focusing to prevent western Europeans and Islamic world to grab warm seas from Intermarium >>>

Serbian and Bosnian governments to hold first joint session

Serbian PM Vucic welcome in Bosnia

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic has said Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina "must build the future together."

Warm welcome to Serbian PM Vucic in Bosnia. Cooperation, business, Slavic solidarity, functioning without meddling of foreigners ... above everything. Events of strategic importance for Poland, as understand all who understand politics. Then also, as many of you know, in middle age Bosnia was one among Serbian lands and Bosnia is ancestral land of Polish Jadwiga who originate from Serbian Nemanjic Imperial dynasty.

Let me show you something or better, let me remind you of something of extraordinary strategic importance for Poland. In time when this even happened, this about Yugoslavia and Serbia, very few people in Poland understood that this actually happened to Poland and to unborn Intermarium. Some did.

Spot this > focus your attention on clip at 3:57 (when Saudi prince thanked former USA president Bill Clinton: ``Muslims will never forget your deliverance of Bosnia and Herzegovina and, Kosova``; Clinton was in shock that Faisal said that publicly, spot his face)

Saudi Prince Turki Al Faisal Remarks - Prince Turki Al Faisal thank Bill Clinton

This is direct proof that USA had strategic deal with Islamic league about destruction of Yugoslavia and partition of Serbia. Partition of Serbia had to lead to cut of aces to warm waters/seas of Mediterranean, to Poland and, to future Intermarium. Considering that Croatia feel loyalty to Germanic civilization, deal considered that is region (former Yugoslavia) split between Germanic and Islamic zones of control, what was old idea of Otto Von Bismarck.

If you ever asked yourself why did tragically died Polish president Lech Kaczyński so violently defended Serbia (aside emotional reasons over old Polish-Serbian connections), now you understand. By killing Serbia, Anglos tried to kill future of Poland.

But, Anglos mistaken. Serbians still didn`t say their last. Revival of Serbian power and influence rising hope that Dalmatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo could all be saved for Intermarium.

In the center of your arguments is Serbia not Poland, try to change it in order to stay on topic.

Poland is exact center of all my arguments. If we Serbians, in our resistance, ever gave examples of bravery in fight against overwhelm Slavic fores, it is only because Poland was able to support us. For Poland was first to come in our aid when our medieval Empire crumbled under the Ottoman invasion. If Poland didn`t come, we wouldn`t make it.

Glory to Poland! Long live ​​Miedzymorze!

Polish military parade 2014 - Armed Forces Day

"ULANI ULANI" (vocal) - Polish Patriotic Military Song (Piesni Zolnierskie)

ROZKWITA£Y PĄKI BIA£YCH RÓŻ / Buds of White Roses Were Opening - Polish patriotic song

9 Nov 2015 #88
Crow, you should check out the lectures by Jacek Bartosiak (youtube). I strongly recommend them.
OP Crow 151 | 9,722
9 Nov 2015 #89

very interesting

Bezpieczeństwo Polski na arenie międzynarodowej - mec. Jacek Bartosiak - 18.05.2015, Białystok

Thanks for sharing
9 Nov 2015 #90
Hmpf! It's not very interesting. It's extremely interesting.

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