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Restoration of Poland's Monarchy?

archiwum 13 | 125
30 Jul 2014 #31

I only read some of your threads. Ok, I think if it were only ceremonial then it would be ok to have a Polish Monarchy.
OP Barbastelle 2 | 14
31 Jul 2014 #32
By ceremonial do you mean if the King or Queen had no political power?
OP Barbastelle 2 | 14
31 Jul 2014 #34
And what do you think that such a monarch would do for Poland? :)
archiwum 13 | 125
31 Jul 2014 #35

Supporting charities and causes. A guess.
8 Jul 2016 #36
I think restoring the Polish monarchy in a parliamentary constitutional form would be a good thing for the Polish nation, since a monarch as Head of State is not tied to political parties and serves to work for the unity of all the people and celebrate the traditions of the Polish nation.

Perhaps some member of the old Polish noble families of approved manners could be found among the Sobieski of Czatoryski families. If that is not desired, perhaps one of the sons of ex-king Simeon of Bulgaria could be taken, or also Prince Alexander or Prince Philip of the Serbian royal family could be chosen, since they are speakers of a Slavic language. They might be willing to become Catholic from Orthodox, since the Poles are heavily Catholic. Long Live Poland.

I should have mentioned that ex-King/Tsar Simeon of Bulgaria is a descendant of the Sobieskis in a royal line from his mother, Giovanna di Savoia, daughter of Umberto II of Italy.
Ziemowit 13 | 4,235
9 Jul 2016 #37
Perhaps some member of the old Polish noble families of approved manners could be found among the Sobieski of Czatoryski families

I am more in favour of the Wettin (of Saxony) house. After all, they gave Poland two monarchs (Augustus II and Augustus III) who reigned over the first two thirds of the 18th century. Then the Third of May Constitution of 1791 pointed to the Wettin house to start a hereditary monarchy in Poland upon the death of Stanislaus August Poniatowski. Next, Napoleon Bonaparte, while giving the constitution to the vassal state of Duchy of Warsaw in 1807, made a duke of the Wettin house Head of the Warsaw Duchy. Thus it is the Wettin house, in my view, who should again step upon the historical path of the Polish royalty shown in 1791 by the independently passed Constitution and then by Napoleon (whom a lot of Polish people supported) in 1807, had any such idea as the restoration of monarchy to Poland came to existence. However. I am not sure if anyone of that house is still alive.

Were the Crown Jewels ever remade in Poland?

No, they have never been re-made. It would be quite difficult as there probably exists no patter on which they could be re-modelled. As far as I know, after having robbed them from the Wawel Castle Treasury in Kraków in 1795, the Prussians took them to Breslau (Wrocław) which town they conquered on the Austrians some time earlier, that is in 1740. In Breslau they remained for some time until one of the Prussians kings (have forgotten which one) decided to melt them into gold and use this gold for minting Prussian coins. Quite disgusting, I must say, but the Prussians were a rather practical nation, it seems.
31 Oct 2016 #38
I think if Poland were to have a monarchy, I think Prince Jean of Orléans, Duke of Vendôme, should be the new King of Poland.

Is there a political party in Poland that advocates the restoration of the Monarchy?
adsalk 1 | 17
31 Oct 2016 #39
Ziemowit, I am also in favour of the Wettin house. They are still alive. Here is the rightful heir to the Polish throne ( according to the Constitution of May 3, 1791)

Pro-Polska, there are political parties that indirectly advocate the restoration of the monarchy in Poland, i.e. Kongres Nowej Prawicy, Wolność (KORWIN) and politician Grzegorz Braun
Marysienka 1 | 195
31 Oct 2016 #40
Stanowimy przeto, iż po życiu jakiego nam dobroć boska pozwoli, elektor dzisiejszy saski w Polsce królować będzie. Dynastya przyszłych królów polskich zacznie się na osobie Fryderyka Augusta, dzisiejszego elektora saskiego, które sukcesorom de lumbis z płci męzkiej tron polski przeznaczamy. Najstarszy syn króla panującego po ojcu na tron następować ma.

Important: If you quote a non-English source, ALWAYS summarize / translate the relevant parts into English!

May constitution was clear Fryderyk August and his descendants were to be Polish kings. His line died out with his daughter.

To find any "rightful heirs" you would have to dig deeper- maybe some female descendants of Kazimierz Jagiellończyk or Kazimierz Wielki, but more likely is the big mess of heirs of Bolesław Krzywousty.

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