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What Poland expected from western Europe?

Lyzko 29 | 7,256
30 Dec 2020 #31
Poles consider themselves Europeans!
GefreiterKania 3 | 42
30 Dec 2020 #33
But let me elaborate, how deeply you are wrong. Tragically wrong. /it happens when you talk and don`t understand politics in entirety/

Your inability to understand the larger picture probably stems from the fact that you come from a small multinational/multikulti country (Hungarians in Vojvodina, Albanians north of Kosovo, a lot of Muslims, there are also Serbs etc. etc.) i.e. a lot of religions, a lot of nationalities, a lot of peoples - that's the mix that Serbia is today. Poland thinks and sees things from the point of view of a homogeneous empire - religion in our case must be a single, unifying factor, and there is only one religion like that - Catholicism.

Konopischt project

Clero-fascism won't work in Poland, never did and never will. It might work for some time in tiny countries like Tiso's Slovakia in the past or like Serbia in the present...

... very silly, so of course you should always be aware of the danger of clero-fascism. It is a great threat for small countries.

Vatican is behind genocide on Serbs from Baltic to Balkan

That was only possible when papacy was in Rome, untamed and running wild. With Pope's seat safely in Częstochowa, we will control them to act within their assigned role (state religion of the empire - the Pope will have no more power to commit genocide or conduct independent international politics than a bishop of Canterbury does today).

The greatness and glory of Poland, already evident for our V4 partners and the entire future Intermarium, will once again shine. Gloria Excelsior Sacrum Imperium!

Serbia can join/ally itself to it or lose further lands (Vojvodina to Hungary, more areas to Kosovo) and become even more muslimised (I watched muslim prayers on Serbian state TV and was, frankly, shocked). Poland is your only hope - it is the sea to which all Slavic rivers (apart from those that were too mongolized) must run.
kondzior 12 | 1,235
30 Dec 2020 #34
Poland needs to become a modern country

No. It would destroy Poland.
There was a time when the "West" itself wasn't actually modern, and one can say the west was modernism's first victim.

Human beings had it right before "science" and moderntardation. You just don't know what you don't know. The peasant who thought the sun was God knew more about "reality" than any astrophysicist.

To this, I would also add that part of the reason your so called "science" took the direction it did, away from the purely rational order the men of the Enlightenment were looking for, into this Babylonian pseudo-metaphysical mumbo jumbo about parallel dimensions, nothing being something other than nothing, all that assorted Quantum quackery, is that mankind needs the transcendent. Human beings need the infinite. By focusing entirely on material reality, while closing any pathway towards the place where real transcendence and actual infinity can be found, you forced people to try to fulfill this inner desire for things that are above contingency while being firmly imprisoned in a realm of pure contingency itself. The result is that people started to seek escape by cracking contingency apart, by piercing through the veil of "normality", reaching, not freedom, not expansion, but distortion and deviation. Not content with the natural world, you started to look in microscopes at the infinitely small, and in space for the infinitely vast, reveling in the intoxicating sense of vertigo generated by those ventures to the point now the simple observation of natural phenomena appears quaint and childish (this point was raised by Tarkovsky in Solaris). Science fiction was then created to fulfill the need to escape from "everyday" life into this realm of pseudo-infinity and pseudo-liberation. The same concept applies to art. Not content with the purely formalistic and all "too human" confines of "classical" art, you sought escape into pure essence, and thus again formlessness and distortion, hence modern art. And it just goes on and on like this. In the realm of sexuality, where you begun by braking free of mores and taboos, which, operating in a manner similar to a drug, led to more and more extreme experimentation (hence all the kiddie focking we see among the elites, who are at the vanguard of the effects of modernism, unlike the proles, whose stupidity actually works as a protection of sort. BTW, the same concept here applies to the development for a thirst for violence, sadism and graphic horror). And on and on like this. In every sphere of life, there comes this tendency to want to brake free, hence the desire to brake things apart, to disdain and subsequently seek to destroy everything that contains any trace of limitation. Everything becomes mired in this contorted esoterization of contingent phenomena. And of course, lastly, the primary effects of braking contingency apart is nothing other then multiplicity and quantity. That's really the driving force of modernity. Braking up contingency merely means creating ever more subdivisions, which then become their own elusive reward, for no matter how big the quantity, it is never enough, it is never quite close to true infinity, hence the push for ever more and more quantity. Hence also this obsession with extreme "complexity", which ironically also begets an opposite reaction into extreme simplicity to escape the confines of complexity and then back again into complexity as the need to escape the inescapable can only result in a viscous circle from which there is no escape.

And that, in a nutshell, is your precious modernity. And in a world that prides itself as having been able to "expand" and seek freedom from contingency but which in reality has only managed to create deviations and distortions coated in escapist fantasies, the simple life of an ancient, who was completely content with his few needs and with the natural world surrounding him, would appear incredibly backward and limiting, and the notion that such a "primitive" individual could possibly have a greater understanding of anything, let alone reality, would most certainly appear to be laughable. Except such a man did have a greater understanding of things, hence, why he did not seek to indulge and lead his civilization to the same type of extremes and abuses of physical reality that characterize this modern monstrosity all you demented faggots seem to be so proud of. The fact ancient peoples may have been naive and ignorant of certain "facts" of physical reality means absolutely nothing. What they had and what they knew was not worth losing to gain some dubious material advantage, which is really the only thing moderns can seem to offer, since modernity has nothing of value to provide except for brute dominion over matter.
pawian 176 | 14,723
30 Dec 2020 #35
That was when people were called cavemen. We will acknowledge your opinion on modernity holds true if you prove that you still live in a cave and wear skins. And drink from stone cups. etc. Of course, electricity and gadgets are out of question, too. Hey, what did you use to send this message??

All in all, I suspect you are a hypocrite. Sorry.
OP Crow 146 | 9,142
30 Dec 2020 #36
Gloria Excelsior Sacrum Imperium!

You mean Gloria Excelsior Sacrum Pachamama?

The Pope, the Amazon, and Pachamama


Idolatry at the Vatican?!

Man, this is ridiculous. If Vatican tolerate Pachamama, why would you as Polish insist to be bigger Pope then Pope himself? ``of Latin culture``? So, that you expect from western Europe and Papacy? Pachamama?

Shame. Vatican = globalization. Give up from Vatican in time. Svetivid and Christ!

a lot of peoples - that's the mix that Serbia is today.

We Serbs don`t tend to assimilate but to coexist. Still, who thinks he can violate Serbian sovereignty won`t be welcome anymore.
kondzior 12 | 1,235
30 Dec 2020 #37
All in all, I suspect you are a hypocrite. Sorry.

Today, material wealth or power is mostly a source of pride and hypocrisy, but that is just a symptom of the dysfunction of modernity.
OP Crow 146 | 9,142
30 Dec 2020 #38

Where are you man? You disappeared just when we come to Pachamama. Yea, shocking isn`t it. So you better listen to what brat tell you and don`t expect anything nice from western Europe and Vatican. You aren`t moron.

Svetovid at least isn`t naked. On statues, He usually have more clothes even comparing to Jesus.
GefreiterKania 3 | 42
30 Dec 2020 #39
Where are you man? You disappeared just when we come to Pachamama.

I answered your post in detail, brate, but it was moved to Random Chat thread. You should be able to find it there, I suppose.
OP Crow 146 | 9,142
30 Dec 2020 #40
On Pachamama? Oh, I would see.

I only hope you understand Vatican commited genocide on Serbs. Its on Poland to punish Vatican. It should be by the hand of Poland. I want tear in the eye of Pope brate, in the eye of every Vatican's adept. Don't reward them. Give them sh**.
Lyzko 29 | 7,256
31 Dec 2020 #41
Pachamama. Is that anywhere near Panama? LOL
OP Crow 146 | 9,142
31 Dec 2020 #42
Amazon forests.

See brate how locals ask for their rights and Pope give them. Why not give Svetovid to Slavs?

And again I was first to say of such a things and then happen Pachamama. See? First I say and the things happen. Its because we Serbs have very wise open discussions in public media. We are independant people.
pawian 176 | 14,723
1 Jan 2021 #43
the dysfunction of modernity.

Which applied to every invention that humans made in history. Fire was used to burn your enemies` dwellings, wheels were used for the torture of the wheel, planes were used in air warfare etc. Only penicillin wasn`t used in the wrong way.

Does it mean we should drop modernity coz humans have tendency to misuse it?
Strzelec35 20 | 1,143
13 Jan 2021 #44
trannies and more trannies and the metro movement.
jon357 67 | 16,836
14 Jan 2021 #45

Plenty enough home-grown ones in Poland. Lots. Back in the late 90s, Poland held the European record for operations performed.
Strzelec35 20 | 1,143
20 Jan 2021 #46
I agree with Crow on this. and Poland isn't western Europe you are talking someone who grew up in California or the ultimate west and Poland is the weirdest European country or really first world country I have ever been to and the most outlandish and different from "Europe,"
OP Crow 146 | 9,142
21 Jan 2021 #47
Poland's expectations from western Europe may end up in receiving of enormous number of non-European migrants.

How so if Poland refuse? Simple, they won't ask. It would be stampede.

How standard of living in Poland improve and agravate on the west of Europe, migrants would smugle themselves to Poland. Sure EU would help them, not to Poland.
rtfm 1 | 42
21 Jan 2021 #48
That's the problem with doing a deal with the devil (EU). Poland was given a lot of money and trade opportunities but assumed this was just the gift from a friend helping another.

No, this was just the free sample from a drug dealer and once you're reliant on these funds and opportunities the EU will have your country, dictate your rules and decide who they want to move there to wreck your culture.

In the long term it's a choice - you can have the EU flag or the Polish one but not both. The EU want a super-state and they have no room for individual countries nationalities.
OP Crow 146 | 9,142
21 Jan 2021 #49
Absolutely, I agree with every single words you said. Its legal way to penetrate Poland and no matter how Poland resists, its economical connection to EU is simple enormous.

But I came to the idea of this threat to Poland from another angle. I remembered story when Romania was accepted in EU how Gypsies an masse moved to western Europe. They, as all people after all, non-European migrants included, moving for better quality of life. Imagine if standard of living on the west of Europe fall and those are rapid trends, while at the same time in Poland and other central and eastern European countries increase. It won`t be just ``legal`` pressure on Poland by the EU to accept migrants. No, it would be literally war on Poland`s borders stampeded by millions of non-Europeans. Real War to stop illegal migrants or Poland would simple subjugate. I even don`t wish to imagine prospects and its a train that coming fast.
rtfm 1 | 42
21 Jan 2021 #50
You are right. To combat this Poland needs to keep social security low to stop these freeloaders that want to bring their 3rd world values with them. They are not refugees they are economic parasites.

Looking at what has happened in the UK, it only takes a generation to destroy a country. We have Tony Blair to thank for starting that and successive governments of both sides have been pathetically weak.

Also need to tell the EU to f off with their migrant quotas. Germany invited them in, Germany can deal with them, preferably by flying them all back.

And end the madness of picking them up not even half way across the Mediterranean and dumping them on Greece/Italy
21 Jan 2021 #51
I bet most 'new Brits' don't know what a teasmade is. Many of them don't even drink tea, do they?
jon357 67 | 16,836
21 Jan 2021 #52
I bet most 'new Brits' don't know what a teasmade is

I doubt many people under 30 in general know what one is, let alone how to use one. I like them and had one however only used it for coffee since there's no way to keep the milk cold and bedrooms nowadays are warmer than they used to be.

Many of them don't even drink tea, do they?

They drink tea.
OP Crow 146 | 9,142
21 Jan 2021 #53
On the other side, we ALL know that Poland won`t fall. If nothing else then because Poland is part of Slavic world. Our civilization simple won`t allow format of Poland to be changed in this way we mentioned here.

So EU can pressure Poland, threaten Poland with sanctions, embargoes and worse evil imaginable. Polish police and army may be exposed to real War against invading illegal migrants.

But, all have its limits and so patience of Slavs, too. Poland isn`t alone that is perfectly clear.
Novichok 1 | 2,079
21 Jan 2021 #54
Looking at what has happened in the UK, it only takes a generation to destroy a country.

...but the morons here will still tell you with a straight face that letting the hordes in was the right thing to do.
If that bs weren't enough, they follow up with that it was according to the voters' wishes.
Medical science should develop a test to detect leftist idiots before they are born.
PolAmKrakow 1 | 736
21 Jan 2021 #55
And everyone forgets that once these "refugee's" get their German, French or whatever citizenship, they can live and work anywhere in the EU including Poland. While it will take longer and it will never become a mass movement to Poland, the "immigrants" will continue to trickle in.
dolnoslask 6 | 3,085
21 Jan 2021 #56
the "immigrants" will continue to trickle in.

Yes they will, but they will adhere to the rules and respect Poland, laws and its traditions or suffer severe consequences from the law and their neighbours. there is no messing around in Poland.
OP Crow 146 | 9,142
21 Jan 2021 #57
Don`t underestimate Slavic civilization. Slavs may differ between themselves but we know we are Slavs and in increasingly chaotic world we all want to have that Slavic component of our societies as last resort in defense of what we truly are. That functioned in history no matter every inter-Slavic or antagonism imported from outside influence.

In other words, EU would rather collapse (destroyed by Slavs) then could manage to globalize Poland in sense western Europe is globalized.
Strzelec35 20 | 1,143
21 Jan 2021 #58
Does this include the Croats as well? because although they are Slavic there seems to be something off about them know what I mean? Bulgarians too.
21 Jan 2021 #59
Blood doesn't count, culture is more important imo. Your average Polish American often knows less than someone without a drop of Polish blood, who has lived there or/and follows Polish news and visits often. Sure, they might remember what their baba cooked but that's it.

BTW, Slavic is not a culture, not an ethnicity, it's just a language group. Look at Brits, Germans and Swedes - they all speak Germanic languages but ethnically (and culturally) they have little in common. For one thing Swedish women look the best, then German ones and British ones are usually average at best. All Slavic-speaking countries have their distinct cultures and ethnic profiles.
jon357 67 | 16,836
22 Jan 2021 #60
That's actually a very sensible approach to the issue.

Blood doesn't count, culture is more important imo.

Indeed. DNA is in any case unpredictable. We don't get an exact 25% from each grandparent. DNA tests often show that people barely inherited and DNA at all from the group they expected to, and in fact inherited most from an ancestor they didn't. Yet their cultural roots are still of course the same.

Slavic is not a culture, not an ethnicity, it's just a language group

I'd say it's several ethnicities and cultures.

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