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What Poland expected from western Europe?

OP Crow
22 Jan 2021 #61
Blood doesn't count, culture is more important imo.

So what? Today`s Slavs are connected with both, blood and culture. Actually, we Europeans are all connected by blood considering all Whites originate from Slavs (ie Sarmatians) and even our culture isn`t that different but, see, language seams to be most important. Language is that key element of culture that define you as a being. After that, when you are aware of shared blood, it can strengthen the argument. We Slavs preserved that direct linguistic continuity with our ancestors and non-Slavic Whites didn`t. That is one of explanations why are Slavs hated by non-Slavs. One always hate what he was.

Does this include the Croats as well? ........... Bulgarians too.

It is as you ask do Orthodox Poles belongs in Polish and Slavic civilization. Of course, Croats are included but Croatia is society in great turmoil, where people are tear apart by the pressure of Vatican and Germany, not to be Serbs, while they know they are Serbs and they deny themselves and hate their former self -Serbian/Slavic (speaking of majority of populace). For Vatican its nothing personal. They doing it also in Bosnia, in Hercegovina, in Crna Gora, Dalmatia, Slavonia, etc our native regions. Its missionary work and they gave themselves right to do so, even if it mean to create new nations out of Serbian people. Its not easy situation.

Bulgarians? I don`t know what to say. Let`s say they more and more wants to be Slavs and they are part of Slavic civilization.
22 Jan 2021 #62
What Poland expects from the USA? Sure, they and Brits helped them in WWII. But the Marshall Plan was only for Western Europe.
And US companies with their terrible work/life balance, awful "open layout" (virus-spreading) offices and toxic work environments are basically taking over Europe.

I mean look at any job board for any EU country and most of the companies are American-owned. So you want to live in Krakow with little Polish? Most often you have to make do with an American company like IBM, Citibank and the likes. The product of those companies goes directly to the US and they contribute nothing to Europe. They use countries with lower taxes an wages to do business and as soon as taxes or wages go up, they'll move to Belarus or one of the third-world countries they go to like the Philippines. I'd rather work for a Polish, British or another European-based business.

My friends in European companies in Bratislava were much more satisfied with their jobs than us poor souls in American conglomerates like IBM and Accenture. We all did the same repetitive service jobs.
OP Crow
22 Jan 2021 #63
But the Marshall Plan was only for Western Europe.

Even year and half earlier one could complain about this if from Poland and now, in the foulness of time, we see many good things in it. Great economic expansion with globalist ideologies at work, prepared perfect ground for changing racial format of western Europeans and their islamization, or as respond in parts of population, return of most vulgar form of fascism, Nazism.

Non of this will happen in Poland or even if happen, it would be only small fraction of it and Poland can cope with it.
OP Crow
22 Jan 2021 #64
An article

Poland's problem with this Pope


an example by taking in 20 Syrians (all Muslims) into Vatican, a state of only 1,000 citizens. ..... Europe should take in 6 million Syrians.

How much should Poland accept to satisfy Pope?

What Poland expect from Vatican, as from western Europe in general, and what Poland gets?
22 Jan 2021 #65
like IBM and Accenture.

What a horror! US companies hiring Poles in Poland! There should be a death penalty for these criminals. And, to make it even worse, these terrible blood-sucking hellholes were started by MEN!
24 Jan 2021 #66
Well it's OK to make a quick buck but it's not a real career & turnover is huge as it's just being exploited as cheap labour.

It's sad to see people with uni degrees working the phones being called names by redneck clients instead of doing research, teaching, etc.

In the West only uneducated people without a uni degree do such jobs and teachers, college profs and nurses there earn more as those countries know their jobs contribute to society unlike call centre jobs.

What pushes capital to relocate to central or eastern Europe is the capitalist aim of exploiting "a well trained and cheap population (...) All these countries have longer working hours than the west, 43.8 and 43.4 hours in Latvia and Poland respectively. There is often little or no overtime payment. Often it is foreign businesses "which have the most 'unsocial' hours of work; it is standard to find the big stores open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day" (Le Monde, 18.10.05).
24 Jan 2021 #67
as it's just being exploited as cheap labour.

The victim of exploitation is either forced - lacking reasonable options to refuse - or uninformed.
Since neither is the case when an educated adult who is not in prison or threatened is involved. that "exploitation" is Marxist bs talk.
24 Jan 2021 #68
Well tell that to all the Polish nurses, doctors, uni professors and teachers that prefer to go abroad to make better money. They are forced to look for better salaries abroad. It saddens me as I'm not in IT so it's not possible for me to live in Poland and do work that I enjoy, it's IT, factory jobs or phone work are all my options and that's underpaid if you rent.

*I mean IT outside of coding/programming and the heavy engineering stuff is underpaid. Programmers are well-paid but I'm not good at that.

But to be positive, Slovakia and Czechia were filled with educated people from Italy, Spain and Portugal, also Turkey and North Africa like Egypt, but mostly Portugal and Spain.

I bet it's similar in Poland. That means that Polish salaries in outsourcing are about the same as in, say, Lisbon or Athens with much lower rents and food costs, even in Krakow or Warsaw. Still, not enough to save a lot but they get a better quality of life than in Lisbon or Athens where where salaries are similar (say, 1200 Euro gross) but your rent is much higher than in Polska. If you don't have good connections in Italy, Spain, Greece or Portugal Poland is a much better choice to work.

Hopefully salaries in other sectors like healthcare and education will follow as not a teacher in Greece gets paid more than one in Poland.

As I'm done with those large outsourcing corporations, I think the best would be to do as many Poles do - work in Sweden or Germany and buy an apartment or house in Poland. I'm past the age of working somewhere just for the sake of experiencing a new place, I need to invest and I want property in Southern Poland, Madeira and maybe even in Sweden/Germany, so they only way to achieve even half of that is working in Sweden or Germany...
24 Jan 2021 #69
uni professors and teachers that prefer to go abroad to make better money.

And that's exactly what I said to a 24-year-old WUT graduate in 1966. I told him, "f*uck this place" and "get the hell out". He listened and by September he was gone. Forever.

Smart guy.

so they only way to achieve even half of that is working in Sweden or Germany...

How about getting married, having a couple of kids, and calling Sweden or Germany your home?

Trust me, it can be done and nobody in Poland will miss you.
Cargo pants
24 Jan 2021 #70
t I said to a 24-year-old WUT graduate in 1966

That was 1966 now is 2021 ,Poland has better opportunity then the developed word with not much competition until you are that red shirt mcdonald worker.
24 Jan 2021 #71
I'd love a house or apartments somewhere like Nowy Sacz or Przemysl. Rzeszow is the largest there but, well, it looks boooring.

I have friends down in Poprad Slovakia and further south in Miskolc in Hungary. It'd be great to sometimes visit them. I'd also love to be near Lwow. That's 3 foreign cultures nearby + Polish = 4 cultures. Czechia & Romania are not that far either, if they develop Via Carpathia, that's like 6 distinct cultures nearby!

A great area for traveling, hills, mountains, anything outdoors but no economy whatsoever there.

Why Poland? It's the best all-rounder in the Carpathian area imo. Unlike Ukraine it's in the EU and has better roads. Unlike Slovaks, Czechs etc. I prefer the way Poles put the stress on words, sounds more pleasant than Slavic languages where they always stress the first syllable. It's larger than Hungary and Slovakia. Less Roma people than Romania, Hungary and Slovakia.
24 Jan 2021 #72
AMEN, Crow!! Off topic for sure, but simply read those oft quoted lines from a once popular American verse: *Laugh and the world laughs with you, weep and you weep alone. This dear old Earth must borrow her mirth, she's troubles enough of her own."
OP Crow
24 Jan 2021 #73
So truth. Thanks, Lyzko.
2 Apr 2021 #75
and the metro movement.

Metro movement is just a fashion which can be replaced by another fashion, e.g., lumberjack one. So, you shouldn`t worry about it coz as a fashion it is harmless - it only adds spice and variety into people`s lives which are monotonous in most cases.
2 Apr 2021 #76
just a fashion

Fashion - ugliness that is so aesthetically offensive that it has to be changed every few months.....
OP Crow
13 Feb 2022 #77
Just read. Madness in France. Police violence
14 Feb 2022 #78
And insanity like this one...From

The Tik-Tok migrants: Tunisian influencers film their illegal immigration to Europe on a packed dinghy - then post boasting images of their spending sprees, BMW rides and trips to the Eiffel Tower

As I already said, the stupidest thing anyone can do is enlist and die for his country when that country has open borders and actually assists the foreign scum the way the US and Western Europe do. Only driving a nail into your own head with a power tool is more moronic.

Or jumping from the Golden Gate bridge to test the law of gravity. That's how stupid signing up is.

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