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The typical Polish look, or all Eastern Europeans

5 Dec 2018  #391
For me, after more experiences traveling, the main difference I see between Poles, and other Slavs is Poles have eyes that slant upward. Poles also look more German than other slavs especially in the Poznan area. There, it can be hard to tell (in my opinion), who is Polish in comparison to Germany, unless you look at the shape of their eyes, and their hairline. I've also seen Poles with reddish hair. The stereotype of poles loosing their hair early is true. In fact since my earlier posts my hair has been pushing back more and more, and I probably won't have hair by 25 lol.
Poleboy766 - | 4    
5 Dec 2018  #392
I also have examples of the Polish look, these are some of my family members

Lyzko 17 | 5,476    
  5 Dec 2018  #393
The right picture might well be of two highly assimilated Polish urban Jews, most likely from the upper-middle classes. The one on the left could be German as well:-) German males often tend to have less oval-shaped and slightly squarer-looking faces, broader jawline.

The photograph even looks a little like the composer Hindemith:-)
Poleboy766 - | 4    
  6 Dec 2018  #394
Lyzko, The man on the left is my great grandfather(from Debno and Krakow), the man on the right is my great uncle(from Krakow) with my great aunt in law. You're right, I just looked up Hidemith and he does resemble him.
Lyzko 17 | 5,476    
6 Dec 2018  #395
Obviously of partially German origin:-)
Poleboy766 - | 4    
6 Dec 2018  #396
Hmm. Could be I guess. This is my great grandmother and my grandfather.

Lyzko 17 | 5,476    
6 Dec 2018  #397
With little difficulty on my end might be (mis-)taken for ethnic Germans.
Lyzko 17 | 5,476    
6 Dec 2018  #399
Like I say, ethnically German.
Vlad1234 10 | 379    
  6 Dec 2018  #400
Traditionally slavic peoples were darker (slight amount - fair-light olive skin

Very uncommon.

The portraits of German rulers who preceded Hitler.

Paul von Hindenburg both old and young.

Freidrich Eibert

Wilhelm II

Frederick III
Lyzko 17 | 5,476    
6 Dec 2018  #401
Quite, Vlad!

Olive complexion in my years of having lived and traveled throughout Germany pre-globalization indicates possible admixture with Southern Europeans.
"Ethnic" Germans often may have dark to blue-black hair, occasionally brown or dark-brown eye color, but the features remain typically straight rather than rounded, and the skin usually is fair. When I've encountered German natives with a touch of swarthy or olive complexion, in nearly every case, they were of at least part Italian, Spanish or Greek heritage:-)
Czarne - | 4    
21 Jan 2019  #402
Eastern Europe is very diverse due to centuries of different admixtures and migrations. Common Polish looks (if you are interested in anthropology) are most commonly Gorid or Baltid types, but there are many mixed versions of these types or others there.
Vlad1234 10 | 379    
2 days ago  #403
Common Polish looks (if you are interested in anthropology) are most commonly Gorid or Baltid types

As well as in Ukraine. Pontid /Medeteranid and some Nordic features are also fairly common in Ukraine. However, Carpathid and Dinarid are more common in Poland and across border with Ukraine, I think.

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