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Trying to trace the family Rzymski

2 Mar 2014 #1
Trying to trace the family Rzymski. My father Jan was born 1927 in the village of Szczutowo. Any help would be grate full. Thanks
gask7 - | 50
5 Mar 2014 #2
There is more than one village with this name. You should know something more about this place.
Is it maybe Szczutowo around Sierpc.
I lived same years ago nearby Szczutowo. Not far than 5 km.
But I've never heard about anyone with such surname.
If would be the same village I can ask someone from there.

Have you been there - Szczutowo, Poland:

Wooden parish church . St. . Mary Magdalene in Poland

Szczutowo is a town commune located approximately 12 kilometers north- west of Sierpiec . The first church was built in Szczutowie in the fifteenth century . In 1695 . Was made unspecified repairs. In the description of 1739 . 's Condition was defined as neglected . The current church was built probably in the second half of the eighteenth century . In 1820 . Was renovated and in 1870 . Reconstruction . In the years 1963 to 1964 were the restaurant of the church.

Temple wood of larch carcass construction , set on a stone foundation . Timbered , with walls reinforced lisicami . Oriented church nave , founded on a rectangular plan , with a dedicated , straight closed lower chancel. To the north wall of the chancel porch adjacent to the southern sacristy , together with the whole forming the shape of a T. From the west, there is a second entrance hall , narrower than the nave .

About Waleria Rzymska in Poland.
OP rzymski
8 Mar 2014 #3
It is the village Szczutowo between Rypin and Sierpc.

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