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Trying to trace Lysunio family from Medinice - Now in Ukraine.

chriskudla 1 | 1
3 Jan 2011 #1
I would like to try and trace family from Medinice. My mother was born there in 1926. Her name is Czeslawa Lysunio. Her mother's family came from the same area and her mother's name was Helena Obstafinska. She was born in about 1904. My mother and her familiy moved to Chodorow and lived there until they was taken by the Soviet Army as prisoners of war. My grandfather Francis Lysunio was in the Polish Army but he went missing and was never found.

I have a copy of my mother's birth certificate ( it's in Latin so it may be a baptism certificate)

Any help or pointers would be appreaciated.
Ksysia 25 | 430
4 Jan 2011 #2

'I have manafged to track down the Lysunio family I was looking
for.Thanks to those who gave help.Amazingly Helena Lysunio is still
alive and 100 years old this year. I plan to visit her very soon. her
daughter is e mailing me her personal story.'
OP chriskudla 1 | 1
4 Jan 2011 #3

Helena Lysunio has since died and her daughter is my mother. I am trying to see if I can trace any of the other family members of my grandmother Helean Lysuni nee Ostafinska.

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