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Trying to trace the Krych family

KoloJoe 1 | -
24 Apr 2016 #1
We are trying to trace the family of my father (Jozef Krych) who was born in or around Koscielec near Kolo on the 07/11/1909. His father was name Wladyslaw and his mother was Katarzyna (maiden name Jocowna). He had two sisters Anastazja and Wlasdyslawa and a brother Andrzej.

In 1929 he left Poland to work I the mines in France and Belgium. From his Military files for the Polish Army in the UK, he had been involved in the International Brigade sometime between 1937 and 38 before being interned in France in 1939 and 1940. He turned up in Algiers in 1943 and appears to have been in Camps in Algeria. If anyone could inform us of this person, or add to the story so far, we would greatly appreciate it.

  • Internment camp possibly France or Algeria

  • Internment camp possibly France or Algeria
PolishAttorney - | 4
12 May 2016 #2
Try to search for some information here: - if you're lucky you'll find them. If you don't speak Polish just change the language to English - if you wan to do it click on ''POLSKI"

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