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Polish surname Gil. My ancestors were from the town of Widelka.

18 Nov 2007 #1
Does anyone know anything about the last name Gil? My ancestors were from the town of Widelka.
25 Nov 2007 #2
I'd be interested in knowing more as well as our family name is Gil and they were originally from Widelka and eventually moved to Center Rutland, VT.
beckski 12 | 1,611
25 Nov 2007 #3
Does anyone know anything about the last name Gil?

Was your last name possibly shortened? In the United States, Gil is usually either a Latino or Asian surname.
25 Nov 2007 #4
No, the name is from Widelka.

There's probably a good chance that we might be related, Widelka is still very small, (I was there with my brother three years ago) and managed to snatch a phone book from the area and there were still some Gils left.
25 Nov 2007 #5
Widełka is included in the Kołbuszowa Region Research Group (KRRG). To search for family links and learn more about it, visit the Kołbuszowa Region Research Group (KRRG).
13 Dec 2007 #6
Beckski - Thanks...our name too is originally "Gil" -- best I can figure it is that while it is a Spanish spelling I know from history class that the Spanish Jews were forced out of Spain during the inquisition and settled for the most part in Poland and that Widelka has some links to a Jewish Shtetl. Plus my own family background has Jewish roots -- so we always figured that it came out of that...

Lecount1973 -- would be interested in knowing more about Widelka. My mom recently sent my great aunt the Ellis Island pages we've been able to find and I'd love to know more...
Piorun - | 655
13 Dec 2007 #7
You may want to contact her she has done some research on Gil from Widelka
Frequent surnames in records - Iwona Dakiniewicz
When you scroll down you will see Gil name in town of Widelka
21 Jan 2008 #8
Piorun -

I tried looking for her website, but repeatedly get a 404 error saying it can't be found...

Here's what I have so far on my tree though:

Karol Gil -- b 4 November 1879 in Widelka -- came through Ellis Island in June 1904.
Son of Sebastian Gil ("an army man") and his wife, Sophia Plizga (no other information)

Married on 30 June 1902 in Widelka to Helena Krasia. Helena was born in Widelka on 6 April 1880 to Peter Krasia and Mary Ann Rus. She came through Ellis Island in December 1906. She had two sisters: Agate Faryniarz and Rose Walczukand apparently a brother named Lukas.

Don't know if that helps anyone out or not...but it's all the information I have at the moment.

Krzysztof 2 | 973
22 Jan 2008 #9
I can't help with genealogy, but here are the Polish versions of the names you mentioned (just in case you need them when searching Polish archives records):

Peter - Piotr
Mary Ann - Marianna (but 100 years ago different spellings were possible, I guess, like Maryjanna, or she simply had two given names Maria Anna)
Agate - Agata
Rose - Róża
Lukas - £ukasz
Sophia - Zofia

the surname Gil exists in Poland not only in Widełka


it's Kolbuszowa
8 Feb 2008 #10
I was born in Kolbuszowa, which is close to Widelka. My last name is Gil.
Piorun - | 655
8 Feb 2008 #11
mysterychix - Iwona Dakiniewicz, a Polish researcher affiliated with the Polish Genealogical Society of America, who researched the Widelka parish records and Gil family. You might want to contact them or visit Ptak family page. She did some research for them so if you e-mail them they might be able to tell you how to get in contact with her.

Cetnarski and Ptak Family Page

Polish Genealogical Society of America
email -
10 Feb 2008 #12
Anything you can tell us about your last name?
Seanus 15 | 19,669
10 Feb 2008 #13
I might be teaching an Ania Gil soon. I've taught her once but she wants to be a regular student at the company where I teach. I could ask her.
16 Feb 2008 #14
Thanks, anything about the name would help. dziekuje bardzo!
Seanus 15 | 19,669
16 Feb 2008 #15
Still waiting on this one but I'll remember the name, Widelka
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,146
16 Feb 2008 #16
Gil is a kind of bird - #2.
17 Feb 2008 #17
Piorun - Many thanks! Every time I try and track down Iwona's page via PGSA I come up with a 404 error that says the page can't be found...I've just about given up so that lead through the PTAK page might actually help me find her.

I will e-mail the PGSA at the address you provided as well and see what more they can tell me. We do still have family in Widelka (found that out from my great-aunt) so am also trying to reach out to them and contact them and see what more they may be able to tell me.

Seanus 15 | 19,669
25 Feb 2008 #18
Do u still need to know lecount 1973? I taught Ania Gil last Fri and will be teaching her again this Fri
2 Mar 2008 #19
Yes, any information would be greatly appreciated.
Seanus 15 | 19,669
2 Mar 2008 #20
OK, I'll ask her this Friday
slav - | 2
3 Mar 2008 #21
I have family with that name 16 miles northwest of Kraków
Seanus 15 | 19,669
2 Jun 2008 #22
Hi lecount, I'll teach her on Friday. Any specific questions or do u know enough?
3 Jun 2008 #23
just any information her family name would be great!
randompal 7 | 306
3 Jun 2008 #24
Gil is a kind of bird - #2.

it also means booger
espana 17 | 948
4 Jun 2008 #25
MR GIL Y GIL ..this guy was the president of the Atlético Madrid and served as a mayor of Marbella
no polish but ...why not? you can ask his son for some money , they have a lot
16 Feb 2009 #26
Just wondering if anyone has any more information on the last name Gil, or the town (Village) of Widelka. Specifically - Ewa Gil - Born 1895 Widelka, Galicia, Poland

- had a cousin Marya Gil aged 42 in 1913
Any information would be welcome. Thanks
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,146
16 Feb 2009 #27
town (Village) of Widelka.

Population 2200, located in the Subcarpathian voivodship, county kolbuszowski.
Seanus 15 | 19,669
16 Feb 2009 #28
Try Ania Gil who works at Isover in Gliwice. She may be able to tell you something.
eddygil - | 1
17 Apr 2009 #29
The surname Gil is very well known in Spain. My last name is Gil. My grandparent with surname Gil was born in the Canary Islands, Spain.
28 Apr 2009 #30
hey there...

well believe it or not...

MY last name is Gil

and im Mexican-American.....

from what i found out....

the last name GIL

came from somewhere in Spain in the mid 4th century.....

it began as GILL
then was shortend....

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