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Polish surname Gil. My ancestors were from the town of Widelka.

6 Jul 2009  #31

well my grandmother's name is Blanca Gil Gil.. her father and mother were not related. she has roots from spain but she was born and raised in Colombia southamerica.

Polonius3 1,016 | 12,530    
21 Jul 2009  #32

The surname Gil has a different etymology depending on the language it is in:
גִיל (Hebrew) Gil means joy or happiness
English Gil is derived from the Christian name Giles (which in Polish BTW is Idzi)
Spanish (pronounced: heel) & Portuguese (zheel) Gil is also from that first name
Polish Gil = a bullfinch, a small yellow bird whose Polish name probably derives from the Latin word for yellow gilvus (whence the Germans got gelb/yellow).
22 Aug 2009  #33

This is all so interesting, lately I've been trying to find out more about my last name since a lot of people have been popping up with my last name and we aren't in any obvious way related. My last name is Gil and I'm Dominican-American (that is my father's side is from Dominican Republic)

As far as I know this last name isn't too common In the Island but there are quite a bit of people with this last name and they mainly reside in the same towns (which happen to be near each other)
30 Aug 2009  #34

Gil comes mostly from the Cantabria region, from Santander. I know of relatives starting with Manuel Gil y Sanchez who came from there and married a Puerto Rican woman in Aibonito, Puerto Rico named Juan Rivera Gonzalez. Her family came from Law Piedras and from Coamo, towns in Puerto Rico. They had about 10 children. Several who became professional and their descendants are in San Juan and New York, possibly New Orleans.
yehudi 1 | 434    
31 Aug 2009  #35

I know from history class that the Spanish Jews were forced out of Spain during the inquisition and settled for the most part in Poland

Not quite right. Most Jews expelled from Spain settled in Mediterranean countries like Turkey, Italy and North Africa. Some, but not many, did go to Poland, to Zamość in particular. IL Peretz, the author, was a descendent of Spanish Jews.

But the name Gil might have a Jewish connection anyway. Gil is a relatively common name in Israel. In Hebrew it means "joy". On the other hand, it's not particularly common among Jews from Poland. So you should probably go with one of the other theories.
AleksandraK - | 2    
7 Oct 2009  #36

I have some information about Gil family from Chabówka (parish Rabka Zdrój)
As far as the research went Gil’s family nest is in Rabka parish. Kolbuszowa is about 200 km from Rabka. Kind of far, but in the old times people were also traveling and settled in a new places. The oldest Gil I know about is Michal Gil born ab.1774, he married Barbara Banaś.

Let me know if you find out that there is a possibility that your Gil line is connected with Rabka line. I can contact you with living relatives in Poland and in USA.

11 Oct 2009  #37

Yes, any info would be great!

Ewa Gil - Born 1895 Widelka, Galicia, Poland
- had a cousin Marya Gil aged 42 in 1913

Ewa Gil married Szymon Cieryt who was born 1885 Luchow Gorny

mbelanger - | 5    
21 Nov 2009  #38

In lny.Biały Dunajek I met a Mrs. Gil who has ties to Gal family in Glitzarow Dołny not far from Zakopane.KATHERINE Gil was married to Frank Gał; she was born in 1872 and died in 1909 at Gliczarow Do
30 Nov 2009  #39

Hello Eddy.

My brother's name is also Edward. Anyway, I had not even considered there were any Gils in Poland. I was born in Cuba as was my immediate family. I do not know much about my ancestry, except that my paternal grandfather's (from where this surname stems for me) family immigrated to Cuba from Spain at some point. I do know that my maternal great-grandparents came from the Canary Islands (surnames Pelaez, Martin, Villalba).

30 Nov 2009  #40

My Grandmother's maiden mane was Maria Gil, born in Kolbuszowa in 1905.
30 Nov 2009  #41

What else do you know about her family? We might be related perhaps, as Widelka is right by Kolbuszowa? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
dtaylor5632 18 | 2,011    
30 Nov 2009  #42

Is there any connection between the Gil's of kolbuszowa and the family Gul from the same area?
5 Dec 2009  #43

Her sister Aniela Gil is still alive (97 years old). I will call there this weekend and find out more.
7 Dec 2009  #44

Thank you so much, can't wait to here what she says....
7 Dec 2009  #45

I found out that my my Grandmother's parents came from Wola Ranizowska which is 10 km from Kolbuszowa, which in turn is 17 km from Widelka. I asked my aunt to do a little more research for me. I also plan on traveling to Poland around Easter.
30 Dec 2009  #46

Hello to all the GILs of the world.

My last name is GIL and I live in the US but my family is from El Salvador. I know that the last name GIL is not very common in that country but I have learned that the last name GIL is from Spain.

It really surprises me that there are GILs in Poland. That is awesome!!!! Well, guys have a very happy new year full of blessings. ENJOY!!!
caprice49 4 | 223    
31 Dec 2009  #47

came from Wola Ranizowska

You'll find a bit of history on this:-

This village came into existence in 14th century and was first known as Doblowa. You will find there is a specific dialect spoken in that region.

Have a good holiday in Poland.
5 Jan 2010  #48

My last name is Gil

and I am Mexican-American an it was my understanding the last name GIL

came from Spain in the mid 4th century. In California there is alot of GIL.

This is nice to know that we are evrywhere and not alone.
ZIMMY 7 | 1,607    
5 Jan 2010  #49

Everyone with the last name of Gil is hereby granted Polish ancestry no matter where they originate from - it is so decreed!
Trevek 26 | 1,704    
5 Jan 2010  #50

the surname Gil exists in Poland not only in Widełka

I had a teenage student in Olsztyn whose name was Gil. I think she's moved away to study. If I hear from her I'll ask about her family.
Gil as well    
23 Feb 2010  #51

My last name is Giron, my grandfather was Giron Gil, we are from Guatemala. I do believe our last name Gil is Jewish, I was just watching a documentary about the Syrian and Israeli war and one of the generals who fought there looked physically similar to my uncle, this same uncle went to Israel many years ago and they told him that he looked a lot like a Jew. Anyway I would like to know if we are Hebrew descendants as in our case our line should be not too far to be found. My grandmother was Lucia Gil De Leon and his father should have been the one to look for. I do not have any information regarding our genealogical tree from that side of the family but I will do some research.My grandfather was born in 1921 which means that his mother was born in the 1900's. Either way her father came (my great grandfather) in the 1900's to Guatemala as a child or as a son of immigrants. I live in Canada since 2000.

There are about 400 Jewish families in Guatemala.
Best wishes to all of you..

Polonius3 1,016 | 12,530    
23 Feb 2010  #52

GIL: this enigmatic name means bullfinch (scientific name: Pyrrhula pyrrhula) in Polish. It seems Czechs calls the small songbird similarly (hyl). In other languages it ranges widely: camachuelo (Spanish), bouvreuil (French), ciuffolotto (Italian), Gimpel (German),

снигир (Russian). Perhaps it came into Polish from Latin (gilvus=yellow) via Old German (gehl=yellow; modern German=gelb).
Trevek 26 | 1,704    
11 Mar 2010  #53

My wife has been watching a Russian singer called Edward Hill (Eduard Khil) on Youtube. Apparently he thinks his name is derived from the Spanish name Gil
29 Mar 2010  #54

My last name is also Gil and we are from Guatemala. Apparently the last name is from Cataluna Spain. You can visit Las Arcas de los Idalgos, where the name is listed. I met a guy from Poland with the last name Gil in Wisconsin. So,I guess at least one of us went to Poland. We get around! Don't we!?

Hi Francisco, I'm Gil Giron. From Guatemala. Do you have any Family in Izabal or Amatitlan?

13 Apr 2010  #55

wow! my grandfather on my mothers side was also a Gil. He was from Cuba and his family had moved there from Spain. He eventually went to Mexico and we never really knew much about his background.
13 Apr 2010  #56

wow! my grandfather on my mothers side was also a Gil. He was from Cuba and his family had moved there from Spain. He eventually went to Mexico and we never really knew much about his background.
6 Jul 2010  #57


My great Grandfathers last name was Gil...Manuel Gil from Spain...He had four children with my great grandmother, last name Paulino in the Dominican Republic and legend has it, my grandfather has about 100 siblings in the island from his fathers side.
Polonius3 1,016 | 12,530    
6 Jul 2010  #58

Spanish Gil and Polish Gil are a freak of coincidence. Neither are related to the other.
Another example is the root dur- means somethign entriely different in various languages:
In Enlglish and Latin-dervied tongues inclduign Psanish: strength, endurance, durability
In German (with an umlaut): something dry, parched or withered
In Polish and other Slavonic lingos: foolish, stupid, imbecilic (durak, dureń, durnocie)
22 Feb 2011  #59

Actually Gil is a very typical name from Catalonia, i.e. an autonomous region in Spain.
29 Mar 2011  #60

Have you seen this article? It says some of the Mexican Gil derived from Ireland, shortened for Gill. See link

" All over Mexico they are still honored with great ceremony twice a year: on March 17, St. Patrick’s Day; and on September 12, the day before the majority of those captured were ignominiously executed. Even some Mexican surnames, and names of streets and towns, are derived from Irish names. For example, the Mexican surname Gil (pronounced “heel”) is derived from the Irish surname Gill. Obregón is the Mexican version of O’Brian. Sonora has its Ciudád Obregón. "

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