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Polish surname Gil. My ancestors were from the town of Widelka.

26 May 2011  #61

My name is Guido Gil, born 1953 in Bad Aibling - Germany, where my father Josef Gil, landed after WW2 as a POW. He could not return to his home, because Germans had to leave the State of Czechoslovakia generally after Nazi-cruelties. Perhaps there could be a connection to your family history.

Biography: born 16. Nov. 1911 in Freistadt/Teschen, in this time a part of Austria-Hungary like Widelka/Galicia. The name of his father: Franz Gil and his grandfather: Johann Gil. Do not disturb in german first names and places, it is only a relic of history. I have certificates of his genealogy also in polish language ( Metryka urodzenia i chrztu ), but I am sorry to do not speak or understand polish or czech language (only english with mistakes ). The population in 1911 was a mix of czech, polish, german and jewish ( mix slang language pomashem!?) and almost nobody anticipates the holocaust of later times. Perhaps not a paradise free of ethnic conficts, but no matter of future reality.

My father died in 1978 and most of his family roots are a secret for me, because iron curtain interrupted most contacts. I can only tell some known names of his genealogy:

Margaretha Bajger ( mother ), Marianna Maroszczyk ( grandmother ), Franz Bajger, Josefa Btanik, Mateusz Btanik, Marianna Sosna.
Perhaps you know anything you can contact me: email
Greetings from Munich
Guido Gil

14 Jan 2012  #62

Hello everyone,
Gil is my last name. My grandfather and great grandfather were from Canary Islands, Spain.
The Gils seem to be big family.

Happy New Year to all!
27 Feb 2014  #63

Hi, my last name is Gil also, my great gran father and his brother came from El Salvador and established themselves in Guatemala. His name was Victor Gil. Could our ancestors be related?
19 Dec 2014  #64

Hello my name is juan gil and I live in the states, and have blood ties with both spain and ireland where my name is called mcgill.
Polonius3 1,016 | 12,530    
20 Dec 2014  #65

GIL: This is the Polish word for bullfinch, a brightly coloured songbird (in Spanish camachuelo) and it is laso a common surname. Gil is also a common surname in Spanish-speaking countries but it is unconnected to the Polish name. Since your ancestors came from Poland, the former would hold true in your case.

Does anyone in the Hispanic world have a surname like Camachuelo?
Juan, where in the States do you live?
11 Mar 2015  #66

Hi my name is Julio Gil I live in the United States but was originally born in Mexico . My father moved to Mexico from El Salvador but that's as far as I can trace my lineage back since I'm not able to travel to El Salvador to dig deeper. I have read that surname Gil is Spanish of Catalonia region. Also read that it is registered in Spain as of Jewish origins . As many converted to Catholicism during the Spanish Inquisition .
14 Jun 2016  #67

My great grandmother's name was Marianna Gil and she was baptized in Nagoszyn Poland in the 1880's. Does anyone have any relatives named Fil from that area just outside of Debica? Thanks
21 Sep 2016  #68

Hello my name is Juan Felipe Gil , I'm from Bogota, Colombia , also sought traces of the origin of the name but when appearing in my country are not many, and there is very little information my father is Juan Carlos Gil and my grandfather is Jose Libardo Gil
Gil2017 - | 1    
22 Nov 2016  #69

The last name 'Gil' is a Sephardic Jewish last name. With the expulsion of the Jews from Spain, Poland became the recognized haven for jews exiles and that is how the last name Gil ended up in Poland. If you try and research Gil - surname Lastname Sephardic Jewish will find plenty more information.

Many 'Gil' families just converted and stayed in Spain later emigrating to other parts of Spain and other countries.

Since it is a very common last name from Galicia, Spain it also makes sense that many people in America also have this last name as there was a significant Galician emigration to other parts, South America has the largest number of people of Galician descent outside of Spain
3 Mar 2018  #70

hi, my name is Gil and my father came over to England from Poland during WW2
walter Duda    
4 May 2018  #71

My name is Walter Duda the last surviving male son of 5, father was either Albert or Joseph Duda from Widelka Poland Disparity in names is because he used a younger brother's name to enter states prior to WW1. I have no history of my grandparents or any other relatives from this particular Duda family. I am curious about my ancestors and whether they survived the war. My father entered the states around 1907 to 1909. and resided in the state of Vermont as a farmer.

Home / Genealogy / Polish surname Gil. My ancestors were from the town of Widelka.
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