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Are Silesians people German/Germanic?

Crow 133 | 5,623    
5 Jan 2017  #121

as ridiculous as making the whole world Celtic:-)

I agree with you on this. Who make the whole world Celtic?

Crow would make the whole of Europe Slavic

No, I talking about past of Europe. It was in past. See, present belong to western Europeans while that same western Europe doing its best future of Europe to belong to Arabs.

NoToForeigners 7 | 707    
5 Jan 2017  #122

I often wonder what his agenda is about. Everyday he tries to convince others that Poland isn't what she really is. He's like KOD that got exposed today by onet. Kijowski was transferring money donated by naive KOD supporters onto his company account. Petru having a great holiday in Portugal along with his lover while KODers spent Christmas occupying Sejm. Ahahahah. It's so funny my sphincter barely holds it :)))
smurf 39 | 2,011    
5 Jan 2017  #123

See, Celts, Gauls, Thracians, Dacians, Scythians, Iliryans, etc, etc, all were Sarmatians

We all are immigrants ;)
Crow 133 | 5,623    
5 Jan 2017  #124

Yes, we are migrants in our own realm.
Ziemowit 8 | 2,405    
5 Jan 2017  #125

Does 'Zermatt', the name of a Swiss town, originate from the name 'Sarmat'? Just asking ...
DominicB - | 1,879    
5 Jan 2017  #126


Of course not. It comes from the phrase "zur Matte", which means "at the meadow".
Crow 133 | 5,623    
5 Jan 2017  #127

Does 'Zermatt', the name of a Swiss town, originate from the name 'Sarmat'? Just asking ...

You also have region Zerbst in eastern Germany. Russian Empress Kathrine the Great was Princess of Anhalt Zerbs and she herself pretty much clarified things by insisting on her Lusatian Serbian (not Sorbian, because Lusatians themselves call Serbs; Sorb itself is foreign given/pronounceable form) origin. So, if we then accept linguistic explanation that Serbian ethnic name actually represent form of original Sarmatian ethnic name, there comes answer on your question.

Just, same as in case with name of Serbs/Sorbe where `Sorbs` represent foreign form because foreigners were unable to pronounce native `Srbi` or `Serbya`, ethnic name of Sarmatians is foreign given form of native Serbian name. Meaning, Serbians are last Slavs who still using once universal name of all Slavs- Sarmatian/Serbian name.

Good news for all Slavs is that states begins to end era of silent ignorance of Slavic antiquity. Officially given statement of Israeli PM Netanyahu about Jewish-Serbian contacts from time of Roman Republic could point solely on Sarmatian-Jewish contacts. So, Polish Sarmatism wasn`t influenced by some Iranians as Anglo-Germanic historical schools want`s to convince us. No, Sarmatism was cultural movement initiated from within because Poles preserved memory on their Sarmatian origin. In other words, if Jews in time of Roman Republic (in time BC) had contact with Serbians (Sarmatians) whom they considered to be natives of their lands, Poles as Sarmatians themselves are also natives to their lands.

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