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Does anyone have any relatives who served with 1st Polish Armoured Division (Gen. Maczek)

17 Apr 2014 #211
Merged: Polish 1st armoured Division 70th Anniversary events?

Hello everyone. My dad ( Stanislaw Seretny) who is now 91 served with The Polish 1st Armoured Division under General Maczek. Does anyone know of any 70th Anniversary events either in England or Breda or anywhere else. Thanks Paul
13 May 2014 #212
My father was in the 1st Polish Armoured Division. His name was Stanislaw Artymiuk and he was a Lance Corporal in the 1st Field Park Squadron. He was in Scotland as well and was demobbed in 1947.
sapper886 - | 3
14 May 2014 #213
There used to be a Polish 1st Armoured div association in Edinburgh run by Mr Tadek Apfel Czaszka, I have lost the address but perhaps someone on this forum has it or knows who succeeded him. I last had help from him in the late 1970s. Regards Frank
Wyliny79 - | 1
1 Jun 2014 #214
I am amazed to see this!!! My father is in the first picture posted above. He is the soldier reclining in the is Stanislaw Litewiak. Would appreciate any info on the photo or others... post by McCoy years ago. Learning how to use the forum.
sapper886 - | 3
1 Jun 2014 #215
Where are the photos you are referring to ? I cannot see any photos on this page of the thread? Frank
S.W. Bednarski
6 Jun 2014 #216
Further to previous postings regarding my father Stanislaw W. ex Officer of the famous Polish 10th Mounted Rifles Regiment. My father passed away on 24th of April, 2014. It was very quick, and the way he would have wanted it to be. To the end he was one of the 'old school'. A Polish gentleman, well educated, with such a clear concept of right and wrong. He was always amazed he got to 93 years of age, with his mind perfect! Especially after being shot through the jaw by a German sniper, at the battle of the Falais Gap. As many may well know he was one of the 'Black Devils', and held the Cross of Valour, amongst many other awards. To the end his regiment still kept in touch with him a couple of times a year. Found lots of old pictures of his tanks, regiment, people, and other pictures relating to action seen in Europe during the war years. Dad never took British nationality, remained Polish till his last breath. ..........Michal (his son).

My father Stanislaw W. Bednarski of the Polish 10th Mounted Rifles, also fought in France initially. He passed away on the 24th of April 2014. He used to say as France was falling, they were going North to fight the the French were retreating South as fast as they could! There are other posts relating to my father on this Forum.
6 Jun 2014 #217
Today being D day I was finally prompted to do a little research on my father. He is 88 next week and so was just 17 at the time. As a result, he did not take part in D day or any subsequent action. His name, Andre (Adam) Szczepanek. He was born in France to Polish parents and walked from Paris to Spain to escape from occupied France. He is still alive and very much kicking but never talks of his experiences. It was only 3 years ago that myself , and my mother, learnt how he got out of France. I would be very grateful if anyone who has any advice on how to find out information.
Siwy - | 1
12 Jun 2014 #218

My grandfather served I the 1st (Capt. Alekandar Siwy) he met my grandmother in Scotland. Any photos would be greatly appreciated! He is 96 now. My email is andrew_siwy@hotmail

I hope you get this message.

4 Aug 2014 #219
I M looking for info on my grandad mieczyslaw karpinski he came to england after the war and that is all I know his birth date was

he was born in april 1910
gilles lapers
6 Aug 2014 #220
To Peter, I have a similar picture (this one with sportmens) , it was in Scotland, no more localisation.
You can contact me on

GILLES - | 6
6 Aug 2014 #221

Please find here join my blog about the polish great father of my wife.

Best regards
John250 - | 3
15 Aug 2014 #222
My dad, Stanislaw Kowalski, served with 1st Polish Armoured Division. He said that he went to Romania before going on to serve in France before going to Scotland. I have recently contacted the French Military Archive and still have not heard back from them. Has anyone tried to obtain military records form them? Have also contacted the Central Polish Military Archive, they could not find any record of him as well but their records are incomplete. Has anyone tried to contact them about getting records.
OP Peter 3 | 247
23 Aug 2014 #223
My dad, Stanislaw Kowalski, served with 1st Polish Armoured Division. He said that he went to Romania before going on to serve in France before going to Scotland.

Sounds like your father used the same route as did my father.
John250 - | 3
24 Aug 2014 #224
Sounds like your father used the same route as did my father.

My father was with the 10 Mounted Rifles from 1940 to 1942, so this is the unit he was probably serving with when he left Poland for Romania. The story he told about getting to France was that they removed their uniforms and went to an embassy and were given money but the rest of it he did not say. Not sure how he got to France but he was there before departing for the UK and Scotland. Have his army record from the MOD in the UK. He was also in the Sappers prior to the 10 Mounted Rifles. Have you ever tried to get your father's records from the Polish Central Archive or the French Military Archive? Mine is being investigated by the Polish archive and still have not heard back from the French archive.
OP Peter 3 | 247
24 Aug 2014 #225
My father was with the 24th Lancers. He went through Romania, then Greece and then France before being evacuated to Liverpool. I've never tried the Polish Central Archives, it may be worthwhile trying them.
John250 - | 3
25 Aug 2014 #226
They told me that they do not have all of their records but it is is still worth a try.
Pjotr Rycek
21 Sep 2014 #227
Merged: Who knew Jan Rycek serving in the 1st armoured Polish Division of Gen. Mazcek.

Dear all,

As son of Jan Rycek and as my father past away I wonder if some of you knew him when leaving the Lwow region in1939 escaping to France and Scotland and serving in the 1st armoured Polish Division of Gen. Mazcek.

Any information or pictures are welcome !

Pierre Rycek
3 Oct 2014 #228
My Grandfather Jozef Skrzypek was in the 1st Armoured Division
OP Peter 3 | 247
4 Oct 2014 #229
To be more accurate, Jozef Skrzypek was part of the 24th Pulk Ulanow (24th Lancers), same regiment as my father.
20 Oct 2014 #230
My father-in law Wac£aw Engelhardt 1st armoured Polish Division of Gen. Mazcek.
he settled in Abercynon South Wales (uk) have photos of Gen Mazcek visiting in the 1950s
how can I find out his war record sadly my father-in-law has passed away
29 Oct 2014 #231
I've only just found this thread (October 2014). My father was Michał Bardzki, born in Kielce and ended up in Scotland via all sorts of 'adventures'. There is a lot of info here to look at.

I have a copy of a magazine from the Szkoła Podchorążych Artyleri from 1945. It has a long list of names at the back of men who took part in this. Anyone interested I can take a copy perhaps? Other people with my father include Tadeusz Leżon, Hubert Radomski, Rudolf Hudalski. The officer in charge was Major Borys Godunow (really!).
El Loco1967 - | 1
9 Dec 2014 #232
I am doing some historical research about the Traffic Control Squad, a small unit which served inside the 1st Polish Armoured Division in WW2. I wonder if good photos (in color) exist which show their equipment and unit insignia.

I live in the Provence Drenthe, Holland where the 1st Polish Armoured Division made its advance in april 1945. A monument is still at Emmen. Here are some of my photos showing the commemoration this past Spring.

I saw some members here at the forums who had relatives in this Squad but a new member like myself is not able to contact them directly yet. Member fadows0773, if you read this could you please drop me a PM?

Best regards,

André Jans

Hi Martin, fadows0773,

Could you please send me an email or PM? I like to learn more about the TCS and your father.

Cheers, André
gilles lapers
17 Dec 2014 #233
To summer168

APC Polish Enquiries
Ministry of Defence
Building 28 B
RAF Northolt
Westend Rd.
Ruislip HA4 6NG
Tel No 0208 8338603

Interested to see yours pictures of General Maczek .
please email-me at

14 Jan 2015 #234

My father was Cprl Bronislw Gabrek and he served with the 1 Polish Armored Dividion under General Maczek (and M.G. Coy?). My father passed away in 2004 but wrote stories which I am putting into a book for his grandchildren. My father escaped through Hungary, Italy and onto France where he went to Scotland. He arrived in Liverpool and went to Glasgow, Douglas, Biggar and Perth. On D-Day he was with the motorcycle dispatch group but was moved to supply truck driver and constantly on the front lines. Any information I can find would be useful. I plan to get in touch with the British Ministry of Defense and perhaps the Sikorsky Museaum to see who can help me track his travel after his arrival in Britain. Prior to their escape from Poland he was with the 5th Batallion Tank Corp.
28 Feb 2015 #235
How do I attach photographs?
Looker - | 1,091
28 Feb 2015 #236
You need to register if you want attach a photo.
Sue1926 - | 3
1 Mar 2015 #237
My father was sent to do forced labour when he was 12. He was made to sign the Volksliste to get his father released from prison camp. He served in Arbeitsdienst then conscripted to Wehrmacht. Captured by Americans at Metz and sent to UK. Joined Polish Army under Maczek. Like many others he was sent all over Scotland. Joined the Signal Corps. Sadly passed away in 2003. Attaching photos. If anyone can give me more information I would be so grateful.
1 Mar 2015 #238
If you look just above the box where you write your message, you will see [+] attach files.
Click on this and select 'browse' and choose your photo to upload. If it exceeds 100 kb, you will have to re-size it.
Sue1926 - | 3
1 Mar 2015 #239
Attached photos earlier but must have been too large, trying again, sorry.
May need to do this on PC rather than iPad
5 Mar 2015 #240
Grzegorz (Greg) Kucharczyk My email has changed to
My father story was published in a book (in English) 2014 year. Books name is.....
In War and In Peace Poles Who Came to West Country. Publisher by ......Anglo Polish Society Bristol and South West.
The full story was in a local paper thesday April 29 2014 (Stanislaw rescue mission in Poland )

Thank you. Grzegorz (Greg) Kucharczyk

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