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Does anyone have any relatives who served with 1st Polish Armoured Division (Gen. Maczek)

Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
7 Mar 2015 #241
KUCHARCZYK: root-word kucharz (cook), the -czyk ending is usually patronymic so it probably originated to "the cook's son".
gilles lapers
12 Apr 2015 #242
20 Jun 2015 #243
Hi There,

Yes my Father was Adam D-IER-EK and served with Gen Macek, I would be keen to learn any information that is available about my Late fathers wartime activities,

Many Thanks
Adam Dzierzek
OP Peter 3 | 247
21 Jun 2015 #244
Hi Adam,

Your father was in the same regiment as my father. He was a 2nd Lieutenant (tank commander). His name appears on the list of names dated 31 July 1944.
Sue1926 - | 3
5 Jul 2015 #245
Photos of my father based in Scotland. Sadly no longer with us. Served under Maczek.
Yorkkie - | 3
13 Aug 2015 #246
Hello I am researching my fathers history, I know he served in the first armoured division and ended with the rank of Lance Corporal. His name is Mieczyslaw Osiecki, sadly no longer with us. He didn't speak a great deal about the war period and didn't leave me with a great deal to go on. Can anyone help?
OP Peter 3 | 247
14 Aug 2015 #247

If you have his death certificate and can prove you are his next of kin (his wife will take precedence) write to:

APC Polish Enquiries
Ministry of Defence
Building 28 B
RAF Northolt
Westend Rd.
Ruislip HA4 6NG
Tel No 0208 8338603
Yorkkie - | 3
14 Aug 2015 #248
unfortunately i dont and mum is no longer with us, so I guess that stops that route
OP Peter 3 | 247
16 Aug 2015 #249
Yorkkie, where did he die? You can obtain a copy of the death certificate as well as that of your mother and use that to establish your connection to him. It will not hurt for you to write to the APC Polish Enquiries and explain how you are connected to Mieczyslaw Osiecki and what documentation you have to support this. You should get a reply from them explaining what options you have.
Yorkkie - | 3
16 Aug 2015 #250
Thanks for your help. He died in the UK so as you say I could request a copy of his death certificate.....
24 Aug 2015 #251
Anyone serve with Stanislaw Pipień? Any information would be helpful.
31 Aug 2015 #252
My father Karol Palarczyk (2nd Lieutenant) was at Lvov University and was called up to the cavalry around Stry in the Carpathians. The troop train he was on movig to the front was blown up and he went West on the advice of an old sargeant, unlike most of his group who wound up murdered in the the Katyn forest, which was the fate of most of his group of officers. He escaped through Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia and thence to France and served in the Polish forces there before taking the ship Batory to Scotland. He fought in Falaise and then onto Breda and ended up in Bremen before returning to the UK. He was with the artillery on 105mm self propelled guns. He died in 2008
13 Sep 2015 #253
Hi TonyP,

according to my information, your father ran off with my great-grandfather (John Pyszko from Pisek, Czech Republic) during transport from the train to the POW camp (prison camp). I'd heard about it a little more. In what unit he served etc. Please, do not know anything about it. Thank you
egyptophile - | 1
16 Sep 2015 #254
Would anyone have any information about my dad,Corporal Tadeusz Sorokowski who after leaving the Lwow region, went though Romania, France and on to Scotland where he became part of the 1st Polish Armoured Division. At some stage he was part of the 24th Lancers also.

Any information would be appreciated.
Lskrzypek - | 1
18 Sep 2015 #255
I'm not sure if I'm doing this right, would it be possible to gave the photos sent to my email this is for Peter #4

My father was Jozef Skrzypek 1916 - 2009. He was 93 when he passed away. He never got over WW2, it affected his whole life. So many regrets for his lost friends, devastation of his country, sadness he couldn't return to a free Poland. Although he lived his life in England with his beautiful French wife and 3 daughters, his heart was always in Poland. He was lucky enough to return to his Poland from the 1960s onwards, but always seemed to be a sadness about him. I wish I'd know about this forum when he was alive. He told us many many stories of the war and we have many photos. But I would love to know more, so if anyone knew him, or have any photos I haven't seen yet, I would love to see them.

He was a very private man, a very respectable man, and oh so tidy, who always had the radio up to his ear, listening to Polish stations. II miss him so very much x
OP Peter 3 | 247
19 Sep 2015 #256
Lskrzypek, I think you are referring to me?
9 Nov 2015 #257
My father in law Eryk Maximillian Wojciechowski served with the 1st Armoured Division Formation/ 24th Polish Armoured(L) Unit
and then joined the Polish Resettlement Corps. He was from Szopienice, Katowice. Sadly he died in December 1978 living in UK.
I am so confused as the info I have on his war record is mostly in Polish.
He was awarded a Polish medal Nadancy "Medal Wojska" poras pierwszy ??? never received. I have received his British ones.
Can anyone help with any info at all???? as to what his movements would have been during WW2
Thank you
OP Peter 3 | 247
10 Nov 2015 #258
@ roadrunner59

If you have his death certificate and can prove you are his next of kin (his wife will take precedence) write to:

APC Polish Enquiries
Ministry of Defence
Building 28 B
RAF Northolt
Westend Rd.
Ruislip HA4 6NG
Tel No 0208 8338603

They will provide you with his UK service record.
20 Dec 2015 #259
Adding a name here - my father sadly died in 1979 but I am lucky in that my mother requested and recieved a summary of his war time service from the Ministry of Defence in 1995.

I'm particularly keen to obtain/exchange photographs of the 24th Lancers in Scotland and in action in Normandy up until August 20th 1944 when he was bady wounded.

Not sure how we go about this but reply here and I'll happily exchange info by e-mail with you.

Michael Kosciukiewicz : born 9 December 1915 Stolpce ( Novogrodek) died March 1978 in Chester UK

I've seen his name mentioned in another forum for knocking out a Panther tank on the 9th August 1944 - any one know how to access the files/battle reports of the 24th Lancers?

he told me about this modestly when I was a teenager and, of course, I took no bloody notice.......

23 Jan 2016 #260
My Father came to UK in 1945 with his brothers and sisters. They settled in Manchester and he went on to live in Brighton. His name was Jan Michael Kis. But my grandfathers name was Fedorovich ? Because of my fathers alcoholiclism his was not that close to them in the latter years of his life. He passed away 20 years ago. I have been to Poland to try and find out where he was born, but only stayed for 4 days and wasn't long enough. He was born in a place called Stolpen, and his parents sold horses to the Russian army. They also came and shot both my grandparents, and marched my dad and his siblings across Prussia to a camp in Siberia. I am coming to Manchester on Monday 25th Jan 2016 for a few days to try and see his family. I visited 21 years ago and stayed with my Auntie Kasia, I think she is still alive, only I have lost or mislaid all phone numbers. My other Auntie Marias husband was in the fire brigade near Radlett. I also have two other Uncles, Michael who was living in Sittingbourne who I last saw about 35 years ago, and Peter who at one time lived in Swindon. My email is jozkis@yahoo

I really would like to know more before I get to old, especially why the family name was changed. I hope someone out there will read my story. My name is Jozef, and the rest of my family are called Janick, Kazik, Kasia, and Genia.
20 Mar 2016 #261
My father served in 24-th Lancers Regiment
of 1-st Polish Armoured Division in the rank
of Lieutenant transfered later to the 8-th Rifle Battalion(Bloody Shirts). He was a platoon commander(bren gun carriers-flame
throuwers).Wounded 2 x in Holland.His name was Lt.Zygmunt Patryn
Kind regards
31 May 2016 #262
My father serve in the first armoured division.His name is Ernst Drensla.
Schatsky - | 1
31 May 2016 #263
My grandfather was in the 1th Polish Armoured Division.
He was in a tank.
He's name was Pszeniczko.(Ukrainian)
He came from the Goelag.
Are there still people alive?
My dear grandfather died in 2004.

I wanted to ad that my grandfather told a lot stories of his time ik Siberia and in the war.
Are there people with relatives in Belgium?

Also I wanted to know if there is a list of all soldiers who where in the 1th PPD.

31 Jul 2016 #264
To Schatsky about 1 PAD

Hello, I live also in Belgium, please write what you wish about it.

Gilles family of veteran

To everybody:

I have a lot of scanned pictures at home, so feel free if you wish scans to complete family history.

family of polish veteran
26 Aug 2016 #265
My dad named Mieczyslaw Izydor Jemielita was captured by the Germans in Poland in 1939 but escaped and made his way to France via Czechoslovakia and the Balkans, then Greece, Palestine and Egypt. He joined the Polish military in France but escaped again to England via Marseille when France fell. In the UK he joined the Polish military again and was stationed in Scotland at Kelso (definitely) and perhaps also in Perthshire. He had the rank of sergeant major or regimental sergeant major in a tank unit - 3rd armoured regiment I think but could be 1st armoured division ? He was a tank commander and fought in Normandy in 1944 where he was seriously wounded in or around Caen and all of his comrades killed. He was returned to the UK and demobbed in Scotland in 1947/8 from, I believe, Wyndford barracks in Glasgow where he settled. He died in Glasgow in 1976. I got most of this information from my mum because dad spoke very little about the war. If anyone has any further information about my dad I would very much like to hear from them.
6 Oct 2016 #266

I've been told my grandfather Edward Wydmański served with the 1st Polish Armoured Division under Gen. Maczek until 1942 when he was honourably discharged on medical reasons. Does anyone have any information?

Many thanks,
acerimmer 1 | 4
16 Oct 2016 #267

my family and i have just found out, via a DNA test that my mother is actually half polish, the result of an illicit affair between my grandmother and a polish soldier stationed in Dunblane, Perthshire, Scotland in 1942 - there were always rumours, but these were discounted (my mother is the 7th child of 12).

that makes me 1/4 polish, which is a strange thing to find out at 49 years old, and always though i was 100% Scottish....;)

im keen to find out more about the unit that was stationed in Dunblane around that period - anyone know details please?

23 Nov 2016 #268
My grandmother Crok and I are researching our Polish heritage and we were wondering if you could help us find information on a relative or provide us with people we could contact .We think he was a General in the Warsaw Uprsing and his last name was Bednarski. We know his brothers name was Peter and we think his name is Walter.

19 Dec 2016 #269

I'm particularly interested in Polish soldiers who lived or worked in Dairsie, Fife at the beginning of 1941. Does anyone have any information? I am trying to research my father's side of the family tree.

Many thanks

24 Dec 2016 #270
Hello, I'm looking for any information I can find regarding my grandfather who served in the 24th Polish Lancers based in Scotland during WW2. Unfortunately I never new him and his name is all I have, his name if spelt correctly is Alojzy Adamczyk. Due to personal circumstances at the time my grandfather only met my mother (his daughter) one and then contact was lost. Being Scottish this is a side of my family I know nothing about and would desperately like to find out more about him and what ended up happening to him. The only other information I have is he was in a hospital somewhere in England after being wounded in the leg, this is the only time my mother met him when she was taken to visit him in hospital, she thinks she was only 3 years old at the time and remembers nothing of him or meeting him, very sad. Any information would be gratefully received. Thank you, Craig.

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