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GrandeSande 2 | 119
2 Sep 2008 #31
I had posted this website to another inquiry, but Patrycja thought it might be useful for other members.
I found out about it at the UPGSA conference in April, and it was useful in helping to understand the records I was finding in Russian.

It will give you a Format for Russian Polish Birth, Marriage, and Death records. It will also do the same for Napoleonic records. (check the options at the bottom of the page)

While it will not translate your record, it will give you an idea of the location on the record of dates, names and relationship.

OP Patrycja19 63 | 2,699
21 Sep 2008 #32

for those interested living in America who might want to learn more about whats going on at home too :) We have some Great History here :)
a_jacobs49 1 | 11
10 Oct 2008 #33
Hi yes may be able to help you a little about your polish relative being part of British army . Here goes the Polish 1st Armoured Division created in Feb 1942 at Duns Scotland commanded by General Stanislaw Maezek . nicknamed the black division and Polish black brigade. They then fought for Britain mainly on the front line , alot of them went to France to fight , There they joined up with Canadian army . After the war because of what part of Poland they came from communist side they could not return to Poland as fear of their lives even though they were heros in UK at home they outcast so the disision was made to allow over 45000 Poles to remane in Uk also they had choice to live in Canada because merged with Canadians in combat . This resulted in huge resettlement corps in Uk 1948 accross the country there were camps for the Poles to settle in Uk and have a life here . Thats most proberly happend to your gramps . put in search engine Polish Resettlement Act 1947 this may help Anita
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
16 Oct 2008 #34
Here are some leads that may help point Polish root-seekers int eh right direction:

PIAST Genealogical Research Centre
Warsaw's oldest genealogical firm accepts family-research assignments (records, family trees, coats of arms and related research.
Ośrodek Badan Genealogicznych PIAST
Dr Andrzej Sikorski, Director
Skrytka Pocztowa 9, 00-957 Warsaw 36, Poland
phone: (48-22) 646-5526

Institute of Genealogy
Researching family records, histories, outstanding ancestors; locating living relatives; interviews, photo documentation, family trees, coats of arms and related services all over the territory of pre-partition Poland.

Andrzej Zygmunt Rola-Stężycki, Director
Aleja Niepodległości 3, 05-600 Grójec, Poland
Office tel/fax: (48-48) 664-1717, (48-48) 664-4415
e-mail:; website:

PolGenResearch genealogical-research firm
Researching vital records (family, military, land, school, census, etc.); family/homestead/cemetery photographs in Poland and neighboring countries; document translation; gen-trips in Poland for visiting Pol-Am root-seekers.

Michał J. Marciniak, General Manager (fluent English)
cellphone: (48) 507 030 334

Professional genealogical research
Historian searches archives, provides facsimiles of documents, photos (families, homesteads, graves), accepts other assignments.
Emil Krasnodębski, ul. Pawińskiego 28/7
02-106 Warsaw, Poland: cellphone: (48) 506-152-129

Cyndi's List of Polish Genealogical Sites
Extensive listing of Polish genealogy, history and culture sites: archives, libraries, museums, records press resources (obits), mailing lists, newsgroups, chat groups, useful publications, maps, software and other resources facilitating ancestral exploration.

Online Polish family-history service operated by US-based Norman J. Pieniążek and his associates in Poland, conducts family research all over Poland (also Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania) and can help clients obtain family records and documents;

Polish/E.European locality-searching site
Contains listings of Polish localities and detailed maps of Poland, former Polish territory now in Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and other Central and East European countries.)

Old Documents Archives

Genealogical research unit indicates whether sought-after information is available and provides research-cost estimate: before accepting assignments.
Archiwum Akt Dawnych
ul. Długa 7, 00-950 Warsaw, Poland
phone: (48-22) 831-5491>93

Central State Archives Authority
Located next door to the Archiwum Akt Dawnych [at left] it provides the addresses of regional archives across Poland.
Naczelna Dyrekcja Archiwów Państwowych
ul. Długa 6, 00-950 Warsaw, Poland
phone: (48-22) 831-3206

Professional translation of family correspondence, documents, etc. from Polish, Russian, German and Latin into English: Andrew Gołębiowski
109 Rosemead Lane, Cheektowaga, NY 14227
phone: (716) 892-5975

Polish Red Cross Tracing Service
Traces WWII victims living & dead free of charge.
Biuro Poszukiwań Polski Czerwony Krzyż
ul. Mokotowska 14; 00-950 Warsaw, Poland
phone: (48-22) 326-1264; fax: (48-22) 628-4348

Tracking down church/parish records
Poland's Roman Catholic Church website ( may help track down diocesan archives, museums, libraries, organizations and individual parishes around the country.

Polish locality and general data base
This site locates Polish localities, contains zip codes, area codes, train schedules, weight, measure & temperature conversions, namedays, etc.

Information Access Department
This official Polish government agency has on file the addresses of all Poles currently living in Poland or who
have died since 1990. Addresses are provided upon written request with the consent of the sought-after party.
Wydział Udostępniania Informacji
ul. Domaniewska 36/38, 02-672 Warsaw, Poland
phone: (48-22) 610-1839 Tracing long-lost relations

Poland's best-known private detective agency engages in locating relatives and others in Poland and abroad:
Biuro Doradcze Krzysztof Rutkowski
phone: (48-22) 654-0062, 620-5033

Other Internet sites of interest to Polish root-seekers:


Tracing long-lost relations
Poland's oldest private investigation bureau tracks down long-lost relations, keeping tabs on business partners, spouses, children, etc.:
Protect Agency
phone: (48-22) 750-6151
cellphone: (48) 502-709-773;

Tracing Soviet victims
This organization researches and documents the fate of Poles victimized by the Soviet authorities in WWII:
Fundacja Ośrodka KARTA
ul. Narbutta 29, 02-536 Warsaw, Poland
phone: (+48 22) 848-0712, fax: 646-6511

Tracing Nazi victims
This foundation documetns and assists victims of Nazi atrocities and their families:
Fundacja Polsko-Niemieckie Pojednanie
ul. Krucza 36, 00-921 Warsaw, Poland; phone:
(+48 22) 695-9941
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
9 Nov 2008 #35
Polish Ancestry

The November 2008 edition of: Family Tree Magazine has info on Polish ancestry.

It's published in the UK.

Note: I have not seen the article. It is mentioned on the magazine's website.
carson_eg - | 1
13 Dec 2008 #36
I am trying to research my mother's roots from Poland. My mother's maiden name was Antonia Tosca Puchalski from Warsaw, Poland. Her parents were Richard Puchalski and Dr. Irena Puchalska (maiden name was Sarschitzka). My mother was born March 1, 1923 at her family's estate outside of Warsaw, but baptised in Warsaw at St Stanislaw. Her family was from Warsaw.

When I first traveled to Warsaw in the summer of 1971, most official records were destroyed from the war, and I was not able to obtain a birth certificate. Though her immediate family were killed during the war, and some of her Uncles escaped prior to the war and eventually immigrated to Austrialia from what my mother told me. She was arrested prior to the Uprising in 1944 and sent to a German Labor Camp.

Since my mother's death, I have been searching. Any help would be helpful. I didn't have the time nor the understanding of the language in 1971 while in Warsaw to call the listings of the family name of Puchalski in the phone book.

Attached is the marriage certificate of my mother and father that contain the spelling of the family names of her father and mother.

Colonel Edward Carson, U.S. Army Retired
OP Patrycja19 63 | 2,699
14 Dec 2008 #37
I am trying to research my mother's roots from Poland. My mother's maiden name was Antonia Tosca Puchalski from Warsaw, Poland.

wow, respect to you mr carson.

also I would like to show you the above sites.. some might be hepful..
the problem with your request is there isnt really someone on this site who does researching.. Polonius knows of some resources or you can do some researching yourself ( is a huge site and can be helpful in finding some documents here that will give more insight on your family and the name.

you know what town/city so thats a plus.. but you have to do the footwork..
you need to find her fathers name as well as the mothers maiden name too and siblings.

have you visited the ellis island website or steve morse yet?
have you checked baptismals? cencus and death records ?

you want to get a definate on the name of the town so you can get these records. I had descrepancies so I looked up both ..

good luck to you.. I think visiting your local history center will also help :)
31 Dec 2008 #38
Were exactly in Poland would you look for records. I am working on my whole families Geneology, and my polish side is one of the toughest to decipher. I'm not to sure exactly were the originated before immigration. I know the last name was Seliga when they arrived. I believe it was Szeliga when they were in Poland. I know my great grandfather Wojciech Seliga or Szelisga oringinated somewhere in Pole-Austria but thats about as far as I have gotten. I have everyone from the US but would love to dig deep to find out my real roots. If anyone can help me out here this would be great.
7 Jan 2009 #39
Polish Genealogy websites

Anyone know any genealogy or family tree websites popular to polish users?

I have
wvpole - | 1
26 Jan 2009 #40
In my family research, I have had several contacts from Poland thru
polish origin, on their Surname Database and the Places Database.
The believe the administrator is Polish, and lives in Poland.
OP Patrycja19 63 | 2,699
30 Jan 2009 #42
I'm not to sure exactly were the originated before immigration. I know the last name was Seliga when they arrived.

I found these

Szeliga, Wojaech Batulon 39 1864 1903
254 Szeliga, Wojcich Rotubow 23 1877 1900
255 Szeliga, Wojciech W.Wadowska 32 1875 1907
256 Szeliga, Wojciech Wisniowa, Galicy 16 1893 1909
257 Szeliga, Wojeick Charchow, Russia 29 1883 1912
258 Szeliga, Wojtek Rogozsnica 19 1883 1902

where did you get the Seliga? from a ship record? ultimately a town name has to be
found.. even though this name was first mentioned in 1366? or 1386 were the two
dates for coat of arms. our families belong to same coat of arms.

Woiciech Seliga Aug 10, 1909 Rotterdam, Holland <~if your talking about this one from
ellis island, well, I checked the manifests and it shows a whole different two people travelling with last name b something not at all the same person as suggested on the


do you know what date ) possible he was born? ( woj) and if one of these are possibly
seanbussey - | 1
9 Feb 2009 #43
Thread attached on merging:
What is the best way to locate someone in Poland?

What is the best way to locate someone in Poland? I have their name and the small village where they live. They are not hiding and should be easy to find. How can I locate them??? I would appreciate any help on the matter........stf
genfree - | 1
23 Apr 2009 #44
2 sites to check out for help with Poland research are and Both have genealogists who perform on-site research.
john010 - | 1
25 Apr 2009 #45
I'm looking for a researcher in the Myślenice area south
of Krakow to put together a family tree. I have some
cousins in the area.
Softsong 5 | 495
25 Apr 2009 #46
Looks like the post above yours might help you. There are two web sites listed that do research in Poland.
kastanedowski 1 | 13
26 Apr 2009 #47
Finding the city or even the names of the current relatives is not enough, if you want to contact them of get documents from Poland you need to be in Poland, there is no other way.

It's needed to have interviews with the families , not all of them want to have contact
in the publich administration it's needed to comeback all the time, they request what they want...

If someone needs something you can contact me,I am in the public administration business

mayawiertel - | 1
26 May 2009 #48
Looking for family mmbers in U.S.A.........

My nme is Maya Wiertel.

My fathers name is Henryk Wiertel.

His fathers name is Franciszek Wiertel. [ bourn in Sarbia ]
Franciszka father was maried twice and had mmmaaany children . His name I think was Walenty.

At some point Frnciszek Wiertel was asked to mail birth certificates to his brother and other AMERICN reltives,
which he did.

Franciszka Wiertla Older Brother emmigrated to U.S.A. [ I HAVE NO IDEA WHEN/ I AM GQUSSING AFTER WORLD WAR I ]

His daughter got merried to Mr. Zgodinski/ Godinski. They had sons , John and Marcin. John served as a soldier in Vietnam. I 've his picture in a Army uniform taken in Chicgo Il., in 1951, before going to Vietnam. Oh, I hope I got it right.

contct nfo; or call; 773 545 5073. any time. It my turn -up to be very interestd project 1. I am currently talking to Jennifer Wiertel From Ontario Canada whose grandparent emigrated from Siemianowice . We are trying to put the puzle together on her side. She is very exited.

I don't know how to feel sending this post out, but Jennifer is very up beat and gave me motivtion. I am sceptic. , and , optimistic...

Cheerior, Maya Wiertel.
poliwog 4 | 21
15 Jun 2009 #49
Jun 15, 09, 12:39 - Thread attached on merging:
Looking for family members in Poland

I am trying to find my Mothers family in Poland
How do i do this??
I would love any help
many thanks :-)
terri 1 | 1,664
15 Jun 2009 #50
1.try although it is very likely that people might have changed names, however it's a start, if she had brothers, there's a chance that the surname might bring some results.

2.go through the phone books in the town where she was born, her surname and all details that you know (name of mother/father, place and date of birth, siblings, history) on all fora available on the internet.
poliwog 4 | 21
16 Jun 2009 #51
Are the phone books on line?

Timmons / Odette
Their are lots of great sites to help you find information.
Polish roots is a great one!
What country do you live in? Were i am i can search the national archives
I am currently researching my family and i have a polish research person looking for my family
If you need more information you can email me
Good luck
mattkrow 3 | 11
24 Jul 2009 #52
Jul 24, 09, 03:10 - Thread attached on merging:
How to Find Addresses

I'm looking to find addresses of people with the same surname as me. I want to write them a letter to see if they can help me with anymore info on my family history. How do you go about finding someone's address?
poliwog 4 | 21
24 Jul 2009 #53
Try polish phone books
mattkrow 3 | 11
24 Jul 2009 #54
How do I obtain a Polish phonebook?
markskibniewski 3 | 200
25 Jul 2009 #55
Forget Polish phonebooks unless you speak fluent Polish. Terry a few posts up had the right idea. the site is an incrdible source of information. It is similar to facebook in the USA. You can try facebook as well there are Polish living persons listed on facebook but I found a greater number on Nasza.After you sign up its free. In the upper right hand corner of the page there is a search box put the surname in and hit szukaj button . This will list all persons with this surname on the site. Maybe I was lucky or just determined but I found my second cousin once removed on the site. I listed all the names I had to date the most recent was my great uncle married in 1924. If you post and can't write in Polish there are persons on the site that are gems and will help with tranlations or letter writing (meaning you can post in english and people will respond) . The great thing about this site is that it is a public site so people who are listed or are members are not afraid of being found and for the most part are willing to help. I now have the names of 35 living cousins in Poland and in the UK.

The site takes some getting used to ...I did alot of copy and pasting to a free polish to english tranlator online to figure out what I was doing. I do not speak a word of Polish and I figured it out so can you.
poliwog 4 | 21
25 Jul 2009 #56
try polish white pages online ....... it easy all you need to do is put in the surname and town ( which can be googled for right spelling).

Easy and i dont write polish!!!
Give it a go

Hi markskibniewski
I just joined ........but it's very very hard to work out how to post or search members surnames.
Could you help me please??
markskibniewski 3 | 200
25 Jul 2009 #57
Hmmmm did you read my post. Let me try again. On the top right hand corner of the page after signing in there is a box with a magnifying glass and the words Szukaj w Naszej-Klasie in it, place the surname you are looking for in this box for best results do not add a first name,after hitting the button that is marked Szukaj (green button to the right) the site will list all members with that last name who are members (for my last name it was 179 persons).If you place the mouse pointer on a members name (don't click) it will list the city where the member is living in, I suggest contacting persons in the area in which you believe your family is from first and branch out from there. I personally started from the beginning so I would not forget anyone. I was fortunate that my cousins name was Andrzej. If you hit the envelope under the persons name you can message that person. As far as posting on a forum , it has been a while since I have done this I have 2 on the site (I need help translating!) and ( Pomagają Nazwisku *Skibniewski* ) I will have to figure out how I did it and get back to you I am on my way out right now, I should return in a couple of hours. If you can find my posts they were dated 6/6/09 and received my first response on 6/9/09 and my second post I received a responce the same day on 6/9/09.
poliwog 4 | 21
26 Jul 2009 #58
Thanks for the detailed answer ............... i have tried again and i was able to search surnames
Great site
kristine - | 1
27 Jul 2009 #59
Jul 27, 09, 20:25 - Thread attached on merging:
Needs Recommendations in my search for my ancestry of my grandfather

I am trying to find out more information on my grandfather that was born 18 October 1920 at Konina, dist Limanowa, Poland. I am having trouble finding information though Does anyone have any good sites to go to that would help me in finding more information about his family so I can continue my family tree? Or a organization in Poland where I could e-mail them and ask them questions in regards to ancestry? Thanks to anyone that can help!!
AgnieszkaK - | 1
27 Jul 2009 #60

the best way to find such information is a church book in place on birth (Konina). They keep informations about parents of your grandfather. Try to find a telephone number to this church (if it is a small city or vilage it will be only one church). I'm not only sure if they can speak english :) Other way is to go to Konina and talk to neighbours. Old people can remember whole families stories.


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