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4 Sep 2017 #121
zigmund ,or ireana bialoblocki in new jersy area we would love to contact you ,

This may or may not be your ancestor Zygmunt, but unfortunately he died in 2007

I cannot find anything for Irena.

zigmund had a son called Edmund

Could possibly be this Edmund. At one time he lived in Toms River, New Jersey, as did Zygmunt in one of the above links. In the 2nd link below, Zygmunt is mentioned as a possible relative of Edmund.
17 Jun 2018 #122
For anyone who might be interested in finding online records for Poland, this site provides direct links to 17 sites which have large indexes/scans available. They are arranged by vovoideship.
lowfunk99 10 | 397
26 Jul 2018 #123

Podlaskie Records

Does anyone know of any web sites for geological records?
I know there are some but haven't found any records for my great grand father Waclaw Wojciechowski. b1891 in Rutkowskie
I have looked in the basia and a few other sites
Gmpski - | 2
19 Sep 2019 #124
I am looking for information on the Pelszynski and Walkuski families from the Rybaki/Lomza area of Poland. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
kaprys 3 | 2,286
21 Sep 2019 #125
Check projekt Podlasie
And geneteka
24 May 2021 #126
If you know where your relative came from, try this site:

I searched for the town of my husband's grandmother and found digital copies of church records for several decades. Then I looked through all the pages to find the records that had her family's name. Among other things, I found her birth record and her parents' marriage record.

Click on the British flag in the top right corner to see the site translated into English.
And click on the "Only with scans" if you only want to see actual records. Otherwise I think it also shows what records are available to see in Poland.

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