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"Krzysik" family from Poland

24 May 2007 #1
I am looking for information on the "Krzysik" family in Poland. My great grandfather imigrated from Galacia (?) Poland to Chicago around 1900. My immidiate family is all in the Chicago Area. However, there seems to be a lot of "Krzysik" in Michigan that I do not think are related. I have also found some Krzysik in Poland using the internet but I don't know if they are related.

Any help would be apprciated.


Duane Krzysik
6 Jun 2007 #2
Hi from Poland.
My name is Krzysik and I live in the south of Poland. I am 46 and my father is from Lapsze wyzne near Zakopane. Please write to me more information about your family. I will try to help you. My e-mail is

Jerzy Krzysik
MacKinnon - | 2
29 Oct 2007 #3
I to have same problem,my name is Jerzy Krzysik. I live in Panama and came from Canada. My father and mother immigrated to Canada about 1948. My father was born in Lvov. Any information that I may supply I would gladly do so. This is very interesting, I was led to believe from a very early age that there were very little Krzysik's or none at all.
20 Jan 2008 #4
Hi I live in Canada and my grandefather was born in Poland his name was John Krzysik and we do know that he had a sister. He was a coffin maker in poland before coming to Canada by himself. We are looking to visit Poland this fall and am looking for any relatives or information we can get our hands on

My e-mail address is dmjtransportation@hotmail for anyone who can help me
Soltys - | 1
6 Apr 2008 #5
My Father is from £apse Wyżne which is near Zakopane. My Grandfather is Sołtys and my Grandmother is Krzysik. To make it even more confusing for you, my Grandfather's sister(a Sołtys) married my Grandmother's brother(a Krzysik). Maybe we are related. I do know my Sołtys and Krzysik Families here in the US but I have no contact with any family in Poland. If we are related please fell free to contact me here or at my e-mail:
27 Oct 2008 #6
My maternal grandfather was Paul Griglak who married Maria Geletka in Lapse Wyzne, Poland. They were baptized and married in Sts. Peter and Paul church and immigrated in 1888 and 1895.I've heard of Soltys and Krzysiks coming from there. Does anyone know of these 2 families? (Griglaks/Geletkas) Paul's parents were Lorenz Griglyak and Elizabeth Blasosek and Maria's parents were John Gelyatka Elizabeth Bucz. Ring any bells? Thanks for any info.

Ginny Jakubiak
quackermex - | 2
7 May 2010 #7
Looking for Krzysik in Racibrz?
4 Jun 2011 #8

I am Jacek Krzysik and live in South of England. My family from my father's side origins from Sanok ( Bieszczady).
My grandfatherwas a prof. of literature in Kalisz before the Second World War and after the war he lived and work in Poznan in Liceum where he taught Polish, Latin and Greek. My father was a forester in many places in Poland. I lived in Krakow for over 30 years and in 2005 I emigrated to South of England.

My grand had a lot of siblings but I really don't know their storys.
If you know something please feel free to contact me.
My e-mail is:
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
4 Jun 2011 #9
KRZYSIK: probably originated as a patronymic nick from Krzyś (pet form of Krzysztof). More than 400 users in Poland.
15 Dec 2011 #10
My name again Jerzy Krzysik. I hae lived in canada all my life but in the last 9 years here in Panama. I posted an earlier question a couple of years ago. Following up, My grandfathers name was Peter. And my father Robert Peter. Was an only child. Now I think that my dad was born in Lvov, but not hundred per cent sure, possibly Warsaw. I know boders have changed many times. But heres hoping something can ccome from this.

Jerzy Krzysik
17 Jul 2013 #11
My Grandfather on my mother's side was Stanislaw Krzysik. He died in 1942 in Chicago. That was my mother's maiden name. She was born in Chicago in 1915 and died in 2004.
J Krzysik
13 Oct 2017 #12
Zapraszam do sprawdzenia na stronie drzewa genealogicznego rodziny Krzysik pochodzącej z Lapsz Wyznych ( po węgiersku Felsolaps ) które tworzymy z kuzynką. Aby zobaczyć drzewo trzeba się zalogować. Najstarszy przodek Gregorius Krissik urodzony okolo 1751 roku .

English only on these forums please
J Krzysik
13 Oct 2017 #13
21 May 2018 #14
My maiden name is Krzysik and my paternal grandfather was Pawel Krissik. When Lapsze Wyzne became part of Poland, the last name was changed from Krissik to Krzysik so it sounded "more Polish."
8 Mar 2019 #15
Looking for anyone with information (or related to) Gelatka family. Looking for information on Martin Gelatka and wife Elizabeth ( _?__ maiden name) Gelatka. They would be my great-great grandparents. Town is Lapsze Wyzne (Felsolapos is Slovak for town name- it was Austia/Hungarian Empire then) and I believe the church is St.'s Peter and Paul church in Lapsze Wyzne where they are likely buried at, and/or their children (some if not all) baptized from

.Anyone have access to church records in Lapsze Wyzne or can go look at cemetery stones? The John Gelatka and the Bucz families are my relatives; I see noted above. Griglak families live in my area also. Families immigrated to Pennsylvania, then Chicago and Wisconsin.

Martin and Elizabeth had 2 sons who immigrated to US - Joseph and William.
William being my great grandfather b. 12-25-1870 d. 4-14-1955, Joseph b. 03-10-1857? d, 03-30-1936
I do not know if there are any other children prior or later. (I would guess maybe so as there is a 20 yr. difference in age between the boys if d.o.b. is correct on both (listed as on death certificates).

The family name appears to have been changed from Gelatka to Galetka (which is present day spelling).

email - forgot to post in message above: - (subject line title Galetka please. thanks)
9 Oct 2021 #16
Hello, I'm looking for any information on the surname Krissik. It's been kind of difficult trying to navigate through records with the variations in spelling that keep popping up. The last person I can find is a Gregorius Krissik (b. 1749) Everyone person I have come across has been from either Łapsze Wyżne or Łapszanka. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

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