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Searching for the "Rebe" family, and the "Scaz" family

18 Aug 2014 #1

So after I've read the sticky thread, still looking for help.
I'll try and write down all the info I have.
Nothing is a solid fact, it's information I've extracted from my grandmother's "witness" papers.
Besides my grandparents (obviously), Every person listed here had been killed during WW2.
That's what I have:

My grandmother:
First name: Nechama (I doubt that it was her name in Poland, but I don't know what it was)
Last name: Rebe
location of birth: Dobrzyn, Poland
Year of birth: around 1916 +-
She was married to Shimon (first) Rozenblum (last) when the war started, They had no children.
I think that when the war started, she lived in Plock.
She was the daughter of Golda Rebe (mother) and David (also saw it as Dawid) Rebe.
She had 10 brothers and sisters. The names I know are: Tuvia, Itzhak, Lippman, Shimon, Lutka (lea).

My grandfather:
First name: Wulf \ Wolf \ Ze'ev (that's wolf in hebrew).
Last name: Scaz
Location of birth: probably Rowne, Poland
year: ~1911
He was married to Rivka (\Rywka) and they had two daughters (twins) - Keyla and Bat Sheva.
I know that at some point he served in the Red Cross.
Both is wife and daughters were killed.
He was the son of Nachum (father) and Freida \ Frejda.

I will highly appreciate any help or information.
Thanks in advance.

Rotem (a curious granddaughter) :)
ewap34 - | 11
19 Aug 2014 #2
Hi Rotem.
What exactly would you like to find?
If you want to build a family tree of your ancestors, you have to check whether the Polish archives are the metrics of Moses for the region. I checked that, for the city of Plock metrics are archived in Plock. You can try to contact the archive (do not know if long does it take for a response), or use the services of Polish genealogical offices. I would recommend genealogia polonica.

OP RotemSagi
19 Aug 2014 #3
Thanks you both.

I have a lot more information and I have managed to assemble a respectable family tree.
I'm trying to find validations for my info, and ultimately to check whether I am qualified for a Polish citizenship.
I would also love to travel to Poland for a family roots trip.

Thanks again for your response.

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