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Want to find a person in Poland

jon357 67 | 16,843
25 Feb 2021 #691
Have you looked on Facebook?
Max00000 - | 2
26 Feb 2021 #692
yes i checked facebook, but i want to find the address. I want to find because he used to work here in England he asked so many people for money and then ran away.

more information i can give you that he is married and has a child, i just saw on facebook that he has a cousin who lives Siersza and he made a profession in this city, born on may 17th
mafketis 24 | 9,174
27 Feb 2021 #693
he used to work here in England he asked so many people for money and then ran away

My first guess is that he's a lowlife scammer and you're not going to be able to find him through the internet... It's easy to disappear in Poland (vis a vis foreigners) he's probably registered as living in one place but actually living somewhere else (probably with relatives) that's just the beginning.

He wouldn't be hard to find for someone on the ground who knows what they're doing so I'd suggest making inquiries with private detectives in the Chrzanów area... but then finding him is only the first step and getting your money back might end up being more than it's worth.
CityBird - | 1
1 Mar 2021 #694
I need to find someone's official address in Poland for a small claims court in Belgium to release a rental deposit. No need to physically meet the person, not important if the person actually stays there, neither do I need to recover any money from the person himself. How do I go about?
9 Mar 2021 #695
I am English and live in the Uk. In Krakow I met a man Andrew Durban a very friendly and knowledgable person, he was asking about the origin of his family name and I wondered if any subscriber could help me. I want to make a present of his forbears.
Time1997 - | 3
19 Mar 2021 #696

Oleksiuk...Looking for info

Hi trying to trace my Grandma Eva Rose Oleksiuk. She was born in the Lubin 0r Warsaw area @ 1908! Came to USA by herself in 1941.. Anyone with this last name,
8 Apr 2021 #697
Hello everyone, I'm looking for my father's friend. They haven't been in touch for many years due to my fathers illness.

His name is Adam Kraszewski, I have his address ( most probably his family moved) ul. Sobieskiego, 42-700 Lubliniec.

I have tried to find him on Facebook without any luck...

Looking forward for your support. Thank you
Paulina 10 | 1,774
8 Apr 2021 #698
@Julijana, you could try to send a letter to this address, Poles rarely sell their flats, they usually leave them to their kids...
8 Apr 2021 #699
Thank you Paulina, I will try :)
Paulina 10 | 1,774
8 Apr 2021 #700
@Julijana, you're welcome :) Btw, there's one guy called Adam Kraszewski in the Lubliniec unit, but he comes from Łomża and he isn't an older guy, so I'm guessing it isn't about him...
8 Apr 2021 #701
The Adam that I'm look for is in his 50th. I have found one email address of the Administration of Lubliniec so I have send an email too.
9 Apr 2021 #702
Hi Paulina!
I have great news, I have managed to find Adam by the local authorities. I just have received an email from him. I want to thank you again and have a great day :D
Paulina 10 | 1,774
9 Apr 2021 #703
@Julijana, that's awesome! :D I'm happy for you :))
Wow, so it's "Kraszan" from JWK Lubliniec after all?
And you're welcome, I'm glad if I helped in any way and have a great day too :)
Garry Sykes - | 1
9 Apr 2021 #704
[Moved from]: Trying to find records for polish family (Lukovich and Zeitts)

I am trying to find my records for polish family without luck can anyone help me! the names are Lukovich and Zeitts
9 Apr 2021 #705
@Paulina, yes that's him! I just didn't know that he is from Lomza. An amazing man and my dad is very happy that they will get in touch soon :D
Paulina 10 | 1,774
9 Apr 2021 #706
@Julijana, wow, that's great - I doubted it would be him, because you wrote they haven't been in touch for years, so I assumed this Adam must be a grandpa already or sth ;) It's good that it crossed my mind to mention him, who would've thought...

Btw, out of curiosity, if you don't mind telling - is your dad Polish?

An amazing man

Indeed, your dad has one interesting friend :)))
mafketis 24 | 9,174
9 Apr 2021 #707
the names are Lukovich and Zeitts

Not Polish names.... do you have any idea what the original names were?
gumishu 11 | 5,639
9 Apr 2021 #708
Polish names..

Polish names were transferred to American documents as they were (appart from the diacrytics) - Lukovich suggests that the name has been transcribed from cyrillic
9 Apr 2021 #709
@Paulina, no we are from Macedonia. They have met back in 2001, when Adam was there. And they became instant friends even my dad didn't speak Polish and Adam knew a bit of English.
Paulina 10 | 1,774
9 Apr 2021 #710
@Julijana, yeah, I wondered if they met abroad - that's why I asked :)

And they became instant friends

That's cool, I'm glad then that I had my small part in bringing them together and I'm happy for your dad :))
Paulina 10 | 1,774
9 Apr 2021 #711

It could be "Łukowicz" (in Polish)...
Paulina 10 | 1,774
9 Apr 2021 #712
Mods, since Adam Kraszewski has been found maybe it would be a good idea to edit out the address from post #697?

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