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How to find a burial site / records in Poland...

27 Aug 2016  #31

I still consider genealogy VERY difficult for an American descendant who does not speak Polish. I am comparing it to Swedish genealogy where all of their records are neatly microfilmed and there are a variety of records available on their national archive website. Everything in Poland is more complicated with some records never microfilmed and villages and boundaries changing because of wars and politics. I have one ancestor who considered herself Polish yet now her records are in the Ukraine.

Nickidewbear 20 | 534    
7 Sep 2016  #32

Looking for info on the marek family and ancestors from kupo or biezun poland. Katarzyna bialek born 1879

A variant of "Bialik", perhaps?

PS If you're searching for Jewish records, good luck. Some are hard to find!
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13 Nov 2016  #33

8 Jan 2017  #34

I'm trying to find my graddads grave in Poland I now he lived in Radom but were he was buried I have no idea he died in 2001 does Poland have any records were I could look this up is name is Alexander tarczewski
5 Feb 2017  #35


Trying to locate my grandads grave Lukasz Danilowicz
who died 1946 Więcmierzyce cementary , near Grodkow.
2 Apr 2017  #36

klimczuk looking for information on Helena Klimczuk buried in Podgorze and Stanislaw Klimczuk
BBBBKS - | 1    
6 Jul 2017  #37

Looking for burial site/info re Ignacy Jara and Zofya (Lobarba?) Jara in/near Domaradz, Poland. Married circa 1893 and died maybe in the 1940's. Have found many records for Jaras, but can't find theirs nor birth records/Catholic baptismal for their daughter, Wyktorya, born April 15, 1895.

Ancestry .com doesn't have much ...........many Jara names, but not these.
Help! Thanks!
28 Jan 2018  #38

We need help to locate burial site of my uncle who was killed liberating Poland in 1945. We do have some information from. Archives but burial site. He was kills not far from Lodze.

My email
dolnoslask 4 | 1,819    
28 Jan 2018  #39

killed liberating Poland in 1945

What was his nationality
3 Apr 2018  #40

Hello, I am wondering if someone might be able to help me. I am looking to find information on my Polish ancestors. I will be visiting Warsaw this month (April) and I am hoping to find my great grandmothers grave, I believe she along with her infant daughter (my great aunt) may be at Powazki Cemetery. Also I would like to try and locate information on my family. As I don't speak or read Polish, this is quite hard to do online at the moment. Is there a central archives building in Warsaw for family history, that may be able to assist? I'm also looking to find information on my grandfathers side, who was from Kielce. I have my grandfathers full name, as well as his mothers and his fathers. And I have a couple of documents with information on them during the war.... I have spoken with one place, but the letter i received said there was no records of any of the people i mentioned in my email to them. Happy to be contacted via email Thanks

correction. Just went through some information that I have. It looks like My grandmother Franciszka Zurek (died about 1939) and her infant daughter Stefanie Zurek (died about 1937 or 38) are buried in Pruszkow, Warsaw.
kaprys 1 | 1,424    
3 Apr 2018  #41

That's what I found. We don't know if the grave still exists - it's been around 80 years. But it's best if you contact their office.

As for the vital records, you need to contact the correct branch of the state archives or their local parish, depending on the age of the documents.
12 Apr 2018  #42

Looking for Migon burials in Catholic cemetery in Staszow, Poland.

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