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How to find a burial site / records in Poland...

27 Aug 2016 #31
I still consider genealogy VERY difficult for an American descendant who does not speak Polish. I am comparing it to Swedish genealogy where all of their records are neatly microfilmed and there are a variety of records available on their national archive website. Everything in Poland is more complicated with some records never microfilmed and villages and boundaries changing because of wars and politics. I have one ancestor who considered herself Polish yet now her records are in the Ukraine.
Nickidewbear 23 | 583
7 Sep 2016 #32
Looking for info on the marek family and ancestors from kupo or biezun poland. Katarzyna bialek born 1879

A variant of "Bialik", perhaps?

PS If you're searching for Jewish records, good luck. Some are hard to find!
Organizer - | 1
13 Nov 2016 #33
8 Jan 2017 #34
I'm trying to find my graddads grave in Poland I now he lived in Radom but were he was buried I have no idea he died in 2001 does Poland have any records were I could look this up is name is Alexander tarczewski
5 Feb 2017 #35

Trying to locate my grandads grave Lukasz Danilowicz
who died 1946 Więcmierzyce cementary , near Grodkow.
2 Apr 2017 #36
klimczuk looking for information on Helena Klimczuk buried in Podgorze and Stanislaw Klimczuk
BBBBKS - | 1
6 Jul 2017 #37
Looking for burial site/info re Ignacy Jara and Zofya (Lobarba?) Jara in/near Domaradz, Poland. Married circa 1893 and died maybe in the 1940's. Have found many records for Jaras, but can't find theirs nor birth records/Catholic baptismal for their daughter, Wyktorya, born April 15, 1895.

Ancestry .com doesn't have much ...........many Jara names, but not these.
Help! Thanks!
28 Jan 2018 #38
We need help to locate burial site of my uncle who was killed liberating Poland in 1945. We do have some information from. Archives but burial site. He was kills not far from Lodze.

My email
dolnoslask 5 | 2,746
28 Jan 2018 #39
killed liberating Poland in 1945

What was his nationality
3 Apr 2018 #40
Hello, I am wondering if someone might be able to help me. I am looking to find information on my Polish ancestors. I will be visiting Warsaw this month (April) and I am hoping to find my great grandmothers grave, I believe she along with her infant daughter (my great aunt) may be at Powazki Cemetery. Also I would like to try and locate information on my family. As I don't speak or read Polish, this is quite hard to do online at the moment. Is there a central archives building in Warsaw for family history, that may be able to assist? I'm also looking to find information on my grandfathers side, who was from Kielce. I have my grandfathers full name, as well as his mothers and his fathers. And I have a couple of documents with information on them during the war.... I have spoken with one place, but the letter i received said there was no records of any of the people i mentioned in my email to them. Happy to be contacted via email sarahbrook83@gmail Thanks

correction. Just went through some information that I have. It looks like My grandmother Franciszka Zurek (died about 1939) and her infant daughter Stefanie Zurek (died about 1937 or 38) are buried in Pruszkow, Warsaw.
kaprys 2 | 2,190
3 Apr 2018 #41

That's what I found. We don't know if the grave still exists - it's been around 80 years. But it's best if you contact their office.

As for the vital records, you need to contact the correct branch of the state archives or their local parish, depending on the age of the documents.
12 Apr 2018 #42
Looking for Migon burials in Catholic cemetery in Staszow, Poland.
muthdavis - | 1
14 Jul 2018 #43
I need help locating my uncle's burial site, Heinrich Muth, who was killed the later part of 1945. He was born in America, but was drafted when his family moved back to Hungary. He was a soldier for the German army. My father believes he had the rank of a Corporal in the Army. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. My father came to the states in 1949 and has always wondered about his brother. Thank you, Melanie Davis
22 Jul 2018 #44
I am trying to find information about my grandmother's family. It is my understanding that she left Frysztak Poland when she was 16 years old. Her name was Josephine Wawszkiewicz. Names were changed many times when people arrived at Ellis Island. I have never been able to find her name in the Ellis Island searches, nor the name of her relative, Michael (Mihal?) Kalisz who brought her to the United States with him.

Someone wrote a research paper of her for a school project. In that paper it indicates that she came from "Przeworsk Poland (pronounced Frestock)". This has led to confusion since there is both a Frysztak and a Przeworsk Poland. I know that her father's name was Peter (Piotr?) and that he had been married to another woman prior to my grandmother's birth. He married a woman named Teofilia. Her maiden name was Winiarski. She is the mother of my grandmother.

How do I go about finding records in either part of Poland, Frysztak or Przeworsk, to determine where her family lived and died?
Thank you.
Chemikiem 6 | 2,076
23 Jul 2018 #45
Josephine Wawszkiewicz

I believe this is her Ellis Island immigration record, but the spelling of the surname is different. Names were often butchered on immigration records to the US, as they were simply Americanised if hard to pronounce.

M Kalisz is mentioned as the brother-in-law of Josefa ( Josephine ) , and the father's initial is P.
Josefa is listed as being 16 years old and born in 1898. If you click on 'view original document', her record is number 25. Unfortunately I can't read it all due to the writing, but it does say that she was a servant.

spelling of the surname is different

On that record, hers and her fathers surname are both spelt differently, just to confuse things a bit more. Someone Polish would know but I believe the true spelling of the surname to be that of her father's surname, Waroszkiewicz. Hers is spelt as Waroczkienicz, which doesn't look right to me.
Ziemowit 13 | 3,829
23 Jul 2018 #46
'Wałaszkiewicz' is a very likely form for 'Wawszkiewicz'.


The surname 'Woroszkiewicz' does indeed exist.
TheOther 6 | 3,821
23 Jul 2018 #47
Unfortunately I can't read it all due to the writing

The record reads as follows:

Name: Waroszkiewicz, Josefa
Age/ sex/ married or single: 16, female, single
Occupation: Servant
Nationality/ race: Austria/ Polish
Last permanent residence (country/ town): Austria/ Iwiczda
Father: P. Waroszkiewicz from Iwiczda, Galicia
27 Aug 2018 #48
I am trying to find the gravesite of Zygmunt Warchalski born 1 July 1920 and died 27 August 2005. He lived in Szczecinek, Poland
9 Sep 2018 #49
Zygmunt Warchalski 1920-07-01 2005-08-27
kwatera 39, rząd 4, grób 9
15 Jan 2019 #50
I'm looking for a list of Jewish business individuals that died in Warsaw on 10th of April 1919. I'm researching a friend of my great grandfather. The name is unknown but I think we can narrow down the list. He was a very good friend of my great grandfather. This business man's name is unknown but my great grandfather (based on his letters) consider him a friend and hold him in great esteem. The family would like to learn more about this individual.
jon357 63 | 14,706
15 Jan 2019 #51
Have you tried the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw?

Here's their website:

If they can't help, they can refer you to someone who can, probably the Gmina Żydowska (Jewish Council) in Warsaw who hold records. Their website is here:
15 Jan 2019 #52
No I haven't. Thank you jon357, will do.
2 Mar 2019 #53
I am looking for a cemetery in Or near Slemien , Poland. My great grandparents lived in Slemien.They attended the St. John the Baptist Catholic Church. Other family members buried there also. The time period would be late 1890's to 1935.

Just realized I did not give the name for the grave in or near Slemien.....Joseph and Sophie Gebczynski. Thank you
kaprys 2 | 2,190
2 Mar 2019 #54

You may try contacting the parish. Scroll down for the address and the email.
2 Apr 2019 #55
St. John the Baptist parish in Slemien has its own cemetery.
6 Jun 2019 #56
I am attempting to find the location of our great grandparents in Poland. We know that the following is on their grave but don't know where it is:

Tomasz Kolassa born 12/26/1842 and died 4/5/1915
Wiktoria Kollapsa born 12/12/1856 and died 8/5/1915
As you can see, Wiktoria's last name is misspelled, and we assume that it is misspelled on the grave stone as well although we are not sure.

We think they may have lived in Poznan but are unsure.
Please send any response to
Thanks for any help you can provide.
Dan McNeill (US, Arizona, 858-204-1881
Karolina Akerman
7 Aug 2019 #57
Trying to locate my mothers burial place. She was cremated in UK in 2004 and family took her ashes back to Poland. Her name was Anna Akerman (Tyrcha) and I was led to believe that she was placed in a family plot with her mother Maria Tyrcha. Any ideas on how I can locate her resting place.
Chemikiem 6 | 2,076
7 Aug 2019 #58
The surname doesn't appear to be common. On this site I found mention of 10 deaths between the dates I put in of 1960 and 2005. All of them from Małopolska ( Lesser Poland ). No births or marriages recorded for the time frame.

All the surnames are from the same parish, Szczepanów, so it's possible that they are all from the same family. A Maria Tyrcha has a 1998 listing. The place ( presumably of her death? ) is listed as Styrkowiec.,_Lesser_Poland_Voivodeship

All I can suggest is for you to contact the church/es within the parish, although if you don't understand Polish you may need help with this. It might not be the correct family, but worth a try. Maybe someone else will post and offer suggestions. There is a poster on this forum, Kaprys, who often helps with genealogy questions, and might be able to help.
kaprys 2 | 2,190
8 Aug 2019 #59
Thank you for your kind words but I'm afraid I won't be of much help here.

@Karolina Akerman
There's where you may find some graves but I believe not many cementaries are indexed there. It wasn't working when I tried to look for 'Akerman'. You can try later.

As far as I know human ashes need to be buried in cementaries according to the Polish law -unless something has changed recently.
I don't know what's happened in your family but I'd start with asking people who took her ashes where she's buried.

If that's somehow impossible, locate the cementary /cementaries in the area and contact either the parish or the administration of the cementary.
Chemikiem 6 | 2,076
8 Aug 2019 #60
I tried to look for 'Akerman'

I looked for Akerman on geneteka, but got zero results, so entered details for Tyrcha as the poster seems to think her mother is buried in a family plot. Just looked on under Tyrcha and there are two people with the name Maria Tyrcha, nothing under Akerman. Both in the parish of Szczepanów. There are pictures of both graves:

The links below show these graves in the cemetery and the location of them:

But no mention of Anna Akerman, so not sure what to make of that. It's entirely possible that this is not the correct family, but the name does seem to be uncommon.

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