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How to find a burial site / records in Poland...

27 Aug 2016  #31

I still consider genealogy VERY difficult for an American descendant who does not speak Polish. I am comparing it to Swedish genealogy where all of their records are neatly microfilmed and there are a variety of records available on their national archive website. Everything in Poland is more complicated with some records never microfilmed and villages and boundaries changing because of wars and politics. I have one ancestor who considered herself Polish yet now her records are in the Ukraine.

Nickidewbear 20 | 522    
7 Sep 2016  #32

Looking for info on the marek family and ancestors from kupo or biezun poland. Katarzyna bialek born 1879

A variant of "Bialik", perhaps?

PS If you're searching for Jewish records, good luck. Some are hard to find!
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13 Nov 2016  #33

8 Jan 2017  #34

I'm trying to find my graddads grave in Poland I now he lived in Radom but were he was buried I have no idea he died in 2001 does Poland have any records were I could look this up is name is Alexander tarczewski
5 Feb 2017  #35


Trying to locate my grandads grave Lukasz Danilowicz
who died 1946 Więcmierzyce cementary , near Grodkow.
2 Apr 2017  #36

klimczuk looking for information on Helena Klimczuk buried in Podgorze and Stanislaw Klimczuk
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6 Jul 2017  #37

Looking for burial site/info re Ignacy Jara and Zofya (Lobarba?) Jara in/near Domaradz, Poland. Married circa 1893 and died maybe in the 1940's. Have found many records for Jaras, but can't find theirs nor birth records/Catholic baptismal for their daughter, Wyktorya, born April 15, 1895.

Ancestry .com doesn't have much ...........many Jara names, but not these.
Help! Thanks!

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