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Was my moms family (Kowalsky) Russian or Polish?

Szalawa 2 | 240
27 Apr 2014 #31
what difference would that make either way?

Its for his question (although he may just be a troll), It would make a difference to him. let him do that, you don't need to care if hes Polish or Not.
Sparks11 - | 333
28 Apr 2014 #32
Really, asking about these nationalities is pointless, the region has changed hands so many times. If the family emigrated just before changing hands that would...what? Change nationality? Your're from Central/Eastern Europe.
28 Apr 2014 #33
'Kowalski' is a Polish surname , something like that in russian sounds Kuznietsow
pawian 223 | 24,567
21 May 2022 #35

A relative of that Stanley Kowalsky?

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