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Searching For Silvester Florek


Is there anyone in Poland that knows of a Silvester Florek, maybe possibly related to him somehow, a descendent? I would like to learn as much as I can. I know there are a lot of Floreks in Poland. I believe he came from Gdansk and was born around 1864 and came to America when he was a teenager. He was my Great-great grandfather on my moms side. Thx

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Last Name Jodzko

My fiancé's last name is Jodzko, if you google Jodzko he can tell me exactly how he is related to every Jodzko that pops up. His grandfather came over to America during WWII and his last name was not changed after coming over. His grandfather claims his last name has always been Jodzko (he was 18 or 19 when he came over so he remembers well) My fiances grandfather has mentioned that his father sliced his last name shorter after a disagreement with his father. I have been told SEVERAL times that the last name was just shortened so it should be similar to Jodzko, but if that's the case then when googling Jodzko I feel I should be able to figure out the longer version of their last name. I know the Polish alphabet is different and letters are pronounced differently, is there anyone who could give me a possible different spelling of his last name based on the way letters are pronounced in Polish or based off their difference in alphabet. Last name Jodzko.
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Maybe this name was changed from Polish JodĽko.
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I'm looking for the origin of the name Szurszewski. Earlier in this topic someone said Szur, in south-eastern Poland, but I wasn't sure if that was correct.

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17 Mar 2017  #4,235

Surnames Palacowa and Okenko from Galicia

I am trying to decipher some old birth records to trace genealogy.
1. This surname looks like Palacowa. the L could be a T or L, but I think its an L. The "ow" could be something else too, but Palacowa is my best guess. It's a Polish word, but I don't see it as a surname.

2. Okenko is certain, but sounds Rusyn. Perhaps it means "the view" like named after a village on the top of a hill?

Any information on these will be greatly appreciated.
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@Deep Roots

The correct spelling of the surnames would be Pałac and Okienko. Pałacowa is an old-fashioned form for a married female. Pałac means "palace", and Okienko means "little window". The "-enko" ending looks similar to that of many Ruthenian or Ukrainian names, but this is coincidental in this case. Both names are normal Polish names, but pretty uncommon. There are about 1200 with the name Pałac in Poland, and about 130 with the name Okienko.
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Pazny - have very little info on grandparents on my fathers side..kept isolated from them

all I know is that have a picture of grandfather standing by me at the age of 3 in 1952...he was from Poland and changed his name to "Pazny" but do not know anything else about him..want to know if this shortened name is derived from a longer polish name. Trying to find out if I am of an orthodox jewish descent?
20 Mar 2017  #4,238

My grandmother's maiden name was written in Russian documents as "Dobrokryvo" (transliterated of course) which would have been Dobrokrzywo I assume in Polish spelling, although I am not an expert in Polish orthography.

She was originally born in Galicia not far away from Lwów and I know that her father was a shoemaker. They then moved for whatever reasons to Siberia.

Can somebody please help me with the background of this name? Is it possible that my grandmother has a Jewish background?

Thank you very much!

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