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All Future Polish Genealogy Researchers: Please Read before you start a thread

TheOther 5 | 3,141    
28 May 2013  #31

Unlike Poland though, Montenegro wasn't conquered by imperial powers.

Anyway, as I said earlier already: annexing someone else's territory was daily business in Europe throughout history, and Poland's fate was nothing unusual in that respect. What made the partitions unique IMHO was that a large and established European country was ultimately wiped off the maps.

Ironside 46 | 8,570    
28 May 2013  #32

The list is endless. Trying to (yet again) spread the myth that only Poland has suffered is utter nonsense.

you are talking utter nonsense and you know it.
5 Oct 2013  #33

The reason I've passed up this entire website, is the nattering nabobs of negativism that ignore the stated use of "Genealogy".
Kill or rename this, and allow others to return to it's intended use.
TheOther 5 | 3,141    
5 Oct 2013  #34

How about you sign up first so we know who we are talking to?
13 Nov 2013  #35

Ironside why do you claim ancient history is irrelevent when it did happen and ultimately has a larger impact than the annexation of Poland? Also where do you get off claiming it is nonsense to say that Poland is not the only country that suffered in Europe? Are going to ignore the Muslim invasion of Europe and the fact that before people started thinking of politics in terms of geography there were many more feudal states based upon loyalty which were at war with each other? It seems like an extreme case of narcissism to claim that Poland is the only country in Europe that suffered. Both Spain, and Germany have had civil war through most of their histories, in fact if it weren't for the Swedes having burnt many Church documents my great grandfather might have found out his ancestry further than the 1600's because my families documents were in a Catholic Church which the Swedes invaded in Germany not Poland.
Ironside 46 | 8,570    
14 Nov 2013  #36

Also where do you get off claiming it is nonsense to say that Poland is not the only country that suffered in Europe?

Oh come on get real, First of all I do not claim that only Poland suffered that what delaph said; how do you measure impact? I would say that events of yore have less impact than recent ones.
sonofmaciek 1 | 2    
3 Sep 2014  #37

If anyone is interested in helping me find records of my Polish grandfather please message me. I would appreciate the help.

Thank you

God bless
Polonius3 1,016 | 12,529    
29 Sep 2014  #38

What's the grandfather's name?
mimm746 1 | 2    
10 Apr 2015  #39

My great grandparents, Thomas Nawalany and his wife Anna, née Szymczak, were in the area of Chorna Woda ( Now in Malpolski province) during the 1879 Castral count. I need someone to look at the list of families and get me the first names and all information from that count for the Nawalany and Masliak(or similar) families.
Polonius3 1,016 | 12,529    
12 Apr 2015  #40

NAWALANY: probably derived from nawałnica (violent weather, downpours accompanied by strong winds).

SZYMCZAK: patronymic meaning Simonson.

MAŚLAK: root-word masło (butter), hence something buttery or a butter merchant; maśłak is also the name of a mushroom known in the US as a slippery jack.
mimm746 1 | 2    
12 Apr 2015  #41

Merged: Thanks Polonius

Thanks for the information Polonius, especially that about the Szymczaks. Now if I could only find out which parish ( I be-
lieve Greek Catholic.) in which they married, perhaps I could trace them back. My grandmother's ( Orina Nawalana) obituary says she was born in Chorna Hora, but that's not a village only an observatory. Or at least it was back in 1888 when she was born. I don't believe my great grandfather was an astronomer. The family would have remembered this. I am at a loss as I cannot read Polish to check.
toddkry - | 1    
28 Dec 2017  #42


tips on how to search for information?

folks on this site have been fantastic about sharing information, which is truly appreciated!
however, im curious to better understand where i can find more and more information about my family and its history in poland.
for instance, my grandfathers last name is krysiewicz. i know, thanks to others here, that means "son of Christopher"
i was also told the "wicz" is from northeastern poland. so, how was that determined, where could i have found that type of info, etc?

i am asking so i can do more and more on my own vs constantly asking the members here.
any tips of sites or other sources would be awesome.

thank you!

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