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Dreja and Lama surnames

20 Oct 2006 #1
I'm looking for families with last names Lama & Dreja in Strzelce/Zawadskie area. Would also like to know what area is like today - economy. etc.

My people were miners & farmers.

Thanks !

Merged: Dreja and Lama surnames - Strzelce area

I'm looking for great-grandparents Joseph Lama & Josephine (Dreja) Lama from Zawadzkie in the 1870s. Settled in Chicago.

I've been scouring LDS records from area villages, can't find records of either.
Lama in Maui - | 1
25 Nov 2007 #2
I am also searching for some more info on these folks. Are you a Lama?
23 Nov 2008 #3
Merged: Dreja family history

I am trying to build a family trre and would like any info about the DREJA name.

We are a family of Dreja's in Australia. My father/mother arrived post ww2. I am trying to build a family tree. To my knowledge the Dreja name is a 13th century French name that belonged to a gypsy clan. It is a Southern Poland name that was brought back when the borders of Poland started to shrink. This is only what I have found searching through history. The name could come from Dreyer, Dreya, Dreija and as such there is a lot of clouded history.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
25 Nov 2008 #4
Th Dreja surname may have arisen from:
*a the coat-of-arms by that name
* the German word drei (three)
* the locality of Dryja in the Konin area
* a short form of German Andrew -- Andreas.
There are 453 Drejas in Poland, of whom 313 in the Katowice area, the name's apparent ancestral nest.
osiol 55 | 3,922
25 Nov 2008 #5
the DREJA name

Chris Dreja, guitarist then bass player in the Yardbirds from 1963-1968ish.
25 Nov 2008 #6
Have you tried Polish family tree website
You can use it in English as I do. I found some of my family from Poland on there that I didn't know about..I searched Dreja and there are some trees..Mm I hope it helps anyway
22 Dec 2008 #7
I have many relatives and ancestors with surname of Drejas in Poland, Germany, New York and Illinois. Please relpy to talorbe@hotmail if you would like to exchange information. Thanks.
26 Oct 2011 #8
Merged: Zawadzkie & Staniszcze Wielkie

Hi Everybody !

I've been working on my family history for a few years now...I traced my Lama family roots back to Zawadzkie & Staniszcze Wielkie in the 1880s but I've stalled out because the church records for that time period are on microfilm (LDS) and its really, really tedious & time consuming looking at every entry scribbled out in latin. I got about a third of the way thru the Strzelcze Opolskie church records for the surnames Lama and Dreja with no luck, I have found some Lamas in the Kroscienko, Stary Sacz ad Szczawnica Wyzna area.

So I've been looking around on the internet and all of these areas look to be so beautiful...I wonder sometimes if my relatives ever regretted leaving...they ended up in Chicago at the turn of the century and and I know that they really struggled financially.

So here is my question... I know that Dreja is probably Czech, maybe gypsy...but is Lama even ethnically Polish ?? There are so many Lamas in Spain & Italy, could it be that some of them went east to find more fertile farm land ? All of the Lamas in my family are dark-haired, dark eyes and somewhat dark-skinned.

What do you think ?
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
26 Oct 2011 #9
LAMA: This name could have come from one of the Romance languages -- from Bona Sforza's time many Italians made there way north to seek adventure, a fortune or a flaxen-haired wife, and there were Spaniards in Napoleon's Grande Armée. But it could have also have been derived from German names such as Lamm or Lambert.

DREJA: Possibly from German verb drehen (to turn, operate a lathe) or variant form of Dryja (toponym). Heavily German-influenced Upper Silesia is the Dreja stronghold.

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