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Displaced Persons Camp / Work camp and concentration camp difference

leicester1 - | 1
21 Nov 2008 #31
hi my gran czeslawa and granfather jan kosteczko was sent to a dp springfield & northwick camp sep 2nd 1950.i'm just wondering wether you have any info on it or heard of dad and my dads brother and sister went back to the camp last year.
13 Apr 2009 #32
Is your mother Zosia?
Tried to send email but returned.
I have information about a camp not listed.
12 Jan 2010 #33
I know that my Father was at fallingbostel camp and then a transit camp from pictures and a few pieces of paper work, he worked in the camp as a clerk/translator, I have a jurnal that has names of people there illness and the treatment prescribed if you would be interested. I have been told a library would buy it but i would rather help you if you could give me history of how he might have been in this camp, I have a lot questions as I have a lot of questions My father never spoke of his life in poland much or anything about his war time expreince.....My father is polish but there are pics of him in uniform of sorts please reply if you might be interested
7 Aug 2010 #34
Hello .My Mother was BORN IN POLAND IN 1921.she was took to Germany . IN A PLACE CALLED HOHNE. KRISE CELLE IN THE WAR TO WORK ON A FARM. I was born in 1942 in Poland and do not know my fathers name or nationality.I WAS LEFT With my grandparents in Poland. My Mother had to go to germany to work.When i was 2 months old. After the war.My Mother met a polish soldier and there were married in Osnabruck Germany. In 1946. Then in 1947 THEY Went to England as my stepfather was under british command.I was left with my grandmother untill i was 17. Then i came to join them in England.THEY CAME TO LlNCOLN AND THEN TO PETERBOROUGH. iAM TRYING TO FIND OUT WHERE IN germany my mother went to after the war. but no luck.ALSO iAM Trying to find what ship she came over here on in may 1947 to SOUTHAMTON.But cannot find out anything. Idont know if there was other polish people who came here in the same year. if they were what ship did they arrive on.Of course my Mother has passed away now.but i am still trying to find any information i my Mother would never ever tell me my fathers name.And even on her Marridge Certicate in Germany she put her wrong date of birth.Her name was MARIA KOLODZIEJCZYK MARRIED NAME RYDELSKA.Please could someone give me a few ideas where to go from here .MANY THANK .STANISLAW.
10 Aug 2010 #35
Hi hannahko, there are passenger lists email me on hannahpeacock1981@hotmail and I will try to help you, I have been tracing my own family for about 5 years

Kind regards
spiritus 69 | 666
10 Aug 2010 #36
My mother was at several DP camps after the war including Fallingbostel. She was also at Braunschweig, Barum (where my brother was born), Marienborn and about ten others.

Her memories are fond ones. She recalls how they use to hang a curtain across the room to separate their living quarters from the rest of the barracks and how there would be dances every week with accordionists etc.

She also said the reason they were moved so many times is that the authorities didn't want the refugees to get too comfortable in one place and in a way wanted people to repatriate themselves.

I'd be delighted to hear from anyone with similar experiences.
26 Sep 2010 #37
My mother was in a displaced persons camp in Ludwigsburg, Germany. She left Poland in 1944 at the age of 15. She was sick with tuberculosis and fled a hospital in Otwock's, outside of Warsaw as the Russians were coming. It was actually a hospital for Germans that she was lucky enough to have been taken to because of a kind German solider. Her sister actually married this man to save my mother's life. They were euthenizing patients that were to ill to run. My mother escaped with too other young kids. They ran to the train station which was quite a distance (i found the hospital ten years ago while visiting) and were pulled on to the train through the windows. The Polish paritsans were shooting at the train as it was leaving with sick German soldiers and Poles clinging to the top and sides.

My mom was in the Ludwigsburg camp from 1945 to 1948. My mom and her two sisters were orphans and reunited in Germany with an aunt, their mother's sister. My mother made the agaonizing decision to leave for Canada to eventually reunite with her sisters in the states who had married American GI's. She arranged her passage with forged papers, as she was still sick with TB and signed herself into service in Canada as an indentured servant. The ship was the General Sturgis.

i have searched the internet for my mom to try and find any links or info for people who were in the Ludwigsburg camp.
22 Dec 2010 #38
I am an historian interested in the work of British Relief Workers who went to Europe after 1945 to assist Displaced Persons (DPs). My previous research explored the work of the Friends Relief Service (Quakers) in Displaced Persons Camps between 1945 and 1948.

If you were a member of a Relief Team working with Displaced Persons in Europe between 1945 and 1948, or you were a DP camp during this period, and are willing to share your recollections, I would dearly love to hear from you at or visit
Trevek 26 | 1,702
22 Dec 2010 #39
This article is about Serbs in a DP camp in Shropshire. However, there is also a Polish community nearby, perhaps there are connections.
1 Sep 2011 #40
I am not sure exactly how I found your posting. My name is Leslee and my mom was also born in a camp 05/10/1945. I know it was off the Port of Hamburg but that is all I know. My Granny was Latvian but died when I was young so we can't find out much. I am in the USA where my Mom and Granny came when mom was 5. I am
sstepun - | 1
8 Sep 2011 #41
Merged: Information on Displaced Camps Needed


I am wondering if anyone can give me information where I can find archives that list people by names in German displaced camps. Did they keep lists when people were there? My Grandparents were both from Poland during World War 2 and ended up in a displaced camp. I know they were married there and then came to the US. I am running into dead ends on my last name search. My last name is Stepun but I think it was changed for some reason when coming to the US. Both my Grandparent are decease so the info I have is limited. Any help would be much appreciated :)

17 Mar 2012 #42

My Father was Born in a Displaced Person camp in Hildesheim, Germany in 1947. He also doesnt know who his father is but has been told that he was a Big Polish Soilder who abandened my Grandmother and went back to Poland where he already had a family. My Grandmothers name is Michalina Lachera and my fathers name is Josef Jan Lachera.

I have been for a few years now trying to trace my Fathers families Ancestory. I have managed to this year find my Fathers Uncle which has been amazing. We are slowly asking him questions. What we have so far:-

My Fathers family, his Mother, came from Western Ukraine. A small village called "Taubivka" it is now called "Holubivka" and is inbetween Zhytomir and Kiev. They were Polish Ukranians along with most of thier neighbours apart from a few Ukrainians and they had a Farm and owned a lot of land which the Russians took away and made it a Collective Farm. They lost everything.

When the Germans then invaded they rounded up and shot his Grandfather. They wanted to take my Grandmother away to work but her older brother insisted he went instead, then after a while the remaining family (my Grandmother, her two remaining brothers and thier Mother) were sent on to Germany to work. They worked on a Germans Farm. They worked seperately, the boys on the Farm and the ladies in the Saw Mill. Every night the boys sneaked in with their mother and sister to sleep.

From here they went to a camp called Walsrode. Then I think they were liberated and went on to a Displaced Persons Camp in "Hildesheim". Trilke Verke.

I have several pictures of thier time in Hildeshiem. One with a lady who lived in the next hut called Zoshia. I will try and put them on here.

My Great Uncles stayed in Germany. In Fallingbostal (were he is today) and the other married a German lady and lived in Hameln. There mother died around 1948 (i am trying to get this information now). My Father has written off to the "International Tracing Service". Here they have information on everybody who entered Germany during WWII.

Kind Regards
Karen X
nunczka 8 | 458
6 Jul 2012 #43
Merged:Post ww2 displaced Poles immigrating to Australia

I notice that there are a lot of Poles in Australia. Could this be due to the placement of displaced persons from WW2..? I recall how many countries refused to accept them. I know that America accepted many thousands of them.

Surfing Google, I came up to an answer to my question.. One of the many DP camps in Germany. Wildflecken . Today it is an army base.. Elvis Presley was stationed there for awhile.
4 Apr 2013 #44
Merged: Looking for a Polish Soldier who fathered a Son in a Displaced Persons around 1946/47

Hi All
Has any one got a skeleton in their closet?? We are not looking for profit just to find the missing link.
My Grandmother after the war was in the Displaced Persons Camp in Fallingbostal. Around April 1946 they were moved to Hildesheim "Trilke Werke* where my father was born. My Grandmothers name is Michalina. She had two brothers Mietek (Martin) & Andrej. Their mothers name was Helene. They originally came from Ukraine. Where they were forcibly transported in November 1942.

The only information that we have was that he was a Big Polish Soilder (Tall). He had family in Poland. His name was possibly Adam.

Can anyone help us

Kind Regards

25 Dec 2013 #45
Has anyone a connection with a Stanislaw Pigon or Janina Pigon at the camp in Hildesheim around 1944 -1950?
18 Jan 2014 #46

My experience with Polish Diplaced Persons was in Zweibrucken Germany in the early "60's.
It was during the Cuban Crisis and we on alert. I was sent to a section where the guards were Polish. Being of Slovak descent I knew

a few words of Polish which I spoke to the guards.
katiejablonski - | 1
17 Feb 2014 #47
Merged: Question about relatives who were forced labor and lived in Minden displaced persons camp after WWII

Hello everyone,

I have always been extremely interested in my family's history, but my grandparents, who were separated from their parents at a young age and sent to Germany to work on German farms, were always very reluctant to discuss anything. My grandfather recently passed away, so I finally have access to some of his paperwork.

Their marriage paperwork states that my grandmother's place of birth is Dybków, Pieniawa, Jarosław, Krakowski. The only thing my grandmother told me was that she lived on a farm as a child, and had no paperwork (i.e. birth certificate) as children were born at home and never documented. Does this sound likely or do you think this would just be an attempt not to discuss her history? Also, can someone tell me where this area is, and if it presently has a different name?

Any help that anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated. I live in Buffalo, NY, USA (an area with one of the biggest Polish populations in the US) and would be glad to help anyone with research from this geographic area (library records, gravestones, etc.)

Thank you,
DominicB - | 2,709
17 Feb 2014 #48
It's Dybków, in Sieniawa township, in southeastern Poland near the Ukrainian border. Wikipedia has an article about it, which is amazing as the population is only 37.
20 Nov 2014 #49
My mother was in a displaced persons camp in Ludwigsburg, Germany.

Could your mother have been born in Lubeck where many Latvians were . I was born there in 1946 to Latvian mother
25 Nov 2014 #50
Merged: Photos of displaced persons camp (Hildesheim)?

My mother and grandparents from Poland were in a displaced persons camp in Hildesheim where my half sister was born in 1947; the birth was illegitimate. I saw a post from KBorowski (Karen X) indicating that she would post several photos of Hildesheim; did she? If so, how do I see them. Otherwise I would love if she emailed them to me. Please advise. Thank you. Erika
26 Nov 2014 #52
Merged: Hildesheim photos?

Thank you to Pam who replied.
I am new to this and do not know how to become a member. Will someone please advise?
Does anyone else have photos of Hildesheim? I feel so close and yet so far away from new information.
Thank you.
Vincent 9 | 864 Moderator
26 Nov 2014 #53
I am new to this and do not know how to become a member. Will someone please advise?

On our home page, click on 'sign up' and just follow the instructions.
9 Apr 2015 #54
Hi Wozzy. This is my first post here.

My wife's aunt lived in Lincolnshire and took a Polish DP boyfriend during the war. In 1952 they moved to New York, she was English born in Liverpool 1913 as Margaret Farrington and a professional concert pianist. He was Karol Maleczewski born 1903 in Warsaw. He died in 1999 and she died in 2007 both in America. My family had no contact with them since 1952 and it was only due to her musical career in the States that her obituary eventually came to our notice. It included correct birth and family details and included her married name that we did not know, Maleczewski. Research indicates that her husband was Karol Maleczewski who probably americanised his name to Charles Maleczewski.

We found both on the passenger list for the French ship Liberte arriving in New York on March 31st 1952, she is Margaret Farrington and he shown as Karol Maleczewski and later are shown on the American social service death lists as Margaret Maleczewski and Karol now shown as Charles Maleczewski.

We need to fill in gaps in our tree and ask did these DP camps conduct marriage services and if so where can we find the records as we cannot trace them in UK or USA records, and is there anywhere that we can also find the history for Karol before the war and during the war and his time in the DP camps.

Thank you.
spiritus 69 | 666
15 Apr 2015 #55
I find this chapter of history fascinating.

My mother spent over ten years in DP camps around Germany.

Many of the place names that people mention on this thread I recognise from my conversations with her.

She said the conditions were not always that comfortable i.e. having to share a barracks with dozens of other strangers. To create an air of privacy some families would drape blankets on a string across their area.

Food was strictly rationed and some people felt they were given less food then during the wartime.

But she also said the social aspect was great. People from all walks of life living in the same camp many people with fascinating stories to tell.

She told me that the Poles were one of the last nationalities to be offered the chance to return back to their homeland-Russians were one of the first.

Due to this delay, a lot of Poles in DP camps started to receive letters from relatives back home in Poland telling them that life under the Communists was no better than Nazi rule and as a result many Poles (my family included) decided not to go back to Poland.


Difference in work camp and concentration camp.

My mother told my daughter that when was taken to a work camp to sew. She survived the war, but she also said she was operated on to remove a burst apendex. I am trying to locate a camp that was near Nurnberg. And also a listing of names of folks at such a camp and leads.

I imputed in a search on the net and am having problems finding what I am looking for.

The Red Cross maintained files of DPs (displaced persons of all nationalities) from the war years.
Start here to see if they can help you:
karenborowski 1 | 1
4 Jun 2015 #56
Merged: Displaced Person Camp - Trilke Werke - Hildesheim

This is for Eryka.
Im really sorry I have only just seen your message about wanting to see the photos that I have of my Grandmother and family in Trilke Werke the Displaced persons camp in Hildesheim.

I have found a lot of family since I last posted. Thanks to forums like this.

Kind Regards

16 Mar 2017 #57
I was born in displace camp in Germany.I got alot of info from AROLSEN Tracing Agency.You can fill in form online.
Lyzko 32 | 7,873
16 Mar 2017 #58
In Bad Arolsen are located the files of not only displaced persons, but also individual Holocaust victims and their known fate:-) Typically "Arbeitslager" were separate and distinct from concentration camps aka "KZs", or "Sammellager" in which both gentiles as well as Jews were interned!

This is my understanding from years immersed in research on the subject.
28 Jun 2017 #59
We are looking for information about my mother in law who spent time at the DP camp Fallingbastel in Germany 1949-50. Her name was Janina Szewczak born 28 Nov 1923 married during the war. Polish. Maiden name Janina Koper. Sent to Australia, Melbourne November 1950 arriving from Naples on the Protea which departed 2 November 1950. The first ship was sinking so they had to change boats which left Germany. She had a son during the war Stanilaw Koper born in Salzgitter Germany. who is alive today in Australia. She worked as farm slave labour.
spiritus 69 | 666
28 Jun 2017 #60
My mother was in Fallingbostel as well as about 10 other DP camps in Germany from 1946 to around 1952. However, I doubt she will know the name as there were thousands of people in those camps.

Where did she work as farm slave labour ? My mother worked in a small German village called Marienborn.

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