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Despirate to find records of Polish POW held in Stalag XI-A from 1939-1945

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3 May 2015 #1
Any help to get records of Polish POW who was held in Stalag XI A from 1939-1945.
He was from Lodz.
Name Abram Ajzenszmidt
Birth year: 1915
He never spoke of how life was for Polish Soldiers in this POW camp. We only have a small amount of artifacts from his POW time. We found these after he died in 2006. Any help of what to do is very VERY grateful. Thank you.
TheOther 6 | 3,692
3 May 2015 #2
Here's some information about Stalag XI-A:

Couldn't find any prisoner lists online though.
rfrack8610 2 | 3
15 Jan 2017 #3

WWII Exchange of Polish POW's 1939-1940

Family history says my dad was in a prisoner (POW) exchange, Captured by the Russians in late 1939 and in Lagiers then transferred/exchanged to the German and then in Stalags starting with XXA in Thorne. This POW exchange happened in or near Hannover, Germany in 1939 or 1940. I am not seeing the exchange by simple internet search. Anyone have more information, it must have been significant?

rfrack8610 2 | 3
24 Jan 2017 #4

Polish POW transfer from Russians to Germans 1939

old family records state my dad was captured by Russians in 1939, held for a while in Lagiers then there was a prisoner exchange in Hannover, Germany in 1939 or 1940 and dad went to Stalag XXA , the first of many Stalags . I can find no information online about this prisoner exchange. It must have been a big deal involving many POWs. Does anyone have information on this exchange?

Thanks Roman

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