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Where are birth records from Przewałka ( Bialystok Department ) held?

hania99 1 | 6
27 Jan 2014 #1
I am trying to find the names of the children of Jan Szawelski and Józefa Gasilewska (my grandparents). They lived in and around Przewałka - near Grodno - in department Bialystok, circa 1910. Does anyone know if vital records for that region survived, and where they are now? (Przewałka is also known as Privalki, Pshevulka, Привалка.) Thank you in advance to everyone who replies. Hania Szawelska.
TheOther 6 | 3,692
28 Jan 2014 #2
Could it be that the family name of your grandmother was 'Wasilewska' by any chance? Then you'd have quite a few datasets at the LDS to choose from:
OP hania99 1 | 6
28 Jan 2014 #3
Thank you for this. My father always spelled it as Gasilewska. He said she crossed the Niemen to marry Jan Szawelski. I think there are many Gasilewski'a on the other side of the river. The names I'd be looking for, though, would have Szawelski/a as surname. I'm really hoping someone can tell me where the records might be kept. That part of Poland is now Belorus.

4 Nov 2014 #4
Most of Przewalka archives are in Vilnius, some in Grodno
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
4 Nov 2014 #5
GASILEWSKI: possibly a patronymic to indicate the son of Gabriel, Gaweł or Gadomir.

PRZEWA£KA: probably derived from verb przewalić (to knock someone over, trip, cause to fall).

SZAWELSKI: patronymic meaning "son of Saul".
OP hania99 1 | 6
9 Nov 2014 #6
Thanks for this, Jaczwing. That's very helpful. I hope they survived the wars. Hania.

Thanks, Polonius. My father seemed to think that Szawelski originated from Lithuania. Here's what I found on wiki:
Šiauliai is referred to by a various names in different languages: Samogitian: Šiaulē, Latvian Saule (historic) and Šauļi (modern), German (outdated): Schaulen, Polish: Szawle, Russian: Шавли (Shavli - historic) and Шяуля́й (Shyaulyai - modern), Yiddish: שאַװל (Shavel).

Looks like this is pretty much what you said, with Saule being the Latvian version of Szawle.
21 Mar 2015 #7
Yes, most of them survived the wars and are rather easily accesible in the archive in Vilnius.
21 Mar 2015 #8
Searching for birth , marriage & death records for Bialystok starting 1870-1901 family Karpowicz/Karpovitch -first names Israel, Benjamin, Chaim, Moiseij - anyone with info/guidance? Thanks in advance
5 Feb 2019 #9
I am having difficulty finding birth records for my father Iwan Hoderewski Lomza Poland. October 14, 1917. He was orthodox. Any ideas as to where I can look for his birth. He was the youngest in the family. He had 2 brothers Pawel & Piotr and two sisters Luba & Antonina. Mother Ann Djubina Hoderewski, Father Alexsander. I have no records on any person. He was born in Lomza but the family traveled to Sluzk, Perm then back to Lomza where he was drafted into the red Cavalry. He immigrated to the US in 1952. I was told by one government office that files for Lomza only go till Oct 10, 1917 and to try the civil registry office. It is hard to pinpoint which office email or address to send to. I sent another email to sekretariat@gmina lomza but have not yet received a return.

Any hints as to where I should look?
terri 1 | 1,664
6 Feb 2019 #10
The best place would be the local parish church,. It is likely that the baby was baptised. It might be easier to get someone to go in person to the Register office and seek the necessary birth certificate.

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