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Repatriations from Lwow in 1945/46 - public records

travelmaster99 1 | 2
23 Jan 2011 #1
Does anyone know if there are any public records including dates, names, destinations of the people who were repatriated from Lwow to "ziemie odzyskane" in 1945/46 ?

Is there anything on this subject on the net?
Peter 3 | 248
17 Feb 2011 #2
You may have to look "on the ground" in Ukraine for such information in the relevant parish / town registry.
dwwd 1 | 13
17 Feb 2011 #3
This kind of data is stored in the AAN in Warsow (Archiwum Akt Nowych)

You should write to: beata <a>

The whole family (sons, wife or husband) of the repatriate are indexed after the (former) polish citizen that was being repatriated.


oh, and there is a search online for the data (sometime the online search shows no result... so write to Pani Beata directly)

My grandmother's (repatriated in 1968) info was on the SEZAM database.

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