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Great Uncles' military records (and medals?) He died in 1939/40.

gjene 14 | 204
29 Oct 2011 #1
Since my grandfathers' brother also served in the military and as far as I know was not married and did not have children, how easy it would be to get his records as well as my grandfathers? What I am trying to get at is this, would the military give me a copy of my great uncles' records since he never had any children? Besides my grandfather, there was another brother who had children. As far as I know those children may not be interested in the records or any medals this individual may have earned. Since I may be one of the few living relatives that are close enough of a relation to him and asking about him. All I know is that he was captured by the Soviets in 1939 or 1940. The only other information is that he died in 1940 after being released from a POW camp and was attempting to make it back home before dying somewhere enroute. So if there are any medals he earned, would the military issue them to me as the next closest relative?

While I may not have found out what unit or regiment my great uncle may have served with, I have finally broke through the wall and obtained information on the regiments my grandfather belonged to. I sent a request with that information to the Military Archives in Warsaw 2 weeks ago. How long would it take for them to respond to this request? If my grandfathers' brother served during the same time frame, even with a different unit or regiment would the Archives be able to retrieve the brothers' service records as well? thanks.

I am under the impression that the military archives is doing some renovation work and currently not answering emails. I am hoping someone can direct me towards a site where I can look up the history of the 1st or 4th Signals Regiment/Battalion. My grandfather served with the 4th Signals regiment of the Polish Armed forces from 1919-1922 (discharged in 1922) and then with the 1st Signals during September of 1939. The letter that I now have in my possession does not give any indication if he was a P.O.W. of the Russians or Germans. Nor does it indicate if and when he was discharged. He does mention some locations that he was in during his service in September. The last place is now called Cortkov, Ukraine. I can provide the names of the other locations if needed in order to track down the correct unit.
Looker - | 1,134
9 Apr 2015 #2
To gain access to archived data about your relative you need to provide documents which prove your degree of relatedness to that person. This is what I read in Document Accessing Regulations of Central Military Archives. Check their site for more details:

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