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I'm polish and have a darker complexion - WHY?

KielbasaK 1 | 5
29 Apr 2009 #61
yeh you probably right, my family comes from some city that is right by the border to czech republic.. its like south poland.. i would assume that darker people live ther
Pani_Polska - | 89
29 Apr 2009 #62
i'm nearly 100% polish and a bit ukranian
but i have medium brown hair, light brown eyes, and i'm constantly tan all year round to some extent (i get very tan very easily in summer)

Maybe Romanian or Turkish blood? I have cousins who are really dark, their father is 100% Polish but has Turkish heritage way back down the line
PennBoy 76 | 2,437
29 Apr 2009 #63
Pennboy it's not the end of the world. It will be okay, I promise. It's not a big deal to have a tiny bit of tan and hair that is maybe medium brown instead of light. The world will not end because someone has a brown eye and not a light green one.

Did i say something? all i said was that the guy was wrong in his comment.
southern 75 | 7,096
30 Apr 2009 #64
i'm polish and have a darker complexion - WHY?

Any NATO base near your city?
PolishCowboy 1 | 48
2 May 2009 #65
i'm polish and have a darker complexion - WHY?

Most likely some member of your family came from Arabic roots. That's the case with my family anyway.
Mystic 2 | 48
2 May 2009 #66
I'm about 60% Polish and of average complexion. I get very pale in the winter, but I can get quite tan in the summer (may be the 12.5% Italian in me lol). As for eye color, mine are a very light brown/hazel. My dad has hazel eyes and he's 75% Polish, but has dark hair. His dad was 100% Polish and I think he had hazel eyes and darker hair as well. My natural hair color used to be very light blonde, but it's getting darker as I get older (I'm 17 now). It's now a dark blonde/very light brown.

So I suppose it really does all depend on location.
7 May 2009 #67
im really white but in the summer if i go out side i get really tan but then i get a couple of frekles & if i forget to put on sun screen i get burned & thats not fun i have light brown eyes & brown hair but my sister has really dark brown hair & really light greyish eyes(yes natrual) & anyways in the summer she can go out with out any sunscreen & in one day go from as white as paper to really dark in a day & doesnt have one freckle :(
Mr Grunwald 23 | 1,661
7 May 2009 #68
Dark skinned" Poles are not necessary mixed with anything (especially Central Americans ). Damn, we're not Norwegians...

actualy most sami lives in Oslo and there has been Tater/gypsies here too
Also from the 70's an huge immigration from the middle-east. Now Poles "invades" Norway too :)

Also Sweeds&Danes&Norwegians are used to mix with each other :)

But in general I got your point tho ;)
StClaire DeLion
11 Jul 2010 #69
im Eastern Euro and there are dark skinned like DARK and super white skinned. I have the colour i guess like olive coloured as everyone says. Most ppl think im italian but im not. was born in BRasov. Trace ur history all the way back to the Roman Empire. Other besides that skin is just skin colour. U are Polish and thats it :) Good Luck with ur search.

No one reads there History anymore? Euro has been for ever mixing with whom ever. If u are born in Poland or ur parents are from poland ur polish. Geez.....if u ever lived in Euro most ppl dont care what ur skin colour is!! and ive meet a lot of dark skinned polish ppl!!
Robert A 1 | 102
11 Jul 2010 #70
i'm polish and have a darker complexion - WHY?

Recessive genes???? ;)
Sebastian 6 | 108
12 Jul 2010 #71
I noticed the same thing. My moms side of the family is like that. They actually look more tan and a bit Mongol. I know, its wierd. They have tan skin, black head hair, the men are not hairy, and have dark brown eyes. My dads side is more pale, blue eyes, light brown hair and a lot hairier. I'm somewhere in the middle.

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