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I am looking for an African guy in Krakow, I dated

kasiafromkrakow 1 | 2
5 Sep 2013 #1
Hello, I am Kasia and I am from Krakow. I don't know if this is the right place to write about my situation but I am looking for an african guy in Krakow I met several times. I don't want to give all the details because I feel a little bit ashamed but I dated him, we met several times in the rynek of Krakow to have a drink. He was very sweet and kind to me. Last time I invited him to my flat so that he can taste some polish food and know the polish hospitality. We ended up sleeping together and it was nice. The next day, he left before I woke up. I am looking desperately for him now. The thing is that I am pregnant and the baby I am waiting is from him since I have not had any other partner. I am looking for him now. We dated during 2 weeks (during July), he didn't want to tell me many things about his personal life but i think he is mother-tongue is french. So, if anyone could help me, or give me some advice of what to do to find him, I will be happy. Thank you

Kasia :)
pierogi2000 4 | 229
5 Sep 2013 #2
Step 1: Get abortion
Step 2: Leave Poland
Wulkan - | 3,243
5 Sep 2013 #3
step 3: Go for an HIV test
5 Sep 2013 #4
Wow what a pickle

What did you think was going to happen ohhh come back to mine for some bigos then give me the kielbasa

If only i knew how naive polish girls where before i got married lol
OP kasiafromkrakow 1 | 2
5 Sep 2013 #5
Step 1: Get abortion
Step 2: Leave Poland

why are you so rude? :( I am against abortion and Poland is my country
delphiandomine 88 | 18,322
5 Sep 2013 #6
Step 1: Get abortion
Step 2: Leave Poland

Step 3: stop posting rude, arrogant stuff. You left Poland many years ago.
Foreigner4 12 | 1,768
5 Sep 2013 #7
Kasia, you would know how to find him before we would. But ask yourself some of these questions and they may lead to better questions:

Where did you first meet him?
Do you know areas where he spent time?
Does/did he belong to any clubs?
What hobbies did he have?
Does he read a lot?
Which places have the best selection of French literature?
Who did you meet through him?
Do you remember anyone that he also knows?

And sadly, you may want to take Wulkan up on his advice.
Cardno85 31 | 976
5 Sep 2013 #8
Do you remember anyone that he also knows?

Following on from this:
Was he working in Kraków?
Was he a student?
Is it likely he may have gone home?
If you are sure is still in Kraków, we can't find them without more and shame girl!!!!!
Bieganski 17 | 896
6 Sep 2013 #9
Hello, I am Kasia and I am from Krakow.

It sounds very unusual that you dated for half a month but you only know what he looks like and that his native tongue may have been French (which of course doesn't mean that he is from France).

How were you able to arrange to meet him several times over a two week period? Surely you had communicated with him by phone or email address. If so doesn't he respond to you anymore when you call or write? Or has any phone number or email of his suddenly been deactivated?

If he was just visiting then where was he staying? At a hotel or with other people?

If he was unwilling to talk about himself he may have a partner or is married; probably has children too. He may also have been in Poland illegally or was involved in some other criminal activity.

You should consider filing a police report.
6 Sep 2013 #10
Hi! I'm under shock to read about sorry such a stupidity. When sleeping with strangers, at least to use protection. I have often read that Polish women had the lowest rate of oral contraception taking in all UE and we see the result. Now, push has come to shove and there are only 2 solutions: either to go to the Czech Republic and have an abortion (along the border with Poland, there are a lot of private clinics and any Polish doctor will know) or to keep an unwanted kid and to have a hell of a life and first check whether he gave you aids or another crap. The guy has simply disappeared since not interested and has probably left Krakow if not Poland. Should he have returned to Africa, to France or to Belgium or to wherever, impossible to get hold of him and I seriously doubt that posting in PF will help.

Like I said, there are not many solutions but please Kasia, if you mean to sleep around, do get pill prescribed or have condoms in your purse.

PS: should the girl have been let's say Bristish, she would have been called all kinds of names but since she's Polish, all the PF guys will praise her and bash the black guy.

@Bieganski: what for going to the police? They'd chew her up. She can't even pretend to have been raped since she has invited him to her place. The police obviously won't do anything; sleeping with a consenting Polish girl is not illegal ;). Unfortunately in 2013 it still happens in countries like Poland (no sex education, lowest use of oral contraception in UE, conservative society and we see the result).
6 Sep 2013 #11
Are you one of the girls that hang around the galleria and date guys in exchange for clothes/cash if not you should go try it you would fit right in they are also slags

If you keep the baby I would suggest leaving poland as interacial babies raised by a single parent as you well know are frowned upon and treated very badly in society maybe go to africa if you cant find the dad there will be many who look like him
jon357 72 | 21,017
6 Sep 2013 #12
Step 1: Get abortion

This is one option, another is having the baby adopted, another is to keep the child. There are only three possibilities here.

Like I said, there are not many solution

It isn;t unusual for someone to sleep with a stranger and then not be able to find them. It takes two to tango, however the woman is left with the problem.

A hard problem, but one that happens the world over.
6 Sep 2013 #13
@Jon: yes, the woman is left with the problem and therefore she should be smart. It's fricky to see that so many Polish girls are still naive in 2013.

@Soppy: you are right.
6 Sep 2013 #14
A hard problem

Its not hard just bag it up or swallow
Wroclaw Boy
6 Sep 2013 #15
Careful people, if this story is true this a pregnant women with one hell of a problem were dealing with here. Shes very desperate - so be careful what you say, we all make mistakes.

Imagine if this was happening to somebody close to you.
DedeBR 2 | 14
6 Sep 2013 #16
are some of you saying to her to have an HIV test coz the guy is African or because he's just a random guy???

Somehow it sounded like racism, but obviously I can be wrong here...
delphiandomine 88 | 18,322
6 Sep 2013 #17
How am I being rude or arrogant?

You're being completely out of line.

Who asked you to judge what she did and didn't do? For what it's worth, I believe the problem is only in your own pathetic head.

You're a vile, despicable person. Telling someone to abort a child because it's mixed race is unbelievably disgusting.

Trying to suggest that she has mental and physical problems just because she made a mistake...I guess you're perfect and have led an even better life than Jesus, huh?
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,868
6 Sep 2013 #18
At the least she suffers from low self esteem

maybe she does, so why are you adding to her misery with comments like

your disgusting and filthy actions

leave the poor woman alone, everyone makes mistakes in life.
Kasia you do have several options and I guess you know what they are.
You might think about moving to London or Berlin if you are going to be a single mother of a mixed race child tbh.
One thing to forget about is finding this person.
(I do hope this is not a troll)
6 Sep 2013 #19
Why would you be ashamed?

we met several times in the rynek of Krakow to have a drink.

Why do you have the need to tell the forum your sexual encounter was nice?

I am looking desperately for him now.

Why do you quote twice ' you are looking for him now '

We dated during 2 weeks (during July), he didn't want to tell me many things about his personal life but i think he is mother-tongue is french.

You met him several times and he did not want to tell you anything about his private life. My experience of Africans is they are always very open about their roots and private life,even if they are here as ' refugee status'.

Finally all women I know from Krk refer to the city as Cracow.

If you are telling the truth and he is French speaking, then he may be from Senegal,Ghana,Cameroon, Congo or Ivory Coast, if he was here on ' refugee status' he would more than likely wish to maintain a relationship for the benefits,so we can cancel that one out.
Gr33k 1 | 2
6 Sep 2013 #20
What is wrong with you people. I hope noone of you will need help in the future because if this reaction come back at you you will be in trouble... She is having a serious problem to solve and the least thing she needs is others judging her...

Don't search for the guy no good will come from this. Secondly if you have close relatives(mother,father etc) i would recommend to discuss it with them and not get through this alone. Abortion is not the best good option but your case is quite difficult to deal so if you think this child will hold you back then consider about it. Just try to think it thoroughly do not get angry for doing this mistake. Anger is a short period of insanity and it will definitely not help you deal with this in the best way. And some tests about HIV etc would be really good before deciding to have a baby.

I wish you the best and to find a solution fast. Farewell
Kowalski 7 | 621
6 Sep 2013 #21
I think you are all being taken for a ride here and "kasia" has some fun
Bieganski 17 | 896
6 Sep 2013 #22
Kasia said she is desperate to find him. The police are the best source to locate someone. She could ask to discuss her problem with a female police officer rather than an unsympathetic male officer.

And no one said she has to claim she was raped. Since she felt they were dating (as in him being her boyfriend) then she could file a missing person report. Who knows, he could be lying in a hospital and that is why she is unable to reach him. Or he is known to the police already and they know where he living or spending most of his time in Krakow.

This lover of hers could be the next Simon Mol and I'm sure everyone here can agree they had wished women started complaining sooner about him so others could be warned.
6 Sep 2013 #23
I think you are all being taken for a ride here and "kasia" has some fun

I am also of the opinion the whole thing sounds very strange.

It should be quite easy for the Police, they have access to footage from cameras on the Rynek, all she need provide is a time and place.

Maybe the mods can check the IP, profile and word content of the OP against posters of negative comments against Africans and Polish women on polishforum.
OP kasiafromkrakow 1 | 2
6 Sep 2013 #24
it makes me very sad to read some of the comments here and there are people who insult me, and suggest me to abort just because my child will be half African. I think I made a mistake about posting this here, I am sorry :(
Englishman 2 | 278
6 Sep 2013 #25
Kasia, I am sorry some people have said hurtful things or been unhelpful. I know you want to find this man, to tell him about the baby.

You wrote that he did not say much about his personal life. Can you think back to the times you met him and anything he did say, or anything else about him, that could give you any clues about where you might find him? It seems to me that this is the best hope, if you have no contact details for him. For instance, I assume you know his name. This could give a clue to his nationality. His age could indicate whether he might be a student. Being crude about things, you slept with him, so you know whether he is circumcised. If he is, he may well be from a Muslim country or area in French-speaking Africa, which also narrows things down. He may have told you about his career or occupation or provided you with some information indicating his home town or city.

Finally, did you meet him with anyone else who might still be in Krakow and that you could track down? Did you go to particular bars, cafes or restaurants, and do you know where he was staying? You could go back to those places and try talking to the people there to see whether they know how to get hold of him.

IMO anyone who has a relationship with a Polish woman is privileged; to have a baby with one is a true blessing. I'm sure he'll be grateful for your attempts to find him. Good luck :-)
6 Sep 2013 #26
I think you have 2 hopes of finding this guy bob hope and no hope

sounds to me like you are trolling as anyone would know which country there lover came from unless your a hooker, are you a hooker? as that would explain how after two weeks you didnt find out even basic information
6 Sep 2013 #27
Re test for aids and any kind of crap, it's because it"s a random guy but sorry to f... with a unknown guy without being protected is pure insanity. And to those who believe that he's from French speaking Africa (Kasia said that his mother tongue may be French and did not say it is), good luck to find him ;). What does she think that someone in PF will find the guy and force him to marry her and as to the police, why don't you think they'll do besides laughing and throwing her out of the police station? But I'm now sure it's a troll in order to feed racism and I do hope it's a troll as it's hard to believe a girl can be so stupid and irresponsible. We all sure do make mistakes but like this barely any of us does.
jon357 72 | 21,017
6 Sep 2013 #28
But I'm now sure it's a troll in order to feed racism

It does look like that, doesn't it. Probably one of the usual suspects who recently appeared under another user name pretending his girlfriend had been raped in Warsaw and posted all sorts of conflicting details.
6 Sep 2013 #29
@Shreke; that's true that when we meet/socialize or f.... with a foreigner, almost the first question is "where do you come from?" because everybody is curious and wants to know. She thinks that he may be French speaking but she does not know for sure; Africans use other European languages such as English, Portuguese, Afrikaneer besides French on top of their African languages or dialects.

@Jon: it is too big to sound true. Most probably a troll.
smurf 39 | 1,979
6 Sep 2013 #30
Sorry about your situation Kasia.
Polish Forums is full of a@sholes.
Pay no attention to the racists, you could give birth to the next Phil Lynott or Paul McGrath :)

Best of luck......if I was you I'd go to the Police....or can't you like get a PI to trake him down once the baby is born and he'll have to pay some contribution to its upbringing?

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