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Where can I buy lamb in Poland?

jon357 69 | 13,499    
27 Feb 2015  #61

Carrefour at Arcadia have lamb now however the quality isn't great and the price is high. Ok once in a while.

Flying back from the UK with a suitcase full of meat for your freezer (it doesn't go off in that short time) is another possibility.

bug080 2 | 12    
13 Apr 2015  #62

Merged: Raw lamb/goat meat in Lodz?

I wonder if somebody here knows where it's possible to buy lamb or goat meat in Lodz? Or anywhere in Poland, in general. Especially goat meat. I am not very keen on restaurants that serve mutton but am looking for fresh meat for making my own homemade dishes out of it.
JollyRomek 7 | 481    
13 Apr 2015  #63

Galeria Lodzka has a superb butcher on the ground floor. Alternatively, you may want to check out these guys:
Tomas58 - | 1    
29 Feb 2016  #64

good aftenoon, I'm Interested in buying lamb carcasses or live lambs in Poland.
Kcn - | 1    
17 Aug 2017  #65


Where I can found goat or lamb meat in Bydgoszcz?

I would like to by fresh goat meat or lam in bydgoszcz. I want cook as homemade styles by myself.
rozumiemnic 9 | 3,597    
17 Aug 2017  #66

first, catch your goat...
DominicB - | 2,602    
17 Aug 2017  #67


Try this place:

J.M. Spychalscy
Ludwika Solskiego 15
85-125 Bydgoszcz
+48 793 597 027

As you know, Poles don't each much lamb, and practically no mutton or goat, so there will probably be none available in the store. But they can order it for you and butcher it as you like. A warning: it's not going to be cheap, and you might have to buy large amounts. Chances are that it will be frozen. But they will get it for you if you give them plenty of time to order it.
Roger5 2 | 1,476    
28 Sep 2017  #68

[moved from]

Even lamb ... is available now.

It's still very hard to find over here in the east. Where can you find it in Warsaw?
Harry 81 | 13,362    
28 Sep 2017  #69

Where can you find it in Warsaw?

Biedronka. Irish lamb, fairly decent stuff, about 18zl a pack. Check your local Biedronka.
mafketis 16 | 5,701    
28 Sep 2017  #70

IME that's very hit and miss. The one closest to me will have it for a little while then it disappears for a long time (since most Poles either don't care for it or aren't curious enough to try).
Atch 14 | 2,269    
28 Sep 2017  #71

Yes, agreed. I haven't seen it in my nearest branch for ages and per kilo it was very pricey. Also I wouldn't eat any cuts other than a leg of lamb as they don't butcher it properly. The cuts don't compare to the British and Irish way, you can't get a decent lamb chop or a lamb shank. Oh, I could weep :((
Harry 81 | 13,362    
28 Sep 2017  #72

you can't get a decent lamb chop or a lamb shank.

You can here, but at a cost

I'll just point out to any overzealous mod that as that company delivers, any English family in Wroclaw that wants lamb can use that company.

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