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Where can I buy lamb in Poland?

MoOli 9 | 384    
22 Sep 2012  #31

Frankly Makro will be your best bet, but frozen stuff only and it is not cheap.

Cuz its usually Australian leg of the lamb.

Avalon 4 | 1,068    
22 Sep 2012  #32

Just bought a half of lamb from a friend who has relatives in the Tatras, 17 PLN per Kilo, still have two unopened jars of mint sauce from the "English week" at Lidel, sound job.
LEICA 4 | 18    
22 Sep 2012  #33

My mouth is watering,what time for dinner?????????????
landora - | 199    
23 Sep 2012  #34

Tesco Online is selling "udziec jagnięcy" (lamb's leg) for 49,99zł per kg.
scottie1113 7 | 901    
23 Sep 2012  #35

I've bought fresh lamb twice from two different shops in Hala Targowa (Gdansk) but I don't remember the price. I'll check tomorrow. Frankly, it was just OK, but one of them later sold me a frozen leg of New Zealand lamb for the same price per kilo, and it was fantastic.

I also found a kebab shop that sells lamb kebabs for 18zl. A little expensive for a kebab, but it's lamb.
Harry 81 | 13,362    
23 Sep 2012  #36

The best lamb I every had in Poland was Irish lamb.
LEICA 4 | 18    
23 Sep 2012  #37

(I also found a kebab shop that sells lamb kebabs for 18zl. A little expensive for a kebab, but it's lamb.)

Hi Scottie,

can you let me have the address of the kebab shop.

kind regards
scottie1113 7 | 901    
23 Sep 2012  #38

It's called Habibi, on ul.Panska just off Szeroka going toward Hala Targowa.
Avalon 4 | 1,068    
24 Sep 2012  #39

And if you get the s**ts, you know it is Alsatian.
MoOli 9 | 384    
24 Sep 2012  #40

Can I buy lamb in Poland if so where

LOL! so many brits(esp Welsh) in Poland:))) help yourself:) Most kebab shops sell baranina or kurczak kebabs on marchukauskau can get baranina(lamb) kebabs for 12 zl
Orpheus - | 116    
24 Sep 2012  #41

Baranina is mutton.
Mięso jagnięce is lamb.
MoOli 9 | 384    
24 Sep 2012  #42

scottie1113 7 | 901    
24 Sep 2012  #43

I found lamb in two shops in Hala Targowa. 30zl/kilo.
LEICA 4 | 18    
24 Sep 2012  #44

Do you know what time Hala Targowa opens and closes on a Saturday.
also is it in Gdansk.

Kind regards
Orpheus - | 116    
24 Sep 2012  #45

Sounds like you've got bad withdrawal symptoms. Hope you get your fix soon.

I found lamb in two shops in Hala Targowa. 30zl/kilo.

I suppose this is frozen. Bit late in the season for fresh lamb, unless it's imported, in which case this price sounds on the low side. If it's mutton, it sounds a bit high.
pawian 127 | 6,554    
18 Jan 2013  #46

I don`t remember when I last ate lamb. In Zakopane a dozen or more years ago???
scottie1113 7 | 901    
18 Jan 2013  #47

I found a shop in Hala Targowa in Gdansk that sells frozen leg of lamb from New Zealand. Excellent stuff and they sell it to me for the same price as fresh Polish lamb, although it's MUCH better.
LEICA 4 | 18    
18 Jan 2013  #48


which is much better the Polish or the New Zealand lamb,also do you remember the price per kilo.

Thanks and have a cool weekend.
Varsovian 93 | 638    
18 Jan 2013  #49

I once bought a lamb from a farmer in Janowek near Wierzbno ... good, cheap too
Poles are silly - they think pork doesn't stink but that lamb does. Takes all sorts.
gumishu 11 | 4,826    
18 Jan 2013  #50

Good pork doesn't stink - there is no such thing as lamb that doesn't stink, I tell you from a first person experience
MoOli 9 | 384    
19 Jan 2013  #51

Hi anyone know where i can buy lamb in Czestochowa ? finding dificult to find !!

Sury are you the one from London?????I think we have met cpl times with Iza:)))OH BTW Australian leg of lamb is always in MACRO in your town bro.Only problem is you have to thaw it and take it to a butcher to cut it with your likes.If coming to warsaw let me know ill be there from feb for 4 weeks:)))
Dreadnought 1 | 143    
30 Jan 2013  #52

I live in the 'Podkarpacie' and we had trouble finding lamb.....the solution was to raise a couple of lambs and have them slaughtered then freeze them...still eating some now. Locals here will not touch the stuff they say it is poisonous???? as they say...go figure. Really interesting watching the local farmer slaughter the lambs (look away now squeamish person) short axe to the head, then swift knife to the only took a few minutes for them to die in agony...One took three good whacks to make it stay down!!!! But he did skin them in quick time....and we saved the guts for our dogs who lived the 'fat life' for a time. Nothing but nothing was of my dogs was even carrying a little 'hoof' around with her months later. This is life on a farm..... raw and brutal. (but farmers here are all fat)
croggers 7 | 109    
22 Feb 2015  #54


Just to inform all of you beautiful people that there are Irish Lamb chops in Biedronka
Harry 81 | 13,362    
22 Feb 2015  #55

Result! I'll have to get some the next time I leave the flat. Thanks for the tip.
istannbullu34 1 | 106    
22 Feb 2015  #56

I tried that, cooking on the pan with some spices, had a good taste, worth to try :)
Cardno85 31 | 976    
22 Feb 2015  #57

At only 15zl for 4 chops or two steaks it's a real bargain and I really enjoyed mine just grilled. Missed the mint sauce though!

You wouldn't believe it in Poland were lamb is not popular, but they are selling out really fast, so get to them quick!
Roger5 2 | 1,476    
22 Feb 2015  #58

It's easy to make your own mint sauce. Mint, vinegar, sugar. Or stock up when Lidl have a British week. Biedronka's lamb cutlets are good enough, but I'd avoid the gristly other pieces on offer. My local Lidl quite often sells lamb chops @ 20 PLN/4.
Harry 81 | 13,362    
22 Feb 2015  #59

M&S have mint sauce and mint jelly (I much prefer mint jelly).
Dougpol1 25 | 1,725    
25 Feb 2015  #60

No lamb here in Biedronka :) Thanks Scottie for the Gdansk Hala thumbs up. The labrador and myself will head down there on Friday morning.

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