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Mother's groups in Perth - I am looking to meet up with some other Polish mothers

Malenka 1 | 4
9 Mar 2010 #1
Hello everyone
I am just new to the forum, and also just new to Perth. I live NOR and I am looking to meet up with some other Polish mothers for a small playgroup. My husband and I are trying to teach our son Polish - and I would like him to learn that more people in the world speak Polish then just his mother and father!

Also it would nice to meet some more people in Perth. We have been here for three months now, and outside of playgroup and my husbands work we don't know too many people.


6 Sep 2010 #2
Hi Malenka .I live in NOR too.Been in Perth ofr 3 years and have 6 months old son whom i would love too teach Polish.Maybe we can meet for a coffee.
KOSKA - | 1
18 Sep 2010 #3
Hi Dorota and Malenka

I live NOR, Mount Lawley and will be having my first baby in January 2011. I would like to know if there are any polish mums groups/playgroups in Perth?

Maybe coffee (decaff) sometime??

Czy ktos tu mowi po polsku??

18 Oct 2010 #4
Just a few suggestions.

There is a Polish church in Maylands called Our Lady Queen of Poland which many of the Perth Polish community attend. There are also various Polish clubs ie Cracovia soccer club and General Sikorski club in Bellevue (near Midland).

There are a couple of organizations providing assistance to the elderly in Perth namely Rainbow and Umbrella. Although some of the groups I mention are older generations, perhaps if you contact these organizations they may be aware of any other groups around aimed mothers of young children. I believe there are still dance troups and Polish school for children to learn Polish and I'm sure someone from Rainbow will be able to give you contact details for Polish school. Rainbow is in 8th Avenue, Maylands just a few doors down from the church.

I don't have young children anymore so I'm not sure what is out there with regard to Polish Playgroups but unless something is run through the Polish community then I would suspect you either need to attend mainstream playgroups or organize your own play sessions. If you attend church then perhaps you could talk to the priests about having a playgroup session after church or in the church hall.

good luch

For some reason posters are using Polish language in this thread. Please don't as your post will be removed
OP Malenka 1 | 4
26 Oct 2010 #5
Hi ladies

Sorry it has taken a while to answer - I have recently had baby number 2, and it has been a crazy couple of months... please email me on dorotakubuj@gmail if you are still interested in a playgroup. I would love to meet up for coffee or tea.

Cheers for now.

Rafal I - | 2
30 Oct 2010 #6
We recently started such group for parents and others. We meet every friday in Sticky Beaks w King's Park at 3PM. We also organize ocasional events a few times a month in various locations in perth. For more info please find a specific thread in this forum under: Polonia-australia - New meetup group in Perth. Feel free to join us.

23 Nov 2010 #7
I've got almost 3 year old son and would love to get in touch with Polish mums here in Perth. Are there any Polish playgroups for kids you know of? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

Take care,
Rafal I - | 2
28 Nov 2010 #8
see my post above!!! mothers' group is on Fridays.
12 Feb 2011 #9
Hello, I am Polish and a mother of two kids ages 6 and 8. I am planning to move to Perth in 9-12 months from the US. I wanted some advice with regard to which neighborhoods and schools I should look at. Where are the best places to live? are public schools OK with regard to academic quality? are some better then others? if not, which private schools to look at? I would greatly appreciate some advise.
Como - | 3
28 Jun 2011 #10
Merged: 1st time expectant Polish mums in Perth

Hi there! Just a quick shout out to see if there are any 1st time Polish mums-to-be in Perth? I am expecting our first baby in November this year and would love to catch up with other expectant 1st time Polish mums for a chit chat sometime :) Please PM me if you're interested and perhaps we can catch up for a hot choc sometime :) I don't mind catching up NOR or SOR as I live centrally.

Cheers and talk soon
23 Jul 2011 #11
Hi violetta, I'm also due in November & would love to catch up! U can email me at

I live NOR but also pretty central.
4 Sep 2011 #12
Hi, does the Polish Parent Group still meet on Friday in Kings Park's Sticky Beaks ?

If not, anyone wants to meet and chat with young Polish mother with newborn ? I am desperate for a social life :) Joanna
18 Nov 2011 #13
Hi ladies
Does anyone know if there is a polish meet up group NOR. I have a 6 year old and a 3 months old baby
There is a meet on Fridays at kings park but I can't get there as it's late afternoon and I have my eldest to pick up


Merged: Polish Perth playgroup -NOR

Hi everyone
I've been in Perth over four years. We have a 6 year old and a 3 month baby. I can't make the kings park meets on Friday afternoons as I have school pick up.

Having had baby number two would really love to make some polish friends. I was born in the UK ( both parents polish) and my hubby is English.

Is there a playgroup nor ? Any interest to form one ?
Hope to hear from you
Como - | 3
12 Jan 2012 #14
Hi Inga - not sure about any polish meet up groups but if you're keen to catch up let me know.

10 May 2012 #15
Hi, my baby was born in November too. I have just moved to Perth from NZ and don't really know anybody here. Would like to meet in cafe sometime. My email is:


ingasms - | 4
5 Jun 2012 #16
Hi everyone
We have a polish playgroup that runs on a Friday morning at Whitfords family centre in Hillary's
Anyone interested in joining pls contact me or the centre direct on 93072243.
The playgroup is run through Playgroup WA.
The centre has great indoor and out door resources that we can use for our children
It's a great way to meet new mums and encourage our children to speak Polish
Hope to hear from you

Hi everyone
I've managed to find a spot through playgroup WA
Whitfords family Centre in Hillary's is the location for our polish playgroup
It runs every Friday 11:15 am to 13:15.
The centre has great indoor and outdoor resources for the children and a kitchen where we
Can prepare morning tea .
If you have babies, toddlers or pre school children and are interested in joining pls contact me
Or call the centre direct on 9307 2243
Hope to hear from you soon
izabela30 - | 3
7 Jul 2012 #17

I am moving to Perth from Sydney. I don't have any friends over there. I am really interested in meet up with people, mums with young children, kids - playgroup.

I have 3 month old baby. Please let me know if you would like to catch up for coffe, lunch or just for walk and chat!

ingasms - | 4
7 Jul 2012 #18

Let me know when you arrive and would love to meet up
If you're north or the river come and join us at the play group
It's on Fridays 11:15-13:15
I have a baby girl 11months
Look forward to it
izabela30 - | 3
29 Aug 2012 #19
I just moved to Perth. I have 4 mc olb baby boy. Look forward to meet other mums. Please contact me if you want to catch up for coffee or just walk.


izabela.kulbacka at yahoo
blaque7 - | 2
29 Nov 2012 #20
Hey Violetta

I only registered today.
My baby boy is 8 weeks today yours is way older now but if you're still interested in catching up and meeting new people especially Polish as I know none :)

I don't use internet that often so it will be better if you email me as I have email on my phone
Looking forward o hearing from you

Asia x

my email address is jo_kowalska at yahoo . com

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