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Any nice Polish people in Perth?

NiebieskaOz 1 | 1
18 Oct 2007 #1
Have just arrived to Perth and looking to meet some Polish friends.
I have Polish origins myself but have lived all over the world.
Am fluent and identify with the culture.
I would love to meet nice outgoing Polish people to explore Perth with and just hang out, go for coffee, to the beach, cinema etc.

Age not important. I am 27, female.

Do uslyszenia

18 Oct 2007 #2
hey Jagoda!
have fun....!

sledz 23 | 2,250
18 Oct 2007 #3
Hi , czesc
OP NiebieskaOz 1 | 1
20 Oct 2007 #4
kto wy?
mieszkacie w Perth?
Gambera - | 1
17 Dec 2007 #5
Hi I am Italian, is this still ok for you?????
I do live in Perth and work in 135 Barrack Street (where the Travel Forever is). Let's meet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jamesperth - | 3
2 Feb 2008 #6
james from perth i jestem z czestohowy numer 0401539199
Speccie - | 4
8 Oct 2009 #7
Merged:Polish people in Perth / Surrounding areas

Hi everyone. My name is Robert and I live NOR and have been in australia since I was 7. I am 33 now and virtually married to an Aussie gal. I've always felt kinda 'different' and without a close sense of belonging to any culture in Australia so I thought 'HEY! Why not look at your OWN culture lol.' If any like minded blokes or gals feel the same way and want to chat / catch up for a meetup somewhere, that'd be cool. I know there's a Polish restaurant in Mount Lawley called 'Rembrandt's' which serves pretty good tucker.

Anyways, drop a post with your email address and we can all get together.

With gratitude,

Speccie (Robert)
16 Oct 2009 #8
Hey Robert

I am an Aussie Polish guy... living in Perth.. would love to catch up for a beer.. sometime. I too live NOR ....

Drop me aline on

Dudu - | 2
2 Nov 2009 #9
Hey mates, I'm in Perth, if someone want to go out and drink a beer! :)
19 Nov 2009 #10

My name is Alicja
I too live NOR, have a husband and house on the way :)

My e-mail
ewa_marcin 1 | 7
20 Feb 2010 #11
Hi there
Sorry but this is about importing a car to Perth...
We will be living in Perth, any idea of good places to live over there and house prices for rent????
Me and my fionce we want to bring our stuff to Australia, one of those things is a car, We have checked that car as we got (Chrysler Pt cruiser -2001-73000km- RHD) will cost in OZ between 11- 15 grand, so with our budget it will a litte to much to spend for a car on the beginning. So we have the valuation of shipping from Poland to for 2000$, this will be a container 20. It will go with other our personal things. Can someone please tell us is this possible to import a car to Australia, and how much will this cost??? What kind of paper work we need to do with this. We will be very gratefull for all Your help. We are going to Perth on end of March 2010, and we have a 1year student visa for the beginning, but we want to do some 2 years more study over there.
jamesams1357 - | 35
20 Feb 2010 #12
you seem to have lot of money for a student
20 Feb 2010 #13
Can someone please tell us is this possible to import a car to Australia, and how much will this cost???

They drive on the opposite side of the road in AU so no point in importing a car from Poland in my opinion.
ewa_marcin 1 | 7
20 Feb 2010 #14
Yes we know that, our car is RHD exactly like in UK or OZ ;))
so do anyone know what we need to do, before we ship the car?
TheOther 6 | 3,692
20 Feb 2010 #15
If I were you I would check if you have to pay import duties once you bring your car into Australia. This might increase your costs significantly.
ewa_marcin 1 | 7
20 Feb 2010 #16
I was thinking about this, but where to check this? any links?
TheOther 6 | 3,692
20 Feb 2010 #17
any links

These ones look particularly interesting:
f stop 25 | 2,513
20 Feb 2010 #18
Ahhh.. Perth. I want to go.. It's on my bucket list.
What does NOR stand for?
King Sobieski 2 | 716
22 Feb 2010 #19
What does NOR stand for?

no idea..must be like a new estate/village.
asik 2 | 220
23 Feb 2010 #20
f stop:
What does NOR stand for?

no idea..must be like a new estate/village.

I found out it's in Perth and they call NOR all the suburbs which are North Of River (Swan River)
f stop 25 | 2,513
23 Feb 2010 #21
Ah! Thanks! There is also Margaret River somewhere around there. At it's mouth, there is a world class surf break.
King Sobieski 2 | 716
23 Feb 2010 #22
im sure the swan merges into the margaret river...we went on a wine cruise that started in the swan.

good ole boozy memories.
20 Apr 2010 #23
Hi:) My name is Edyta and I am24.I have moved to Perth in June last year.I live with my boyfriend Peter(he is australian) and I would love to make new friendships:)...I am not allowed to work here yet so I am very bored at home.Please let me know if You would like to catch up with me,I am free at anytime:)))
20 Apr 2010 #25
I am on bridging visa,waiting for de facto
dtaylor5632 18 | 2,007
20 Apr 2010 #26
But if u are Polish u dont need it.
20 Apr 2010 #27
Yes I do and I can not get working visa:(((
dtaylor5632 18 | 2,007
20 Apr 2010 #28
No u dont, u can start work and apply for ur NI while u are working.
20 Apr 2010 #29
Can You please tell me more about this,I am really intrested.It has been 10months since I have moved to Perth and I am bored to death at home:(((I need a job
dtaylor5632 18 | 2,007
20 Apr 2010 #30
You can work, and apply for jobs like any other EU person can. Nobody from the EU needs an EU wisa for work. If you are accepted for a job your employer will sort out your NI (as the law says they should) or you can apply for one yourself. A little like the NIP in Poland.

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