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Any sweet Polish phrases

mbiernat 3 | 107  
2 Oct 2008 /  #181
On this page you can find love phrases in Polish and other languages, claritaslux/love-phrases-in-polish.html I hope this helps.
sapphire 22 | 1,241  
3 Oct 2008 /  #182
thanks for that link.. its lovely.
andee green  
6 Oct 2008 /  #183
I have learnt quite a few Polish words in the year that I've been with my girlfriend, but have always struggled to build them into sentences (owing to the extremely difficult grammar involved)...

..I did manage this one recently though...

Jestem żielony, dlatego jestem żabko

(Yeah yeah, I maybe 33 years old now, but in my defence, my surname IS Green, and some say I do look a bit like a frog (-I don't.. I definately look English!)

So, along this colour theme, are there any other phrases like this that I could use to make her laugh at me???
Kasia - | 2  
22 Oct 2008 /  #184
misiu means teddy bear
krazy krawiec 4 | 27  
23 Oct 2008 /  #185
My boyfriend calls me Bombel..... i think it means bubble.... :)
McCoy 27 | 1,269  
23 Oct 2008 /  #186
haha, yes it's bubble. i also call my gf bombel (right form for bubble is bąbel). bomble rules ;)
krazy krawiec 4 | 27  
23 Oct 2008 /  #187
Oh so bombel is correctly spelt as bąbel!!! But he still writes it as bombel... sometimes bombelo..... anyways its sweet!! Bardzo śliczna!!!!! :) or śliczny or śliczni.......... damn.......
gtd 3 | 639  
23 Oct 2008 /  #188
And that doesn't offend girls? Bubble is a round thing and most people I know would think you were calling them fat if you called them round or a bubble.

Does it relate more to "bubbly" like the personality?
30 Oct 2008 /  #190
what in polish or english /
12 Nov 2008 /  #191
hi,,it s the first time ı wrote here,,could anyone help me in tranlsation of sweet dreams,,to polish:)
13 Nov 2008 /  #193
thank u:)
EraAtlantia 2 | 106  
13 Nov 2008 /  #194
Kochanie- darling

Could someone pronounce that phonetically? Or as though an english speaking person would say it?
And would it be recommended to say it slightly casually or flirtatiously???
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
13 Nov 2008 /  #195

Neither casually, nor flirtatiously really. U could do it for both but I wouldn't. That's just me tho, never been into chat ups
sarah lloyd  
4 Dec 2008 /  #196
Hi All, how do I say to my polish man that I want to be his woman and only his?
11 Dec 2008 /  #197
hello, there is a polish man that want to talk to and dont know where to start please help :) x
tmc - | 2  
18 Dec 2008 /  #199
How do you say angel in POlish

Also how do you say Mark as a name
18 Dec 2008 /  #200
angel in POlish


Mark as a name

18 Dec 2008 /  #201
Hi All, how do I say to my polish man that I want to be his woman and only his?

You may say "Chcę być Twoją i tylko Twoją kobietą" which means "I want to be your woman and only yours"
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
18 Dec 2008 /  #202
Kicius seems to be quite sweet in Polish. It was normally a good sign for later ;)
19 Dec 2008 /  #203
Well, you may just call your lover 'Kiciuś', but it's not really common. It's better to use 'Kotku' or something.
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
19 Dec 2008 /  #204
It's still a sweet phrase and that was my point.
2 Feb 2009 /  #205
Hello. Can anyone tell me how to say 'Dance' In Polish?
szkotja2007 27 | 1,498  
2 Feb 2009 /  #206
Sounds like "Tans jesch".
Haven't a clue how to spell it (probably pronouncing it wrong too).

One of the nativespeakerems should be able to correct me !
LAGirl 9 | 496  
6 Feb 2009 /  #207
I say Ty Jestes Słodka. you are sweet in Polish
damo 1 | 6  
10 Feb 2009 /  #208
hope my gf likes me calling her zabko haha
Mr Craig - | 1  
15 Feb 2009 /  #209
I have just found this site after many years of living with my Polish GF, which is a shame as I am learning so much. I have to say I tried to call her my misiu and she looked at me totally confused, which is one of the normal two reactions total confusion or hysterics

Gustaw Rather "Mee-shee-oo", with this "shee-oo" said almost at the same time.

I tried saying Mee-shee-oo and after a few attempts I had to resort to saying what I was trying to say in English so she could understand me

I find it easier if you split it into English sounding words in this case Me Shoe

My Polish pronunciation must be really bad, I blame it on coming from the north of England and moving around a lot and having a bit of a mixed English twang.

Thanks all the same Mr Craig

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