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19 Aug 2009
Food / NAME THIS FOOD PLEASE (Hungarian pastry / Zurek?) [9]

It's a funny thing about Polish cuisine - there is a couple of dishes which ale called like that:

placek węgierski
pierogi ruskie
barszcz ukraiński
gulasz angielski (type of tinned meat actually)

This potato pancake might have been called węgierski because it's served with some kind of goulash, which is definitely associated with Hungarian cuisine. Besides the food is also called "placek po węgiersku" which actually seems a more proper name, as it suggests it's an immitation of typical Hungarian food (which anyway doesn't apply to all cases e.g. karp po żydowsku has hardly anything to do with Jewish traditional food).
15 Feb 2009
Life / Polish Funeral, will there be repercussions if I don't attend? [8]

Hard to say really, it all depends on the family and their personal attitude. When my aunt died and my uncle (her cousin) didn't come to the funeral because he wasn't in the city at that moment my family felt a bit disgusted about his absence especially that they grew up together and were quite close to each other. Since you aren't the member of this family I don't think they may feel offended.

make sure that the family get a message of condolence from both you and your partner.

good remark
31 Jan 2009

If you learn Polish a good teacher will tell you, you can't pronounce "trzeba" as "t-rzeba" it sounds "czeba" because "trz" correctly should be pronounce like "cz". Separating "t" and trying to say it (in this case, especialy when "t" is followed by "rz") will make word sounds unnatural. That's how it is and works.

I don't pronounce trz as cz.

t definitely assimilates to rz but not to such extent that it becomes cz. It's czszeba (rz is devoiced) rather than czeba! As Polonius3 says the latter is typical to people living in/near Kraków. It doesn't mean it's standard Polish.
7 Oct 2008
Study / a big problem! exam document not accepted in Warsaw. [25]

as a matter of fact the dean and the others in Warsaw are playing with us!

It seems the admninistrations of most universities are complete shambles. In my department a student is expected to attend 2 different classes and one lecture at the same time and nobody cares. I would like to switch the groups but there is no such possibility! I'm struggling to set my timetable and it's the first time I have begged my teachers to be allowed to attend their classes (which are of course obligatory!).

The recruitment process seems to be a kind of preparation for studing in this mess.

Moonsa, I'm curious how your struggle will finish.
2 Oct 2008
Love / I'm a turkish guy who thinks that polish girls are slutty [113]

yea, your vaginas are really deformed

See, it seems only women with deformed vaginas sleep with you.

You f***** only 2 polish woman and you say all of them are sluts. Go and learn something about statistics!

well, your women dont care about turkish men have perfect english or not. they are interested about their dicks.

if the faithful turkish women are so interested in turkish men's dicks I doubt one is enough for them!

how can you call women you have sex with sluts?! a respectable man doesn't sleep with sluts.
2 Oct 2008
Love / I'm a turkish guy who thinks that polish girls are slutty [113]

we just have fun with you, have sex with you and send you back

Maybe it's polish women who take advantage of turskish men, not the other way round? And you are so naive in believing that it's a woman who is seduced. you make me laugh, men always think they have control over women and don't even see girls are cleverly manipulating them. wake up and smell the coffee!
2 Oct 2008
Travel / Pictures and advice from trip through Poland [18]

we all have a fantasy or two ;)

Haha, Freud said that things you are most afraid of may be in fact your depeest fantasies!

It wasn't because of anything anyone "told" me. We are talking about emotions here, not logic.

I probably don't understand this emotion because I always feel some anxiety in such situations.

Was poland the first place where you had this sense of security while walking alone at night? Have you ever had any bad experience?
2 Oct 2008
Love / I'm a turkish guy who thinks that polish girls are slutty [113]

95% of polish girls

95% of Polish girls you met. That makes the difference.

they are all sluts...

Why do you call a woman slut when she likes flirting and sex. Do Polish girls take money for sex with turkish guys?

Would you disapprove of a man who sleeps with many girls? I doubt it.
1 Oct 2008
Travel / Pictures and advice from trip through Poland [18]

I never felt in danger for one second, not even when walking down an unlit, dirt-track road in a secluded part of Ostroda with my headphones in

Why were you so convinced you were safe? Of course it's good to feel secure (at least you don't lose self-confidence) but I would be careful even if someone told me the "unlit, dirt-track road..." in the foreign country is the safest place in the world!

poland isn't as bad as rumour has it in terms of being robbed

probably you're right but I still think you'd better play it safe by avoiding walking alone at night...

maybe I'm too careful or I heard too many stories about muggers, rapists etc.
25 Sep 2008
Study / a big problem! exam document not accepted in Warsaw. [25]

the dormitories in Lublin the kitchen and the bathrooms are common for every one in one floor is that true?

Yes, indeed.

But there are also private dormitories which are more like flats with about 3 rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom (such a dormitory is called Burżuj). They are more expensive but also more comfortable. However, I think may be a bit late to rent a room in a dormitory...
21 Sep 2008
Travel / Pictures and advice from trip through Poland [18]

Nice photos Isarfreak.

go out to Mazurskie. this area holds the most beautiful landscape i have yet set my eyes on


don't listen to anyone feeding the stereotype of criminal and dangerous Poland

It's great you felt safe and nothing happened to you but I wouldn't be so sure. You have to be careful everywhere, no matter which country you visit. I know from my own experience that travelling in Poland, especially by train, isn't always so safe.
12 Sep 2008
Study / a big problem! exam document not accepted in Warsaw. [25]

if some body tells me where i should go

you should try and contact people responsible for recruitment

Grzegorz_ is right, you could go to an office called dziekanat, that's where they deal with students' problems.

If they won't be able to help you, try to talk to the dean (dziekan) or the president of the university (rektor). In many universities there is also a person called rektor do spraw studentów, who also deals with problems that concern students.
11 Sep 2008
Study / a big problem! exam document not accepted in Warsaw. [25]

For how long are you supposed to study in Poland? I'm not sure if I'm right, but maybe you could start to study in Lublin and transfer to Warsaw after one semester or the academic year (I think it could be possible if you had good grades).

BTW, I'm from Lublin and I would encourage you to study here...:)

Good luck!
22 Aug 2008
Food / What is this Polish Meal? [7]

Maybe schab ze śliwką?
23 May 2008
Language / 'Getting married' vocab/usage [4]

1) pobierać się:
Dzisiaj Romek i Agnieszka pobierają się - correct


Wczoraj Romek ożeniał się z Agnieszką

Wczoraj Romek ożen się z Agnieszką

Dzisiaj Agnieszka wychodzi za mąż za Romka
Wczoraj Agnieszka wyszła za mąż za Romka

correctYou can also say: Dzisiaj Agnieszka wychodzi za Romka.

Is this how these verbs are used?


Dzisiaj Romek poślubi Agnieszkę i Agnieszka poślubi Romka ???

Sure. But it sounds a bit strange if you put "poślubić" twice in a sentence. It's obvious that if Romek marries Agnieszka, she marries him too:) But the verb is used correctly.
13 Apr 2008
Food / Russian pirogi ("pierogi ruskie") or Polish pierogi? [15]

there are many such names in the polish cuisine

barszcz ukraiński
placek węgierski
fasolka po bretońsku
karp po żydowsku
pierogi ruskie
ryba po grecku

It may indicate that Poles have always regarded everything that is foreign as much more appealing :)
28 Mar 2008
Language / Adjective and adverb comparison [19]

You can of course simplify the process by using words such as bardziej and najbardziej before the adjective.

in some cases you shouldn't, it simply doesn't sound well

bardziej krótki, najbardziej ładny?
25 Mar 2008

banning michal would be the easiest and quickest option

can't you just ignore him?

I find the translations very useful and I don't think closing them is a good idea... sometimes the PF members provide you with translations far more accurate than these found in dictionaries!
1 Mar 2008
Language / Kupować vs Kupić [27]

Are you saying that "kupuję" etc. ara forms of "kupić"? Of course they are NOT.
It's like Mufasa wrote ("kupować" in present tense)

you're right.

Sorry Mufasa, I didn't want to mislead you.
29 Feb 2008
Language / Kupować vs Kupić [27]

a "bezokolicznik"


There is no conjugation of "kupić"

there is


it is a conjugation of "kupić". as for kupowac, you don't conjugate it in present tense

KUPOWAĆ (past)


KUPIĆ (past)
28 Feb 2008
Language / Kupować vs Kupić [27]

imperfective = activity (extended in time)
perfective = event aspect (the fact that the action is completed is relevant)

but you'll say:

Nie musisz kupować tej książki jeśli nie chcesz (you don't have to buy this book if you don't want to)

rather than:

Nie musisz kupić tej książki, jesli nie chcesz.

The first sounds more naturally.
19 Jan 2008
Travel / Ticket controllers in public transportation vehicles in Poland [24]

What if I simply forget to punch ticket?

you can't forget it. if you use public transport every day you know the rules and abide by them (of course they are people who don't buy tickets on purpose and they hope they will get away with it).

if you are staying in a polish city longer and you are afraid you would forget to punch the ticket you can buy a bus pass (valid a week, month or three months)