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marek s   
15 Sep 2008
Life / I am in Poland on a tourist visa and have been here for 2 years.. [53]

Well, as Poles you may not understand. Schengen has displaced a lot of American floaters. We were allowed to live in Poland and the Czech Republic for as long as we like and just run across the border from time to time. Then one day, these countries decided that it would be a good idea to join Schengen. What ensued was the displacement of 1000's of Americans who had invested their lives in some kind of quasi-normal state of existence.

We cannot go home, and we cannot stay in Poland. We cannot do anything.

well, if you were there legally you wouldnt have problems now would you??
i for one and many dont feel sorry for people who when caught breaking the law have some sorry story.
laws are im place for a reason.
marek s   
20 Aug 2008
USA, Canada / Taste of Polonia 2008 Chicago, Illinois [79]

15 mins isn`t bad at all, thats about all Navy Pier gives you on Wednesdays?

something like that.
i tired uploading pictures of last years behind the scenes pics(set up) but the damm pictures are too big
marek s   
20 Aug 2008
USA, Canada / Taste of Polonia 2008 Chicago, Illinois [79]

i was told not to surpass 15 minutes per sponsors request for this year. (im sure that will change). the sunday nite program really needs about 18 minutes, i dont like to shoot shells on top of each other.

last years saturday nite show went almost 13 minutes, sunday was about 18-19 minutes and monday was around 15-16 minutes.
there was a really bad accident there last year with kids racing.
some people sitting on the sidewalk got hit by the mustang that lost control.
marek s   
20 Aug 2008
USA, Canada / Taste of Polonia 2008 Chicago, Illinois [79]

Where you shooting it? We might go to the pier Saturday.

these are not big budget shows, but they are good though.
i guess what im getting at is that dont expect a big 4th of july show.
sunday nite has the biggest budget.
none of the shows will go for longer than 15 minutes.
marek s   
20 Aug 2008
USA, Canada / Taste of Polonia 2008 Chicago, Illinois [79]

5 minutes away from me.
chances are i wont be able to make it because ill be shooting a fireworks show that whole weekend (3 days)
marek s   
10 Jul 2008
Love / Is it true Polish people don't move in together that quick? [27]

i can give her the life she deserves

she already has it.
i hate to tell you this, but wake up, this isnt a movie but real life.
you can waste your life waiting or move on, and just about everybody will tell you to move on.
if something happens in the future, good. if not and chances are it wont, you hadnt wasted time on nothing.
marek s   
27 Jun 2008
USA, Canada / Polish-US marriage and divorce. [26]

why do so many people just get divorce right away when times get little hard UNREAL

because why should they have an unhappy life
marek s   
3 Jun 2008
Love / Can anyone tell me the best way of meeting a polish girl [5]


i wouldnt say polish girls dress cheaply at all, but the total opposite.
alot of them spend their meager pay check on 250 dollar jeans trying to impress fellow females.
do some dress badly sure, but in general most polish women will doll themselves up.
another thing about polish girls in chicago is a lot of them are looking to find a guy that has money so they dont have to work. gold diggers is somewhat a good term to use.
marek s   
28 May 2008
USA, Canada / How to stay in USA without getting married? [125]

I wish the government pass some kind of immigration law and resolve the issue for many. I feel bad for a lot of people desparate to be here. Many, very good people, could start legally contributing to this country

there is a immigration law on the books as we speak. the problem is some people feel that it should not apply to them.
my family waited 7 years to come here from poland. they wanted to be legal.
marek s   
5 Apr 2008
Love / Fallen for a Polish Guy!! But he's got back to Poland to get married! [71]

How pathetic does a guy have to be do suddenly vanish? Some guys just need to grow the f*ck up, act like real men and be honest about their intentions.

us men do what you women allow us to get away with, its that simple.

When a guy vanishes, all it says to me is that he's too afraid to deal with the situation.

what it says is that he doesnt care. it has nothing to do with being afraid, simply put, your not worth his time

Forget the loser. You'll have nothing but trouble and a miserable life if you keep in contact with him. He's getting married and he loves you? There must be something seriously wrong with him. The sooner you get him out of you mind the better.

quote of the month!!