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29 Nov 2008
News / Helena Wolinska dead [90]

I still cannot believe why England did not deport her back to Poland

Probably had friends in the right places, same as Pinochet
29 Nov 2008
News / Helena Wolinska dead [90]

Odd how "advanced age" and it being "a long time ago" can be used as excuses.
Odd? Or sickening?

just plain wrong, she never allowed her victims the luxury of dieing from old age
28 Nov 2008
UK, Ireland / Dating polish guys in London [35]

Well at least she should be grateful that there is one less girly boy trotting about in the UK!

26 Nov 2008

Oh i see there is a Jan nameday on the 24th maybe thats my name day...?

Celebrate all of them just to be on the safe side
24 Nov 2008
UK, Ireland / Poles in Scotland - help required on research project. [20]

The only appealing thing about travelling to britian, weas the britian is full of money. I also claim certain benefits the kind british taxpayers pay out of their own pocket.

You're a bigger strain on the tax payer wasting your time at university (paid for by the tax payer) writing crap on the internet
22 Nov 2008
News / Captain of hijacked tanker is Polish [71]

Somali Islamists 'hunt pirates'. an interesting twist in the story. looks like piracy is good business in that area. URL

A spokesman for the al-Shabab group, Abdelghafar Musa, said hijacking a Muslim-owned ship was a major crime and they would pursue those responsible

so if it was a Christian owned ship it wouldn't be a crime?
18 Nov 2008
News / Captain of hijacked tanker is Polish [71]

This country is going thro civil war now and they are asking world for help and are being ignored

have you ever taken a day pass from cloud cuckoo land?

they are pirates robbing ships and holding people for ransom

they are poor misunderstood pirates who are really sending out a cry for help.
18 Nov 2008
News / Captain of hijacked tanker is Polish [71]

can we have a 'Polish News' thread, please.

good idea Wroclaw

I heard a little about this on the radio earlier, it looks like the problem with pirates is getting worse in this area
12 Nov 2008
UK, Ireland / POLISH TEENAGER MURDERED IN convicted [28]

I can,t say any more on the subject , as i will be accused of being a racist , which anyone that knows me will know i am not

Same here.........he should go and live in a Muslim country if he doesn't like it here
4 Nov 2008
Life / Who drinks more: Poles or Russians? [50]

In normal houses people don't drink/wine beer after work or as addition to dinner

WTF? I'm glad I'm not normal