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Visiting Warsaw: [Travel Video] Days One, Two and Three (Now Complete)

jackedt 1 | 13  
13 Nov 2008 /  #1
Hi all, during a recent trip to Warsaw, a couple of friends and I produced a travel video with the perspective of the mid-twenty somethings in mind. It may be a little unconventional of me to post a link to our travel adventures instead of a written report, but there are sights to be seen that no word could describe.

Enjoy Day One:
At] Living. . .Warsaw // Day One [High-Definition - requires fast connection]

Or at] Living. . .Warsaw // Day One

Cheers and do let us know what you think!

rdywenur 1 | 157  
14 Nov 2008 /  #2
Vimeo link was not available to me but the travelistic was. Nice job guys. I would have liked to see more than just the old square but was still nice and well put together and liked the music you chose also. Want to read more about Warsaw check out Ian's blog (Scatt) at 20 east (wordpress). What do you guys do in Canada and what city....(I'm guessing Toronto)
OP jackedt 1 | 13  
14 Nov 2008 /  #3
Hey Rdywenur, thanks for the feedback!

This video was of our day one adventures. We have a couple more episodes to put together that will showcase the other parts of Warsaw. Do you live in Warsaw?

We live in Vancouver and Calgary, both in Western Canada...Finance and Engineering.

Have you been to Canada?

Daisy 3 | 1,225  
14 Nov 2008 /  #4
I managed to watch it on vimeo, stuck a few times, but good film, I enjoyed it.
OP jackedt 1 | 13  
14 Nov 2008 /  #5
Thanks Daisy!

If its not running so smooth, you can click to turn 'HD off' on the video. That way, it will run in a lower resolution.

Just out of curiosity. Are you all living in Poland? Must be weird/interesting to see Poland from a foreigner's eyes!

Daisy 3 | 1,225  
14 Nov 2008 /  #6
Are you all living in Poland?

No, but I liked your film, it will be interesting to see what others think
RudyJVR - | 1  
14 Nov 2008 /  #7
Im not living in Poland but I'm looking at moving there early next year to join my girlfriend in Warsaw. She herself is Polish and is currently studying photography there. I, on the other hand, have to find a job for when I get there...

I have no qualifications or degrees but I have 4, almost 5 years retail management experience behind me. I'm also currently teaching myself Polish through as many courses and do-it-yourself's as I can. So hopefully when the times comes, I'll be able to have mastered the language a little bit at least. :)

Sorry to spam like this but if anyone out there has any idea of what kind of job I should search for or who I can contact as a South African citizen, then please let me know.

Thanks. :)

Oh, GREAT vid by the way. :)
karolinakanada - | 9  
14 Nov 2008 /  #8
Just watched your video and absolutely loved it! Very nice job. Warsaw is a beautiful city and you guys did a great job at showing this. I just got back a few days ago actually. I am from Toronto and planning on moving there next year. Can't wait to see your next movie! Karolina
rdywenur 1 | 157  
15 Nov 2008 /  #9
Have you been to Canada?

I'm a New Yorker and so go to Niagara Falls and Toronto quite often. But I see your on the West Coast...nice there too. Will look for the rest of your trip. You guys look like you had fun. I had a friend who's job sent them to Calgary and they loved it there.
OP jackedt 1 | 13  
18 Nov 2008 /  #10
I'm also currently teaching myself Polish through as many courses and do-it-yourself's as I can

Online? Or did you buy books?

Good luck in your job search!

West Coast...nice there too

The West Coast is definitely much much different compared to the East. Its a slower paced environment over here...with more of an emphasis on quality of life..and beautiful scenery.

Just thought I'd post up a youtube version incase the other links don't work.

Cheers, 2nd episode on the way!

18 Nov 2008 /  #11
Cheers, 2nd episode on the way!

Just caught the first one. Nice! Do hurry with the second one. Thx.
scorpio 20 | 188  
18 Nov 2008 /  #12
Hey, very nice video! Warsaw has always been my favorite large city in Poland and you guys captured it nicely. There are so many more hidden gems in Warsaw besides the Old Town. Hope you capture them on video as well. I look forward to viewing your next one. What type of video camera are you using?
18 Nov 2008 /  #13
thanks for posting it. I really enjoyed it.
OP jackedt 1 | 13  
18 Nov 2008 /  #14
What type of video camera are you using?

I use a Sony HDR-SR12.

Thanks for all the kind feedback everyone! :D


Day Two of our adventures is now posted! In this episode, we visit the financial district, the warsaw rising museum, and the palace of culture and science.

For High-Def you can visit :]Living. . .Warsaw // Day Two @ Vimeo.

Or on Travelistic at]Travelis tic.

Or if you prefer, here is the youtube link, though I highly recommend the other options as Youtube has a rather poor video quality output.

Thanks for watching :)

24 Nov 2008 /  #15
Thanks for watching :)

Good stuff Jack.

How many more travelogues can we expect?
OP jackedt 1 | 13  
24 Nov 2008 /  #16
I have one final day's worth of footage where we visit the Praga district in Warsaw.

And thats all for Warsaw!

We also visited Gdansk during our trip to Poland and I may look at putting that one together sometime in the future after I recover from having my eyes glued to the computer screen squinting and editing all of last week! I have a rather slow computer..
24 Nov 2008 /  #17
I may look at putting that one together

Please do!

I have a rather slow computer..

We are a patient lot, most of the time any ways.
24 Nov 2008 /  #18
i just watched both of your videos and i think they're great... you seem to like it in Warszawa... ah, and the idea about you guys meeting once in a while in some place in the world is awesome... thumbs up...

thanks for sharing your experience with us :)
OP jackedt 1 | 13  
28 Nov 2008 /  #19
Oops, again i had to delete the previous one yet again and re-upload the youtube version....sorry...

Day Three, which is the final episode in this series in Warsaw will soon follow :)

12 Dec 2008 /  #20
Best free print resouces I've been able to find online are at:

Felix Kryzanowski
Zebanex - | 2  
19 Dec 2008 /  #21
I've never been in Poland, the nearest must be Stockholm og Kiel in Germany. Although, I have traveled a lot other places, like Britain, USA and Thailand. Poland seems like a nice, but cold country.
hussiar25 3 | 14  
11 Jan 2009 /  #22
Thanks for the videos Jack. I am visiting Warsaw in May and your videos are great.
OP jackedt 1 | 13  
11 Jan 2009 /  #23
Thanks again for the kind comments :)

The final episode [Day Three] of our Warsaw adventures is up!!

You can see it here!:

Enjoy everyone!

McCoy 27 | 1,269  
11 Jan 2009 /  #24
Good stuff. Thanks J.
hussiar25 3 | 14  
13 Jan 2009 /  #25
By the way, what part of Van? I am from bellingham.
OP jackedt 1 | 13  
5 Feb 2009 /  #26
'What part of Van'?

Downtown Vancouver...

Thank you again all for watching, it means a lot knowing that I'm postively promoting Warsaw :)
Qacer 38 | 125  
7 Feb 2009 /  #27
Sweet! I thoroughly enjoyed this video.
OP jackedt 1 | 13  
1 Jul 2009 /  #28
For some reason, the previous Warsaw Day One video had been blocked from view in Poland due to copyright issues surrounding particular music in the video. I have re-edited and uploaded a new version. :)

P.S. We recently travelled to Wroclaw and Krakow...and will be uploading those videos in the near future ;) ...Loved Poland in the spring..:)

7 Jul 2009 /  #29
I am going to Poland in August, and I'm happy to find your impressive video! It gives me a good impression of Poland. :)

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