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I will be visiting Krakow for 8 days, any African restaurants out there?

adamson4856 1 | -  
9 Dec 2009 /  #1
Am an African foreign student based in Russia and l will be coming to krakow in poland with my girlfriend for the new year holiday celebration for the first time but which safe nice night club do you think we could attend often to have fun and on New years eve. l like RnB, Hip Hop Music and you do know any African Restaurant in krakow where we could eat African meals.thank you
BrutalButcher - | 390  
9 Dec 2009 /  #2
Hmm, why not flying to Nigeria ;) XD
Amathyst 19 | 2,702  
9 Dec 2009 /  #3
adamson4856Threads: 1

Are there many Polish restaurants in your country? I google Polish restaurants in a few African countries and came up with nothing :(

As for night clubs, you could try Prozac - it gets busy and they play hiphop, Im sure it woudl be safe enough.
jwojcie 2 | 763  
9 Dec 2009 /  #4
One word of advice, you should book place in choosen club, because usually in New Year clubs are booked and full. It is hard to find a place in decent club just from the street.

Maybe they could assist you:

Hm... or maybe they (Society for African Affairs at the Jagiellonian University)?
9 Dec 2009 /  #5
There are kebabs at every corner so there should be an african meal somewhere, maybe you can ask some students in Krakow, some blacks, pakistanis or other arabs study there and they are pretty comon sight in Krakow - actually I saw my first black man in Krakow as kid.

I think its thaughtfull of you to look for african restaurants in the cities you visit, the hosts of normal restaurants are often unhappy to serve blacks or arabs, because of the mentality and they are loud and scare off potential white or asian customers.

Meat in Polish dishes is often pork, so if you are a muslim it would not suit you.

If you fail to find anything, go to KFC or McDonalds.

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