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3 days in Krakow

Truman31 1 | 1  
15 Oct 2007 /  #1
I along with 3 friends are travelling to Krakow at the start of November, we are visiting Auschwitz, what is the best way to get there from the city centre??
15 Oct 2007 /  #2
use google maps
szarlotka 8 | 2,209  
15 Oct 2007 /  #3
Oświęcim is 75km west of Kraków and is served by frequent buses (1.5hrs, 10-15zł) which leave from the station at ul. Bosacka (E-1) and two early trains (1,5hrs, 7zł) daily.

Some buses drop you off at Auschwitz Museum, others will leave you at Oświęcim train station from where local buses N°2, 3, 4, 5, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30 (tickets at the kiosk, 1.20zł) go to the museum. The two camps are 3km apart. Buses leave for Auschwitz II - Birkenau every hour from the car park of Auschwitz I. Alternatively, take a taxi between the two for 10zł. Waiting minibus taxis run by Malarek Tours can take you back to Kraków - a group of eight would pay 25-35zł/person.

Most of the hotels will organise a round trip if you are prepared to pay more money.
pudddddin 7 | 48  
15 Oct 2007 /  #4
I was in krakow and I went there by train - it is cheap and direct! Give it a go! Also, don't pay for the guided tour - buy the information booklet and go round there yourself - its just as good but you can go round there t your own pace instead of being stuck in a group, which is a bit annoying!
OP Truman31 1 | 1  
16 Oct 2007 /  #5
Thanks for your help

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