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8 days in Poland starting in 8 days

kokinos 2 | 2  
30 Jun 2007 /  #1
I'm travelling to Poland with a friend in a few days and would like any help I can get. We are renting a car in Berlin and driving first to Wroclaw for my cousins wedding.

I speak Polish but my friend dosen't. After Wroclaw we plan to see Wisla(aunt lives there), Krakow and Zakopane. Afterwrads we are continuing onto Prague and westwards from there.....

If you can advise me of any tips/adventures for us that we will encounter or suggest a good pensjonat/hotel in each city for a relatively decent price it'd be great!

I already have my hotel booked in Wroclaw but the rest are most likely going to be spur of the moment. I would like to have a nice holiday feel to the places in Wisla/Zakopane and be very central in Krakow. I do require a hotel which has safe parking.

What attractions should we see and in case we have a few extra days what other cities should we enjoy visiting?

Thanks for any of your help and feel free to ask any Questions you may have about Canada- where I'm coming from...
30 Jun 2007 /  #2
You can visit Sobotka, nice mountain near Wroclaw. You'll find many good hotels in Wroclaw. You're right - it could be hard to find a parking space; get ready to pay for parking whenever you stop in Wroclaw ;)
horunPoland - | 109  
2 Jul 2007 /  #3
In Wisła you have many private motel/hostel with nice and clin rooms and really chip price (about 30 zl /10$). pensonat there are some and price about 50/pre night and hotel with Gołębiewski which is most expensive
OP kokinos 2 | 2  
4 Feb 2008 /  #4
It's been awhile since my trip but I came across the site today and thought I'd update you.

Well after 15 hours of traveling from Western Canada it was nice to touch down in Berlin. It was rainy outside but we weren't concerned as we had to drive the next few hours to Wroclaw. The autobahn experiences during the trip were a highlight, not one car passed me!

We stayed at the Qubus which was close to the rynek. Nice hotel, decent room with a BIG bathroom. The staff were nice but I believe new to Wroclaw so unhelpful with most my questions. We spent 4 wonderful days, dining, wining, and dancing.

The new highway to Krakow was a pleasure to drive and we ended up staying at a new hotel David in Krakow. The hotel ended up being right in the Jewish square and near the "New Square" which is the central drinking spot for the young locals which worked out fantastic. It's crazy how much Krakow has become a tourist spot, I can see why the locals have some problems with it. Krakow is still beautiful, but after paying $180 for safe parking and a detail- (2 nights), and no luck from getting any love from the local ladies we went off to Zakopane. The waterpark in Krakow was a blast! Check it out...

In Zakopane we stayed at a hotel right on the main ppl walking road. It wasn't much of a room but the location was great. The main gondola was closed so we ended up leaving a night early (after prepaying for 2 nights). We enjoyed the BBQ cooking along the drag and next day had a nice fish at the Pstrag resto.

Then raced off to Aushwitz, we planned to get an English tour but arrived late. We loaded up with a few books and did the tour ourselves. Circa 2000 I did the tour with a quide but this one meant so much more. I will never forget that experience and suggest you do the same, discover it! don't just walk along and listen.

For the first time we drove the speed limit while reflecting to Cieszyn, it was getting late and we slept at the Orbis hotel. This place had a hot receptionist! But the rest I wouldn't write home about.

As a tourist who has travelled to over 30 countries and stays in way to many hotels and eats too much restaurant food these aspects were not up to my standards. It was 30-35 degrees when I was there, i paid on average $140 per night per room and never got air conditioning. Food was mediocore most of the time. We enjoyed Wroclaw the most, the other spots won't see me for awhile.

So my final thoughts out of 5 points
Food- 2.0
Hotels- 1.5
People- 4.0

Will I go back? Next time I'm just gonna rent a nice room at the beach for a week.

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