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Advice on accommodation / restaurants in Zakopane and Krakow wanted

sapphire 22 | 1,241  
26 Mar 2008 /  #1
Anyone know of a nice traditional pension not to far from the main drag in Zakopane that you would recommend? Also, any advice on a cheap but nice place in Krakow old town centre (difficult I know)
leflow - | 8  
26 Mar 2008 /  #2
Zakopana Góra? (gdansk / gdynia)

trzeres alot of places there to chose from, you shouldnt have problems there with accomodation ....
OP sapphire 22 | 1,241  
26 Mar 2008 /  #3
Zakopana Góra? (gdansk / gdynia)

what????????? zakopane as in the mountain resort in the south.
ShelleyS 14 | 2,893  
26 Mar 2008 /  #4

some great apartments on here in Krakow, I personally prefer an apartment, more space and dont have to bother dressing for breakfast :)
OP sapphire 22 | 1,241  
26 Mar 2008 /  #5
thanks Shelley, that looks like a good website.. I will check it out.

im gonna stay at that sodispar place.. it looks good. Now I just need a recommendation for Zakopane. I have done a bit of research and theres tons of places, but was hoping for a more personal recommendation.. and takers?
Avalon 4 | 1,068  
28 Mar 2008 /  #6
You could try the Hotel Fian, reasonable rates, restaurant and bar, also, secure car parking. Easy walking distance to main street area.
OP sapphire 22 | 1,241  
28 Mar 2008 /  #7
thanks avalon.. looks a bit far out maybe. Has anyone stayed at Sabala hotel? Is it better to stay near the main street or too noisy at night?
isthatu 3 | 1,164  
28 Mar 2008 /  #8
Its really not that big a place saffire ( he says after spending one day there a couple a years back :) ) so anywhere in Z is going to be close to the ,er,action.

(ps,dont worry,the pics on the western outskirts,there are real paved roads in town lol)

10 Jan 2009 /  #9
Merged: Accommodation at Krakow / Zakopane

Hi there..
This sure is a nice and vibrant forum!
I guess I need some serious help from all of you over here..
End Jan is drawing near and I' m still 'planning' my Krakow visit with my partner & 2 kids.. the younger one is just 18 mths!!
The problem is that I have not yet booked any hotels. With all the snow in Zakopane, I bet the place would be swarming with people..

Guys, pse lemme know if accommodation-wise I still stand some chance or is it that I have missed the bus? (planning to reach around 27-28 Jan from Kaliningrad by train)

Will be glad to get suggestions for some good hotels for a 3-4 nights stay . I dunno how I shd divide the stay between Krakow and Zakopane. Pse advise on that too!

Thanks in anticipation!
SeanBM 35 | 5,808  
10 Jan 2009 /  #10
Hello PolishAdventure,

And welcome to the Polish Forum.

I will advise you on one condition, that you post on here about your Polish adventure ? :)

Just kidding. - My recommendations for Zakopane

Scroll down and there is a small bit on accommodation, add to the thread if you like :)
My advise is to ring ahead and book.

Good luck, I live near Zakopane and I was skiing today in Białka it is beautiful.
PolishNeighbour 4 | 12  
12 Jan 2009 /  #11
Thanx for the quick response Sean.. the thread is fantastic..

any first hand experience on how train ride from Kaliningrad to Krakow would be..?
and the 2 hr journey from Krakow to Zakopane??
Kiltmaker 3 | 20  
26 Jan 2009 /  #12
Merged: Restaurant in Krakow/Zakopane: romantic and original


I want to take my lady out for St.Valentines day (either in Krakow or Zakopane).
Unfortunately, I'm not local, so do not know good venues there.

Could you recommend a nice cafe/restaurant there? IT should be romantic and original (with nice view over the town, river, park, mountains, etc or nicely designed interior).

Thank you in advance!

Please post the venues' names or links to their web-sites.
SeanBM 35 | 5,808  
26 Jan 2009 /  #13
Hello Kiltmaker,

And welcome to the Polish Forum.

There are many good restaurants in both Zakopane and Krakow.
You could be more specific.

Krakow restaurant recommendations

Also "Ariel" is in the Jewish quarter, it's great and sometimes they have fantastic music, mainly Jewish.
Vegetarian restaurants I recommend VEGA.

As for Zakopane, there are many great restaurants on the main walking street (Krupuvki), very ethnic and very delicious.


Also for recommendations for Zakopane And for recommendations for Krakow.

Please feel free to add anything useful to these threads.

Best of luck

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