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Advice on accommodation in Poland - Warsaw, Gizycko, Ostroda

HelenaWojtczak 28 | 177  
1 Oct 2008 /  #1
I've just returned from two weeks in Poland. I have a lot of comments to make and will do so in different threads as they are about different subjects. Here I want to talk about accommodation.

Because of the Channel Tunnel fire I had to change my plans at the last minute and fly to Poland instead of going by sleeper train. This made me one day earlier in Warsaw and I stayed at the Tamka Hostel, having believed all the blurb on its website. Here's what I thought of it:

tripadvisor/ShowUserReviews-g274856-d642954-r20465179-Hostel_Tamka -Warsaw_Central_Poland.html

I also made a film of it which might end up on Youtube. It cost me about 130 zlotys.

I later booked into proper hotels costing 130-140 zloty a night, but only spent one night (or no nights) at some of them because I changed to private rooms instead. This is the "prywatny kwatera" that I asked about on this forum before travelling.

In Giżycko I spent one night in Hotel Mazury. Though my suite was lovely and had a balcony overlooking the lake, the most important thing about any accommodation is the bed, and it was appalling. I was so uncomfortable I could not get to sleep, as my hips and shoulders hurt. I turned and turned until both hips and both shoulders and even my ribs hurt! On investigation the bed surface comprised a sheet of hardboard covered in a two-inch thick piece of foam rubber! At 2am, in frustration and desperation, I got up and dragged the mattress off the second bed and placed it on my mattress, and folded the quilt and lay that on the bed too. I finally managed to get some sleep, though it still wasn't all that comfy. And for this I paid 130 zl.

Next morning saw the word "POKOJE" in some people's windows and called at one at 9 Tuwima Street, where Pani Halina gave me almost identical accommodation for just 35 zl. The bed was fully sprung and had huge feather pillows. I had a roof terrace to myself measuring about 3 square metres and with flower boxes hanging off the railings all around. In the hotel was only a small shower; here there was a deep, wide, steel bath in which I enjoyed a long soak.

In Hotel Promenada, Ostróda, I was shown a really tiny attic room on the second floor (heavy suitcase; no lift), with only Velux windows in the sloping roof, which meant you could only see out of them when standing! When sitting the place was like a prison cell. No kettle, so no teamaking. When I complained to the receptionist she showed me a bigger room on the first floor for the same price of 140 zl (which annoyed me because why didn't she show me the best room first?) This room overlooked a building site.

I refused both, and found private lodgings five minutes away. I was directed there by the tourist information bureau. I had, to myself, a three bedroom flat, in fact, the whole floor of a detached house just off 3rd May Street, with windows on all fours sides; the views outside where of other detached houses with lovely gardens all around them with flowers and hanging plants etc. The lounge which measured about 25ft by 18ft had a cooker, fridge, kettle, big TV, sofa, dining table, and I was invited to choose which of the 8 beds I preferred. I chose one in a big room with windows on two sides, which had sunlight pouring in, lovely. The spacious bathroom included drying facilities and even a bidet! My landlady Pani Ela was educated, friendly and helpful, and she and her hubby gave me tips on where to eat out. She even invited me in for coffee, biscuits and a long chat in her own luxurious flat, which was beneath mine. And she let me use her computer for internet.

The cost? Again, 35 zl per night!

So I was paying about £8 instead of about £32 per night, a big saving, AND got to stay in real Polish homes with real Polish people!

So, my advice is, always try to get private lodgings. In tourist towns look for the words NOCLEGI, POKOJE and suchlike. Off season you can probably just look for somewhere on arrival (I saw about a thousand such signs on the road to Hel).
wozzy 8 | 206  
1 Oct 2008 /  #2
So, my advice is, always try to get private lodgings. In tourist towns look for the words NOCLEGI, POKOJE and suchlike.

In general I can but echo what has been said.

I also prefer pentionat, agroturistica and guest houses, these are much more welcoming and landadies do want to spoil you.

Also found most motels are good value especialy if you need a one night stop on the road to whearever.

The ones to view before you agree are the NOCLEGI offers, in general migrant workers occupy these as cheap lodgings and can be a little too basic but O.K. for a place to flop....:0)
OP HelenaWojtczak 28 | 177  
1 Oct 2008 /  #3
I didn't actually view any NOCLEGI. I just assumed it was the same kind of thing.

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