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22 Dec 2009
Life / Share your Christmas Spirit in Polish/English [6]

Santa is in Christmas mood all the time, as well as in Polish mood because he only wears red and white uniform.

There may be snow, and I just decorated my flat tonight, but I am just not in the spirit yet

But you didn't share what is it that puts you in the mood.

20 Dec 2009
Life / Share your Christmas Spirit in Polish/English [6]

It's that time of year again. Are you in the mood? If not what puts you in a Merry Christmass mood? In this thread share your favorite Polish Kolendy, and other Christmas songs in Polish or English that put you in the mood. Also resent Christmas movies, videos, and books in Polish/English that put you in the mood as well as poems, pictures, logos, holiday decorations...etc. Go ahead and be funny and creative...

I am in a pre-Christmas mood and I've wrote a poem about it:

The winter is cold,
And the snowman is bald,
Maybe he needs a hat,
A warm and fuzzy one, just like my cat.
Ho, ho, ho, the cold weather is frightful.
But as long as I get my hot co-co,
I'll be so delightful.
And I don't care if it snows,
I'm inside, decorating my Christmas tree with red bows!
8 Nov 2009
Love / Help with a Polish girl -How do I know if she is "interested"? [41]

Grab her butt, slap her and tell her "i know you want me b*tch.

LOL, hahaha! Sokrates, what did she say after you did that? Did you make a nice girl cry?

How do I know if she is "interested" or is only friends because "i am englsih"

Even if she is, don't jump her to end it at that interest. It's stupid and useless.

It doesn't matter whether you're teaching at a university, junior college, private school, public school, etc. Teacher and student relationships should remain on a professional level.

True, if such relationships began professionally, most likely it will end the same: If the two had a cooperative teacher/student relationship then it would be professional to network and stay connected for professional reasons, after the English course is over. Also relationships change, it's normal and acceptable in the Polish culture for the ex teacher & student to become friends only, as a result of their cooperative professional relationship. :)

although i must say that i have been told by the directors of the school that student/teacher relationships are fine!!

If she’s interested in learning English and you’re interested in learning Polish like you told us, then by the end of your course offer her private English lessons for learning Polish; you could get to know her better. If one of you feels uncomfortable to proceed further because of what other people would think about your relationship, then you could find a job at a different school.

i hope i will not burn in education hell for being lazy with grammar on an intenet site!!


i'm still not convinced that your original post is genuine.

me either
2 Nov 2009
Life / What do you live in, apartment, house, car? [19]

You should enjoy their sense of humor.

"Zawsze zakładasz stringi w niedzielę - Zawsze wyglądasz ładnie w kościele"
So, I hope you were in church today T. Love - Polish Boyfriend (wersja polska) .

I haven't heard of T-Love before, this video rocks, I love it! :D
30 Oct 2009

Obama has signed into law an anti-hate-crime bill which protect homos and other sexual irregulars

Yea, just now, when it should had been done 1000 years ago!

Why is it that when a NY museum displayed a crucifux in a jar of urine, those who protested that it offended their relgious sensibilities were laughed off as bigots oblivious to a bold artistic experiment.

Any dumbo whose mind is dominated by hate has a mind that is no different than that of an ape, because little thinking is involved in acts of hate. I guess nowadays it takes a genius, (not just human's mind) to figure out how to make peace in the world, how respect differences is religion and social customs, because even a monkey knows how to kill, or throw a crucifix into urine.

A Catholic adoption agency in Britain was effectively shut down when they refused to place innocent orphans (who have already been through enough) with homo couples.

Even though I'm a Catholic, there are some Catholic rules which are I'm against, simply b/c those were man's ideas and not God's. Shutting down the Catholic adoption agency in Britain was the right thing to do for them. Some gay individuals whom I know personally are very caring, sweet, intelligent and MORAL (regardless of their sexual orientation).

But the main thing is that marriage and family is God's way to take care of us: Perhaps God's reason to create gays is so they can adopt and be parents to children who don't have biological parents. I don't think God is against gay marriage.

When someone is forced to explain to his 5-year-old son why all those funny looking lewdly gyrating, feather, wig and make-up blokes are riding platforms through the streets to the tune of deafening techno rhythms,

I would tell the 5 year old that celebrating Gay Pride is culturally unattractive, and its bad because it embarrasses all of the other Gay individuals who are good Christians.

That is such a typical "Polak" thing to say.

And what are you trying to say? I'll say that if anybody on here were to compare your threads to Polonious3, they would agree with me that his writing skills in your native language are 100 times better than yours. His comprehension and communication in Polish is also excellent. Although Polonious3 has his flaws, his manner of communicating is far more intelligent than yours.
27 Oct 2009
Love / Is Sex Legal In Poland? [22]

I'm wearing fur.

didn't you ask something about what haircut to get, or if you should shave?
27 Oct 2009
Love / Is Sex Legal In Poland? [22]

What boxers do you want me to wear?

Maybe this? do you wear silk? Silk in Poland

Admit that you've been watching too much **** lately (I wouldn't believe if you disagreed anyways).

I wonder how often Polish women initiate sex... but I just get the impression that this isn't common and mind games are.

Really? b/c all Polish women I know are not digging games very well, maybe because they are too mature for it? But don't listen to me, find out for your self...

26 Oct 2009
Love / Is Sex Legal In Poland? [22]

Alright, here's my story..

The good news is that there are people of the opposite sex who think like you, Arien, and fall for geeky hairballs. For instance take a look at Madonna... isn't she classy? and he's so cheesy... It seems as if the less in common they have, the more attracted they are to each other.
24 Oct 2009
Life / Polish Name Day celebration [40]

Was this arbitrarily established by someone? If so, by whom and when?

You don's know???

I know that not all names on Polish calendar are recorded after a martyr. Some names that you see on a Polish calendar are biblical, Slavic and historical, even diminutives of such - these names were noted in the Polish calendar to honor the persons good deed, an admirable act, a miracle blessing, etc.

For Example:
Grażyna, its a Polish diminutive of a biblical name in different language, which stands for 'God's miracles and blessings done to humans in the past and his promise to do so in the future to those who are worthy'.


My fascination within the history behind first names is quite Polish.
What's the story behind your name?
21 Oct 2009
Life / Polish Name Day celebration [40]

Polish Imieniny - Nameday Celebration

Are you a Pole or European who celebrates Imieniny?
Imieniny or Namedays originated from the Catholic/Christian tradition in celebrating the day of particular saint's feast. Most countries in Europe celebrate name days. Because Poland is dominated by Catholicism, many adult poles celebrate Imieniny and in some Polish subcultures the idea of celebrating someone's birthday is very rare.

There are several reasons why Poles prefer to celebrate their Imieniny instead of birthday: One is to avoid bringing attention to ones age, especially if a Pole is over 35; to carry on the favored social custom within their Polish subculture. And b/c of it's religious depth that is incorporated into cultural manner: Polish adults believe that celebrating the day of a saints name that they carry, for it's admired acts by their culture or religion, is an act of ones maturity; where as celebrating your owns birthday is rather immature self pride. Therefore children and teens in Poland celebrate their birthdays, not imieniny: this manner had always been encouraged; children are very special. On the other hand, there are many Poles who are influenced by the western culture. Most Poles who live abroad would normally celebrate their birthday. ..bla bla bla bla, ble ble, bla bla :0)

So have you ever went to someone's Imieniny, or how do you celebrate yours?

Rule 1: For every shot you take you need to sing 100 lat, shortcuts are exceptional "I jeszcze jeden i jeszcze ras..."
9 Oct 2009

Rap originated from various negative perspectives and hate towards preferred social norms and as bectski wrote

A lot of rap's roots originated in prison.

So the beginning rappers who populated this genre were losers: MISCHIEVOUS LOSERS

But what do some young Poles see in that ignorant cacaphony? It is alien to them musically (if you can call it music in the first place?!), ideologically (appeals to rape, kill, destroy)

Low self esteem comes with the teenage disorder/cycle. Teenagers are old enough to understand the social demands from their society. But just because they understand it, doesn't mean that they are mature or ready to handle certain social responsibilities. While there are those that succeed in accomplishing the social demands of their peers and parents, there are others who are mischievous. For instance, it's the social norm in Poland for an 18 year old man to have a car and a girl to go with it, because he's seen his peers do it. But since he can't get license, or a date with any girl, then he will listen to the rap carp farting about things he can do to use and abuse a girl. After all the negative rap crap is for mischievous losers and youth listen to it when they can relate their lives with it.

if you repeat it often enough, people will believe it. The DJs keep playing rap crap over and over until it infects the brains of people who have nothing in common with the underbelly cultture that produced it

Rap absolutely brainwashes youth or else why in the hell would a young girl listen to a fart rapper like Eminem: she buys his CD because she was brainwashed along with her friends who could not comprehend the meaning of his rapping about "[there are bones in my closet and they are my moms. 100 things that I would do to abuse my wife Kim are..., and my daughter won't understand how I abused her mom when she grows up b/c she will always be a dumb little girl]"

Well if I was 10 years younger and still in HS, I wouldn't ask Eminem for an autograph if I saw him walking down the street, like a typical HS girl, I would probably insult him and his music in his face.

But don't get me wrong, I'm not totally hating rap and think that all of them are mischievous losers. After all there are some rappers who are positive and rap about positive stuff. For instance LLCool J: I listened to him when I was in HS and still do. :0)
28 Sep 2009
Life / Communion, why do only half of church-goers in Poland take it? [41]

I'm surprised many Polish women go to church, i mean its just not cool anymore, let alone outdated and for those who can't lead their own lives by their own rules and morals.

I know. You use to think it was pretty hot when your mama took you. Then when you were old enough to walk, it wasn't cool when your Babci took you by the hand either. True. But nowadays....there's fans and cool air conditions, so it's cool.

I stay cool within. But everybody has their own temperature.
28 Sep 2009
Life / Communion, why do only half of church-goers in Poland take it? [41]

Poles go to church to shut their neighbors up...

Why do they even go if they don't take part?

they go so that they can be in church

4. to find peace: to get a sense of heavenly peace.
5. to learn how to establish union and be unified within the holy spirit.
6. to learn how to distinguish pure truth.
7. to find depth in knowledge: to learn how to think wisely
8. to save their youth from hell.
9. to learn how to find blessings for their family and how to live as a family.


101. The humble and the meek Poles go to church to get entertained (just like some people would go to live Theaters for entertainment).
102. It a major highlight of the week for the humble and meek Poles: a major social event! (just like the MTV music awards for celebrities).

109. The women want to show off their fashion, their fancy family, and check out the fashion of other women.

27 Sep 2009
Life / Communion, why do only half of church-goers in Poland take it? [41]


It would be custom in Ireland amongst regular mass goers that unless you are 'in the state of grace', having confessed your sins and your soul cleansed, then you should not receive the sacrament of holy communion. It also used to be a custom that you had to fast for 1 hour before mass if you were going to receive the body of christ.

There's no other custom but this one that's practiced by Polish Roman Catholics as well.

If they truly understood the significance of this, the essence of Jesus's sacrifice, they would get off their butts and pay their tributes.

My guess is that many people here are just bandwagon jumpers, stating themselves as Catholic Christians without really knowing what that means.

All Polish Catholics had to learn catechism as children, thererefore they do know what it means to be Roman Catholic, and the significance of the sacrament. They also reflect upon catechism where they can properly determine if they are WORTHY to receive the sacrament. Have you ever done that?

It's rather disrespectful not to partake in the ceremony.

It is rather disrespectful to receivethe sacrament without reflecting on your conscience within the catechism: It's rather false pride.

Do all Christians religions partake in the sacrament of communion or is it only Catholics.

Yes. Although it's bit different. It's very rare to see Roman Catholics to drink wine, "drinking the blood of Christ" ritual is usually performed at a wedding ceremony. :)
22 Sep 2009
Life / Foreigner singing the Polish National Anthem :) [40]

I am trying to learn Polish. I am not a good singer I just love Poland A LOT.

Cute deed indeed!

Here is my other video where I prostrate to the Polish flag

Why prostrate in such manner, you look Muslim, PP don't behave like this.

So, why the obsession and love of Poland?

I know, right? I think someone made a bet with him and paid him money to do this, which explains the strange behavior: hiding in the bathroom, whispering, prostrating, ohh please!
21 Sep 2009
Love / Broken Heart, An amazing girl from Poland [139]

We had a connection

what kind of connection?

could just = lust

If you had any connection, and you gave her your number then she would had called you.
But you mentioned that she didn't called you since you last seen her, so she probaby doen't feel connected with you.
13 Sep 2009
Love / Need help in relationship with a Polish man [33]

I feel awful because a part of me wants to leave but I love him. I also feel trapped

It appears that he’s not a bad boyfriend, but since you feel drained and still love him, than you are just unsatisfied and not ready for the real deal. I think it’s common for girls to get no satisfaction especially if their boyfriend lacks confidence. Also you sound like a young princess whose not ready to make a transition. You need to discuss with him about things that will make both of you satisfied. If you want him to be more confident in speaking English, but feel to drained to help, then arrange for him to take ESL lessons. He may gain confidence if he does well in his class. You might consider in taking some English lessons yourself; struggling to make translations for your boyfriend if you can’t communicate or write in English well can make you feel drained too.

friends all say he is falling for me by the things he does... but that he just wont admit it because of getting really really burned by that girl...just wanted some advice

hi i would like a little help in my relationship with my polish do i get my polish husband to fall in love with me or at least show that he loves me?

Sounds like you two need to go on a second honey moon, or just do lots of spicy stuff together, like taking dance lessons. Find ways to get to know each other all over again...
10 Sep 2009
USA, Canada / How to find a job in the USA [39]

Some popular companies like Disney World and Six Flags still remain strong within usa's current economy: they have special, but temporary, international working programs to individuals from abroad who can get temporary working visas, as well as internships to international students.
8 Sep 2009
Genealogy / Is Grudnik name Polish? [11]

in Polish Grudnik could assimilate to the month of December, of "fencing", "garden", “fencing up a garden”

A lot of people assume that Polish last names end with ski, where in fact a lot of Polish last names end with “ik” as well as “ki” for men, and usually for woman the ending changes to an “a”. For example Mr. Grudnik, or Ms. Grudnikowa.
2 Sep 2009
News / What needs to happen in the world so that Poland and Russia form alliance? [297]

I doubt if the average Russian believes there is any difference between russian and polish culture

They were too ignorant in accepting Poland's differences ever since WWII: Russia was not interested in saving Poland for its language, religion and culture, but to fight Germans and force Poland to speak Russian and become Christian Orthodox.


translation: Dowiedz się tego w planecie hujów-mujów.

What?! o_O Which planet are you now on?

People live in cities, towns, villages, states and countries, not on planets.

Poland is in the EU and NATO. Polish old fathers will arise from the dead anyway.

well.. ummm... that's just your opinion, so .... uhh.. whatever.
31 Aug 2009
News / What needs to happen in the world so that Poland and Russia form alliance? [297]

Russia is a fine Christian country, but Poland will not ally with Russians who are at fault with the following consequences:

-Russians don't fancy the Polish culture, and make no effort in learning their language, where as Polaki had learned to speak Russian.

-It's bad enough that other countries give Poland hard time because they are placed next to this Russia, with so much PRIDE to dominate other countries, including Poland.

-It would too challenging for the Polish to ally with Russians who don't shower daily but WEEKLY.

- Poland fears that their Polish old fathers will raise from the dead and hunt them with emphasis on religion: "They are Christians not Catholics!"
31 Aug 2009
Life / Who is your favourite polish writer? [15]

Jan Kochanowski (1530-84) is popular in Poland. I've attended a Polish school named after him. A lot of people refer to him as the "Polish Shakespeare"

He wrote literature, humanist drama, and poetry. Many of his works were translated into English.